Bob Lord may run against Pastor.

     Democrats love to portray themselves as the smarter of the two parties. Imagine our surprise when an astute reader pointed out that the title of Bob Lord’s web page about CD-3 says District 4. Is Bob Lord thinking of running against Ed Pastor? That would be fun to watch. Also interesting will be to see how long it take them to correct the mistake.

     Click on the About CD-3 tab and view the very, very top of the web browser to see Lord 2008 > District 4

Scooped again by Arizona 8th.


  1. It’s interesting, but I expect that it’s a typo. The FEC has him as running in CD3, with a CD3 mailing address, and documents sent to the FEC are a little more important than the header on a webpage.

  2. I like how much money Bob Lord is raising. And I’m seeing his bumper stickers as much nowadays as Ron Paul 4 President yard signs.

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