Bob Walkup advocates for gays in the military.

     Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup is running for reelection. He does not have any Republican primary or Democratic general opposition. I guess that has freed him from traditional politics so he can pursue the important issues facing Tucson, like gays in the military.

     Go Bob!


  1. Don’t you get it? Gay men are the key to our economic development and the production of high tech, high wage jobs.

    If a bunch of rock bands and gay sculptors move into town, high paying Fortune 500 companies will want to relocate here.

    Our economic development guru assures us this is the case. If we double our “gay male index” prosperity arrives for all.

    I wish I were kidding.

  2. kralmajales says

    Economist after economist has shown that discrimination hurts business…plain and simple.

    You aren’t kidding X4mr.


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