Birds of a Feather…

The other night at the Capitol Times Candidate Meet and Greet, it was comforting to know that my assertion that birds of a feather flock together is dead on.  Two Somos-endorsed and anti-1070 “Republican” candidates were flocking together.  Sorry the pics are so low quality, but they are of Jose Penalosa and Eve Nunez rubbing elbows.

Of course, Penalosa is the indecisive candidate that first threw his hat into the ring in the Scottsdale city council race, then decided to get into the CD 4 race…as if CD 4 isn’t already represented by an anti-1070 candidate.  He also gave aid and comfort to our enemies by attending a Harry Mitchell meet-and-greet. I bet Pastor likes Harry Mitchell too!  Oh, and Penalosa and Ed Pastor both favor amnesty.  Just watch Penalosa’s videos on YouTube for proof of that assertion.  The clear conservative choice in that race is Janet Contreras.

Nunez is the one who characterized 1070 as “inhumane.”  She ran for the LD 12 House in 2008 as a Democrat because Obama was popular and now that it seems like Republicans might be ascendant, she’s changed her party registration with the political winds.  That’s pretty deceptive, “Reverend” Nunez.  As I said earlier today, Clark Silver is the clear conservative candidate in the LD 12 Senate race.

The voters LD 12 and CD 4 need to be very wary of Nunez and Penalosa.



  1. Jack Fynes says

    Wow they spole to each other. Hells bells Martha! I’m looking at a blurry pic of two guys talking to each other. One of whom has their back to me. Does one of the men in question own a blue shirt? – cause I think you have a smoking gun here Marcus. Marcus there’s been a lot of you on this site lately, maybe it’s time to pull up on the stick a litte bit and give everyone else a chance.

  2. Marcus Kelley says

    I can see from the totality of your comments here on SA that you have a knack for the inane. Apparently, you have to be told the obvious to “get it.” The man in the blue shirt is irrelevant. The Democrat-kissing Penalosa and the D.I.D. (Democrat In Disguise) Nunez who both are anti-1070 are both opponents of my clients. I got a kick out of seeing these two left-leaning “Republicans” schmoozing. I can’t help it if you’re blind to the implications here.

    As for me being on the site, 1.) get used to it, 2.) don’t read my posts, or 3.) find another blog. Shane invited me to blog here. I’ll do as I please until Shane changes his mind.

    Additionally, there’s no limit on how many people can past articles here. Those with privileges are welcome to post as often as they like. It’s not like I’m preventing anyone else from posting, so, again, your comments are utterly foolish.

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