Bizarre column by Laurie Roberts defending a criminal

Laurie Roberts, who writes whiny left wing rants about injustice for the Republic, had an odd column yesterday. She complained that a woman who had committed numerous crimes was being treated too harshly by being offered a deal of 4 years in prison. The woman had a long rapsheet and was beginning to sound like a career criminal. Roberts lists her criminal history: She 1) was arrested on drug charges for being a meth addict 2) arrested for DUI, 3) arrested again for another DUI, 4) arrested for shoplifting, and 5) committed identity theft and forgery when she gave false information to the police.

Roberts complains that 4 years in prison is too much, blaming the prosecutors and saying it’s not fair that the woman never got a “second chance.” How does she know she never got a “second chance” already? She probably skated past the first and second DUI offenses and got the token 1 day in jail. And those are only the crimes we know about, for every crime a criminal is caught for, there are 12 more they’re not caught for. Roberts seems to think career criminals deserve a third, and fourth, and fifth chance. Ironically, Congress is already looking at extending the penalties for crimes involving both methamphetamine and identity theft. Sorry Roberts, she is lucky to get only 4 years.

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