Bob Burns: The Third Democrat for the Corporation Commission

The news is out! Have you heard? Bob Burns who currently serves on the Arizona Corporation Commission–and is running for re-election this year–is now working with the Democrats! The two liberals, William “Bill” Mundell and Tom Chabin, have been searching for their third musketeer and they finally found him in Bob Burns.

It seems as though Bob Burns has taken a liking to being a career politician and doing whatever it takes to stay at the top no matter whom he hurts in the process. In the meantime, who suffers? Arizona taxpayers, ratepayers, and businesses, of course. Evidently, Mundell and Chabin did not have to look far and wide across Arizona to find someone who voted like a Democrat and fought against Arizona businesses for his own agenda. (If you’re not following along, we’re still talking about Bob Burns here.)

Frankly, this is just downright disappointing and a slap-to-the-face to Republicans who voted for Bob Burns when he first ran for the Arizona Corporation Commission. What is even more disheartening is that Mundell and Chabin come with some pretty serious baggage of their own. Mundell, a career politician, was fired from being Registrar of Contractors (ROC) during Governor Ducey’s first month in office. Mundell is also a turncoat recently changing from Republican to Democrat to try and win a seat in office. Evidently there is a trend going on here… As for Chabin, he is just clueless and is running hoping that outside solar dark money buys him a seat. When he was asked about his thoughts on Arizona’s energy efficiency levels, Chabin said that simply he did not know. That’s right, he doesn’t know.

Downright disgrace. From Bob Burns running on a slate with liberal Democrats, to Mundell’s ineptitude at the ROC, and to Chabin’s ignorance about issues affecting the Commission, we cannot allow this slate to win. How can we trust these three anti-business liberals to sit on Arizona’s fourth branch of government and represent taxpayers to their best abilities? It is simple: we cannot trust them, and we must not elect them.


  1. Fran Noe says:

    Many of Bob Burns Republican opponets are working againt him because he supports APS disclosure.
    All Arizona voters should want full disclosure from all elected officials!!

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