Bill Montgomery asks Rick Romley to stop raising money from amnesty supporters

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Friday, June 25, 2010


Montgomery Calls for Return to Enforcement of Employer Sanctions Law and for Romley to Cancel Fundraiser

Amnesty proponents, opponents of enforcement flock to Romley; Romley putting welcome mat out for illegal aliens

Phoenix, AZ – “I am calling for Rick Romley to cancel his planned fundraiser scheduled for this evening and return to enforcing all of our laws against illegal immigration, particularly our award winning Legal Arizona Worker’s Act Enforcement Program,” stated Bill Montgomery, Conservative Republican candidate for Maricopa County Attorney.  “Romley’s efforts to raise money from known opponents to Arizona’s Employer Sanctions law and efforts to fight the impact of illegal immigration on the heels of stating he will no longer cooperate in holding businesses accountable that intentionally or knowingly hire illegal aliens undermines the rule of law and raises the specter of impropriety,” Montgomery added.

Bill Montgomery joined Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and State Representative John Kavanagh yesterday at a news conference at the State House Lawn at the Capitol at 3:00pm.

Maricopa County Attorney candidate Bill Montgomery called on Rick Romley to return any and all donations to his campaign that raise the specter of impropriety.  Specifically, money raised from fundraisers hosted by opponents of Senate Bill 1070, opponents of employer sanctions, and people who just don’t believe in doing ANYTHING to enforce laws against illegal immigration.

“From his opposition to SB 1070 to his decision to end enforcement against employers who hire illegal aliens and people who violate our state’s human smuggling law, Romley is clearly rolling the welcome mat out for illegal aliens with his own countywide amnesty plan,” said Bill Montgomery.

The next scheduled fundraiser is at the home of former Phoenix Mayor Skip Rimsza, the man who gave us the taxpayer-funded Bell Road Day Labor Center in Phoenix that was designed to facilitate the hiring of illegal aliens.  (“A DAY-LABOR SOLUTION OUR STAND: PHOENIX CENTER IS WORTH IT”, The Arizona Republic, 12/27/03).  Public outrage led Janet Napolitano to sign a bill outlawing public funding of these facilities for illegal aliens in 2005. (“Money woes for day-labor center”, The Arizona Republic, 7/22/09).

In addition to Rimsza, the following people are involved in hosting the fundraiser:

* Jason LeVecke-chairman of anti-SB 1070, anti-employer sanctions group Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform (,; lead group Wake Up Arizona! that tried unsuccessfully to gut Arizona’s employer sanctions law (,

* Marion “Mac” Magruder-lead and bankrolled groups Wake Up Arizona! and Stop Illegal Hiring that tried unsuccessfully to gut Arizona’s employer sanctions law (; bankrolled Mesa Deserves Better (SOS records, $5,000, 8/4/08) and said that racism and hatred was behind the employer sanctions law (

* Sandra Magruder-bankrolled Mesa Deserves Better (SOS records, $5,000, 8/4/08)

* Ray Arvizu-outspoken opponent of employer sanctions law-(

* Barry Goldwater Jr.-outspoken opponent of employer sanctions law-(
* Wendy Briggs-lobbyist for Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform, a pro-amnesty, anti-SB 1070 group (Secretary of State records)

* Gibson McKay-lobbyist for Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform, a pro-amnesty, anti-SB 1070 group (Secretary of State records)

* Carl LeVecke-bankrolled anti-Russell Pearce smear campaign by secretive political committee called Mesa Deserves Better (SOS records, $1,500, 8/12/08)

* Neisha LeVecke-bankrolled anti-Russell Pearce smear campaign by secretive political committee called Mesa Deserves Better (SOS records, $1,500, 8/12/08)

* Margaret LeVecke-bankrolled anti-Russell Pearce smear campaign by secretive political committee called Mesa Deserves Better (SOS records, $1,000, 8/12/08)

In addition, on May 13, other staunch opponents of enforcement of laws against illegal immigration hosted a fundraiser for Rick Romley:

* Julie Pace-  (,

* David Selden- (

“It’s clear these people aren’t hanging out with Romley and cutting him big checks because they enjoy his company,” said Montgomery.  “Romley’s acceptance of money donated or raised by this group of individuals after sounding retreat on the fight against illegal immigration in Maricopa County creates, at a minimum, the appearance of impropriety.  It suggests that prosecution policies are bought and paid for by special interests who want to be able to hire illegal aliens without fear of legal consequences and who oppose all efforts to fight illegal immigration.  These are not the actions of someone wanting to ‘restore the integrity of the office.'”

Montgomery called on Romley to reverse his previous decisions to effectively implement amnesty in Maricopa County in favor of tough enforcement against illegal immigration.  “Romley has turned his back on the public, which clearly favors stronger enforcement against illegal immigration, and instead is siding with opponents of the rule of law,” added Montgomery.

Bill Montgomery is the only conservative Republican running for Maricopa County Attorney in this August’s primary election. He is a dogged prosecutor, tireless victims’ rights advocate and former Deputy County Attorney, who oversaw a dramatic drop in auto thefts while serving as Bureau Chief for the Auto Theft Bureau.

Bill Montgomery is running for Maricopa County Attorney for all the right reasons. He is committed to enforcing all the laws of Maricopa County, including SB 1070, which is supported by 70% of Arizonans and a similar percentage of Americans across the nation. “It’s an important tool, in conjunction with our Employer Sanctions and Human Smuggling laws, to deal with the pressing issue of illegal immigration where national and local leaders will not lead, have proven incapable of following, and need to get out of our way.  I am confident that in partnership with law enforcement officers throughout the Valley, we can do this in a way which respects the Constitution and our American values”, Montgomery says.

Bill Montgomery’s bid to become our next County Attorney continues to rack up impressive, high-profile endorsements. In addition to his new campaign co-chairs, his campaign has garnered support from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA), the Arizona Police Association (APA) and U.S. Representative Trent Franks, all joining the chorus of calls for a true Conservative Republican for County Attorney.

To learn more about the Bill Montgomery and to schedule an interview with our next County Attorney, please contact Jim Hayden at (602) 803-5000.

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  1. Bill:

    Who do you think put the pressure on the Board to reinstate Romley to begin with?

    And you’re asking the bear to cease eating honey?

    C’mon guy!!

  2. Steve Rodowski says

    Good work Bill. Thank you for standing up for a sovereign America!
    1 minute.
    Buz Mills is another big friend of illegal immigration. Mills and Romley ought to get on the same ticket.

  3. Bobbie Jo says

    HA! The Buz Mills clip is hilarious! Nobody’s coming across the border anymore but we need to crack down on the human smugglers.

    Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.
    Yogi Berra for Governor!

  4. raymond f says

    So if you against something and should not accept $ from someone, would being for something require you not to accept $ from supporters then?

  5. AZ_Patriot says

    Seems to me you shouldn’t be able to pay for the non-enforcement of a law or seek money from people who benefit from non-enforcement.


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