Bob Worsley on KAET’s Horizonte discussing the race in LD-25, Hispanic vote

A discussion with Bob Worsley, the Mesa businessman who founded SkyMall the in-flight catalog, about his run for the District 25 Arizona state Senate seat. Worsley also discusses the Hispanic vote and SB-1070 and the LDS Church.


  1. Gee, what better advertising for his campaign than to appear on Whoreizonte. Is this cellar rat stating that Maricopa county attorney Montgomery supports a “guest worker” program? So Whoresly admits to organizing, Mormonizing, and coherting with criminal illegal aliens in the east valley? He seems devastated that SB 1070 did what it was supposed to do and drive them out of Arizona. Maybe this is a wake up call that Mormonizing the White House is a vote to wallpaper America with illegals? This invasion strumpet wants to give voters a clear choice. He has certainly done that.

    Even if this invader-monger is elected, does he really believe HE will change Arizona’s strategy for fighting the plague pouring in from the outhouse to the south? Looking to waste your vote? Here’s your chance.

    • ^^The Pride of Arizona Conservatives has spoken.^^

      And with such eloquence and grace, who can dispute what it says?

      • Nice to hear from the lunatic left, but shouldn’t you be spreading your bodily wastes where it will do more good? You ‘feathered’ psychotics have no sense of venue.

        • Every time we try to convince the mainstream media that is it possible to be anti-illegal immigration without being a racist, we get posts like yours thrown in our face. Wow.

        • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

          What a racist jerk. Zoo, you are a wonderful spokesperson for Russell Pearce and his approach.

        • Zoo,

          You don’t realize how much the lunatic left LOVES imbeciles like you.
          Just think, without bigots like you, we might actually come a solution for this problem!

          Not only do you do far more harm for your cause than good, you are an embarrassment to all thinking people, regardless of political leaning.

  2. So..I wonder how many illegals Worsley knows who attend his LDS Spanish branch and does he give them cover by putting them on LDS welfare? He seems to always bring up his church so why won’t he answer these questions?

    • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

      I’m sure it wasn’t his job as a pastor to ask people for their immigration papers. It was probably just his job to love people and worry about their souls. What kind of police-state do you envision, Hagar?

    • Hagar,

      What Christian denomination that’s active here in Arizona makes it a practice to ask for immigration papers?

      God forbid were you to hear what I’ve heard come out of Father’s mouth during his sermon at the Catholic church I’ve attended….

  3. Tyler Montague says

    Bob Worsley is a person of impressive credentials. I think unleashing someone of his caliber on this state’s challenges will be something that sets the standards for what we hope for from our elected officials.

  4. Tiny Elvis says

    That was a pretty good interview. Seems like a competent guy. Compare that to the recent videos of Russell Pearce where they can’t have more than 8 seconds without a hard edit cutting to a new thought. I’d like to see Russell string together more than 13 minutes of coherent thought.

    Anybody know if Worsley and Pearce are going to debate anytime soon?

  5. His position is sound and logical. I support him given his business acumen.

  6. What has Bob Worsley done since Skymall? He has tried his hands at a number of things and they all seem to have failed. He has taken a number of companies public only to have to buy the shares back. Some of his companies have even filed for BK after getting tax payer tax credits. Be careful. He may not be all he is cut out to be.

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