Board of Supervisors joins Team Obama’s legal assault on Arizona

After Barack Obama took office his subordinates at the Justice Department wasted little time in launching a legal assault on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, announcing two probes in March 2009.

The grounds for the probes are highly questionable.  One of the investigations apparently centers around the complaint that Arpaio’s jails aren’t sufficiently friendly to non-English speaking criminals, almost all of whom are here illegaly.  The other investigation is looking into claims of racial profiling by Arpaio in conducting his saturation patrols that have been successful in rounding up illegal immigrants.  Of course, the people clamoring for that investigation are members of the open borders crowd.

After a year and half of these “investigations,” it’s clear that Team Obama has crapped out, producing nothing of substance.  So our left-wing Maricopa County Board of Supervisors comes to rescue, offering to use their subpoena powers under state law to give the feds materials that they have no right to.

Democrat lawyer Tom Irvine, who’s made a killing off of the boondoggle Court Tower project, and $175,000 a year board attorney Wade Swanson seem to be at the heart of this, writing a letter to the Obama Justice Department saying the Board would use its power to compel the Sheriff to turn over materials that the Justice Department can’t otherwise get. 

As taxpayers we’re actually paying these lawyers to team up with Obama and Co. in their continuing attack on Arizona and the fight against illegal immigration.  And even worse is their argument for getting involved.  They claim that by aiding the Obama Administration in their attacks on Arpaio they will actually SAVE the taxpayers money.  That sounds like the famous Vietnam War era quote about having to destroy the village in order to save it.

Incredibly enough, the Board is always complaining that Arpaio abuses his power!  What do they call this end around the rule of law?

As unpopular as Barack Obama is in Arizona, with his lawsuit against the state over Senate Bill 1070, it’s hard to see the political wisdom of getting into bed with him.  It appears the Sups are blinded to political reality by their hatred of Joe Arpaio.


  1. There is an abuse of power investigation by the FBI and Justice Department that is separate from the investigations concerning racial profiling and jail conditions. The abuse of power investigation began during the last few months of the BUSH administration.

  2. Anyone know what happened to the Crazy Jack Harper site?

  3. “boondoggle court tower project”?

    Explain this “boondoggle” element to me? What is the criminal complaint with the court tower? Is there one? Or is your problem with it (and evidently Arpaio/Hendershott/Thomas), simply that it was expensive?

    The REAL “boondoggle” related to the court tower is all the freaking time wasted by Arpaio/Hendershott/Thomas (and now you) fishing for a problem when none ever existed in the first place!

  4. Jane001 brought up a good question the other day : Where has 24 years entrenched Power Dude McCain been as Arizona senator keeping loose GOP cannons like the Maine twins from constantly enabling Democrats? We all saw how the Democrats went after Joe Lieberman -even running a candidate against him, foiled only by his sidestep to Independent. From Democrat VP candidate to chased out of town. They wield party discipline like a club.

    Where has McCain been defending Arizona on the outrageous smears and MISusing the power of the Executive Branch to harass Arizona thru the DOJ, Homeland Security, even the State Department?

    Where is McCain now on this issue?
    Where is he leading the GOP to rally and stand up and make a public scene so the White House thinks twice about bullying its way through Arizona?
    He passively votes GOP when he knows the Dmeocrats don’t need his vote, and votes Democrats when they do.

    And, not IF, but SINCE McCain admits he LIES, how good are ANY of his campaign promises? ANYTHING he says at any given moment?

  5. Since the probe was actually started by the Bush administration it would seem the whole premise of this article is false.

  6. todd-

    maybe you should try reading the article before commenting. The probes were started in March 2009. Even the Repulsive admits that. Bush was out of office in January 2009. That’s the way it works–when a new president is elected they take over the January following their election.

  7. Sarah – as stated here –

    The probes started in 2008. The investigation was not made public until January 2009. Sorry, you are wrong.

  8. “if Arpaio intentionally used the power of his office to retaliate against opponents.”

    Yeah, the sheriff has about 40,000 opponents every year. They’re called the people his guys arrest. Dang, they really seem to hate him…so if he’s outnumbered by so much he must be in the wrong, no?

  9. Michael Holliday says


    Maobama is just a good family man.

    We have nothing to fear from Obamao.

    Thanks John McCain. Thanks for giving us team Maobama & his racial shakedown artists to assault Arizona.

    The nightmare you are about to release with your “regularization” amnesty program for illegals is tragic.

    McCain fiddles while Arizona fries…

  10. todd-

    What part of the investigations began in March 2009 don’t you get? The article you cite references the grand jury investigation. That is a separate inestigation than the one we are talking about here.

    As to the grand jury investigation, the Republic claims the initial matters began in December 2008, but it’s clear the grand jury didn’t get started until well after Obama took office.

    Anyone who thinks all these Obama Justice Department investigations is anything other than left-wing politics at play has a much better opinion of the Obama Administration than I do.

    Obama hasn’t been able to deliver on his promise of amnesty so he’s trying to give his far left base Joe Arpaio’s head instead!

  11. So Sarah, the FBI and Justice Department probes that were started in 2008 were non-political but the ones announced (not started, announced) after Jan 20 2009 are a left-wing plot. You aren’t making any sense.

  12. Spirit_of_1776 says

    The point that is disgusting is the BOS’ actions. They are out of control and must be replaced.


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