Beyond hypocrisy!

Update: Senate immigration bill goes down in defeat. Vote was not even close. Reid promises to bring back the subject.

elian.jpg     Today on the senate floor Ted Kennedy said that enforcing U.S. law would amount to Gestapo tactics. He is correct but off by about 7 years. The forced return to Cuba of Elian Gonzalez was a Gestapo tactic employed by Janet Reno and Bill Clinton. Wonder what Kennedy had to say about it at the time?


  1. Pedro Gomez says

    Take a look at this little offshoot of the immigration fight. Hispanic News is calling for a boycott of Food City stores.

    Food City was also in the news lately for being accused of selling expired baby formula. Tough week for them.

    And it’ll be an even tougher week for Food City owner Eddie Basha if it leaks out that he won an honorary degree from U of A for (of all things!) childhood nutrition!


  2. I think the Elian debate was on the wrong issues. Does parental rights trump the rights of a person to be free if that person is a child who can’t enjoy his rights like any adult?

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