Bill’s secret weapon.

     To say that Bill Montgomery is a stealth candidate is not a stretch of the imagination.  His new campaign manager, Stephanie Johnson, is even less know.  If you think this lowers Bill’s chance for Victory in November you would be wrong.  Stephanie is a very intelligent, committed, and most importantly focused person.  Her appointment by Bill is a very positive move.

     With Janet’s high approval rating it is easy to loose sight of how close her and Terry’s victories were in 2002.  After a grueling three way Republican primary for AG the GOP candidate was not able to pull off a win, yet Terry only got 52% of the vote.  Bill faces no primary challenger and will emerge on September 13th with the whole party behind him.  He will be on the ballot with Senator Kyl and the Republicans will show up in force for that crucial race. 

     With all the attention on the Governorship, the U.S. Senate Race, and CD 5 and 8 the Democrats will not have a lot of funding left over to poor into the AG’s race.  That is where the determination and keen focus of Stephanie will come into play.  For information about Bill’s campaign see

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