Border Insecurity – Communists and Islamists Unite

Left-wing critics of the border fence frequently snort no terrorist has ever snuck across our border and attacked the United States.  Well, on September 10th, 2001, no terrorist had hijacked airplanes and flown them into buildings, either.

To put this silly liberal argument to rest, the indispensable GatewayPundit reports on why we need the border fence:

The union between Radical Islamic Regimes and the Central-South American anti-US Leftists is now complete.

Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua visited Iran to solidify relations between the anti-American leaders.  ortega+iran5.jpg

Pictured in the “Alliance for Justice” picture is Hugo Chavez (D-Venezuela), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (D-Iran), Fidel Castro (D-Cuba) and Daniel Ortega (D-Nicaragua).  That’s “D” as in Dictator.

Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez is the current heart-throb of American liberals.  Brutal dictator for life Fidel Castro runs what American liberals call an “island paradise”.   Back in the 1980’s, Congressional Democrats supported the Nicaraguan communist dictator Daniel Ortega over the leaders of the Nicaraguan freedom movement, Violeta Chamorro and the Contras. 

Now these Latin American icons of the American left have united with the world’s biggest nut job, who is soon to be a nuclear armed nut job. 

Tell me again why we do not need to take every measure to protect ourselves?  And when you tell me that, tell me again if there was ever an anti-American dictator the left opposed?

UPDATE: Violeta Chamorro’s name has been corrected.  Thx Ken.


  1. Ken Ekstrom says

    Her name is Violeta Barrios de Chamorro or, anglicised, Violeta Chamorro, something your spellcheck would not catch. Though associated with the right, she was not a Contra leader and in fact was part of the first Sandinista era junta. However, the Contras, the rest of the right, and even the Communist Party joined together to form the UNO coalition to oust the Marxist Sandinistas in 1990. Sadly, due to corruption amongst the right-wing Liberals (PLC), Daniel Ortega was able to win the last election with a mere 38% of the vote.

  2. Thanks for correcting the name. I was going off of memory.

    Violeta Chamorro’s family owned the independent newspaper La Prensa and her husband was murdered by the Sandinasta’s. In Managua, she became the symbol for the fight for a democratic government. The contra’s were the US backed para-miliaries who fought the Sandanista’s in jungles. When free elections were held, the Contra’s put down their weapons. Chamorro was not the leader of the contras, but they both stood up to the Sandanistas.

    You’re right about the corruption, but its worth pointing out that the conservatives split between the corrupt wing and and those committed to a viable country. The leader of the PLC changed the rules for becoming President from a majority to a 35% plurality (or something like that). Ortega won back power because of it.

    Ortega was the perpetual candidate, always getting about 1/3 of the vote. It finally paid of for him. Sucks for the other 2/3’s of the country.

  3. Chad,for someone who lives in Arizona you are extremely knowledgeable about Nicaraguan politics. Congrats! I come by it easily having lived many years in Central America. The “Pacto” between Alemán (PLC) and Ortega (FSLN) was to allow a candidate (read “Ortega”) to become president with 35% plurality of the vote as long as the second place finisher was at least 5 percentage points lower. And Alemán made sure that there were at least 3 viable candidates to split the vote. So there we have it — “una victoria anunciada”. If you want a good satirical look at current Nicaraguan politics, check out the “El Azote” supplement in the Sunday La Prensa.

  4. Thanks Ken. I read this in the Wall Street Journal about 4 months ago. Ortega is one of those brutish guys who will make a deal with anyone to gain power. But he spouts utopian rhetoric about the “people”, so the left loves him.

    I met Violeta Chamorro’s son or nephew back in 1989-90. I was a lowly intern at a real human rights organization and he just published his book “La Prensa.” I still have it somewhere around the house.

    Were you on a mission or business in central america?

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