Bitter-Smith concedes, Endorses David Schweikert in CD-5

Sonoran Alliance has just learned that Susan Bitter-Smith has conceded the Republican primary in Congressional District 5 to David Schweikert. The following press release was issued:

Bitter Smith announces support for Schweikert

Susan Bitter Smith today announced her support of David Schweikert as the Republican nominee in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District election in November.

“I appreciate the patience of our supporters and all voters in the District as Election Officials continue to complete the process of counting all of the legal ballots,” said Bitter Smith.

“I strongly urge voters to support our nominee. He is ready to take on Harry Mitchell and the string of broken promises he made to get elected two years ago,” Bitter Smith said. “Voting for David is the best chance voters in the District have to secure the border, reduce gas prices and cut taxes and eliminate wasteful spending to balance the budget.”

Bitter Smith is a wife, mom, small business owner and tax-cutter who lives in Scottsdale.


  1. Atta Girl, Susan!!!

  2. L. De Marino says

    Have you heard any news on how the ballot counting is going in the Antenori-Sposito race for second place in LD 30?

  3. Here is the latest on Pima County.

    I do not think there are enough ballots out there to turn the race so I see Frank winning.

  4. I hope Bitter-Smith sends out another of her huge postcards, this time endorsing Schweikert. I won’t hold my breath.

  5. In the interest of party unity, I will not ask all of Laura K’s supporters what happened.

  6. a great example of how republicans need to come back to their roots. We need come together to defeat one of the biggest spenders this state has ever elected.

    well done Susan.

    its time to reform congress and elect David for Arizona!

  7. Finally.

  8. I don’t think CFG would endorse the last sentence of this blog.

  9. It’s time for CFG to step up to the plate. They bundled over $300k to Schweikert and did independent expenditures of more than $200,000 in the primary. The DCCC is already in and Harry is sitting on over $1 million. CFG needs to double down for their effort in the primary to be worth anything in the general.

    Keeper, that’s something I won’t be holding my breath for.

  10. Dear azred5…

    You should also ante up to the Schweikert campaign rather than being a doubting Thomas all the time…

    I am sure that the CFG will come and play… but frankly this is YOUR DISTRICT… I’ve made my contribution… where is your’s?

  11. Roger Maris,

    Just wanted to clarify azred5 and I are not the same person. I should probably change my name on here so that it is more distinguishable. But as I said before when Schweikert shows he can raise money in the district and that he has real support here not just CFG money I will be right there donating money, making phone calls and knocking on doors.

    Also I just want to say we really hurt ourselves making this primary so late. Schweikert only has 60 days to run a general election campaign against Mitchell. That’s a disadvantage for candidate…

    Who is in charge of setting these dates?

  12. I believe the Arizona Constitution. We need to bring up a ballot initiative. Doesn’t matter which party is in the majority, they won’t want to give up an advantage at incumbency.

  13. Nope, statute. 16-201. Primary elections: On the ninth Tuesday prior to a general or special election at which candidates for public office are to be elected, a primary election shall be held.

    If you move the primary earlier, you’ll have to move the nomination petition due date back, and pretty soon you’ll have 90 legislators campaigning right in the middle of the session. They’ll have no time to raise money, or to pass any laws. Hmmm.

    I, for one, am very tired of the constant “reforms” to the electoral process that continue to weaken the role of political parties. From Clean Elections to Open Primaries and campaign finance limits, it’s just gotten worse and worse.

  14. I guess it was just something I had never noticed before because I cant remember the last time I saw 6 candidates running for a congressional seat…

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