Bloomberg Poll Reveals McCain Negatives

Tagging on to the prior post by OVDad and Sonoran Truth Squad via Bloomberg, here is a quote that backs up what many AZ conservatives have been saying about John McCain:

McCain’s weaknesses are within his party. He has the highest negative ratings among Republicans of any potential candidate except former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. One in four of the self-described conservatives, who play a deciding role in the nominating process, said they had a negative opinion of him. Age may also be an issue, as one in seven respondents said they couldn’t vote for a 72 year-old, the age McCain will be in 2008.

In the survey, 1,342 registered voters were surveyed of which 585 were Dems and 473 were Republicans. The survey results go on to mention a few additional points:

Clinton and McCain both “have vulnerabilities,” said Fred Greenstein, a presidential scholar at Princeton University. “Clinton is in danger of being wounded by someone who really has a lot of pizzazz,” he said referring to Obama. McCain, meanwhile, is “late” in “trying to mend those conservative fences.”  

I can tell you that I was personally approached earlier this year by a member of McCain’s staff (while I was serving as Arizona Right to Life’s Executive Director). In that meeting, we discussed an upcoming vote on taxpayer funding of destructive embryonic stem cell experimentation. I warned this staff member what would happen with key conservative constituents if Senator McCain voted for funding. I even prompted McCain’s staff on how to explain a vote in a fiscally responsible manner – all to no avail. Senator McCain ended up voting for taxpayer funding of destructive embryonic experimentation which was strike three for many in the pro-life community.

Strike one was when Senator McCain voted for fetal tissue experimentation in 1992 as former Congressman Mo Udall was ailing from Parkinson’s disease. Strike two occurred when McCain pushed through the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act which hamstrung pro-life grassroots organizations.

It is also no big secret that The National Right to Life Committee and John McCain are not speaking to one another and this has obviously affected all the NRLC state affiliates (NRLC Statement). Two weeks ago, I spoke with a top pro-life leader in South Carolina regarding upcoming presidential candidate visits to South Carolina. Her very adamant sentiment was that McCain had a trust issue. Two days ago, I had a conversation with Iowa Right to Life PAC leadership who made it clear that there would be no endorsement of John McCain and this sentiment is permeating other key primary states. These affiliates have obviously been put on notice that McCain’s people would be trying to strong arm support.

What is also making the rounds is an article that appeared on Salon on January 14th, 2000. This article backs up the reality that NRLC and the pro-life community does not trust John McCain. One very troubling statement that was used in an ad during the 2000 primary by the South Carolina Right to Life PAC has continued to haunt McCain:

“I’d love to see a point where (Roe vs. Wade) is irrelevant, and could be repealed because abortion is no longer necessary. But certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade, which would then force X number of women in America to (undergo) illegal and dangerous operations.”

With quotes like this, even John McCain’s voting record is being called into question. Some think the senior senator from Arizona may be heading into the sunset much like the late Barry Goldwater, who essentially damned the pro-life community in his final days. (Goldwater was also married to a top chieftain of Planned Parenthood, Peggy Goldwater.) Trends like this among senior Arizona politicians definitely worry the grassroots and word spreads among the state affiliates.

There is still much time ahead in the 2008 campaign and as I have always said, “a lot can change between now and election day.”

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  1. Predicting any election two years out is risky – but anyone who thinks 2008 will end up as Hillary v. McCain needs to consider this post and similar ones from the left.

    McCain will stumble in his primaries because the conservatives don’t trust him. Further, his efforts to appease the right have turned off the moderates.

    Hillary will stumble in her primaries because Democrats want the White House, and they see that she’s too polarizing to gain traction in the center.

    A Texas liberal (the other one besides Molly Ivans) once said that the only thing you’ll find in the center of the road are yellow stripes and dead Armadillos.

    The 2006 elections taught us that you’ll also find winning candidates occupying the extreme center.

  2. Sonoran Sam,

    Hopefully, you don’t mean that Texans (Americans) are cowards and/or too stupid to get out of the way of danger?

  3. Oh Puhleeeze.

  4. Крайне полезная инфа, согласен с автором!

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