Bending the news.

     Financial reports are available for Pima County Supervisor campaigns. As we reported earlier, challenger Joe Higgins raised a significant amount, more than any other candidate during the period and much more than any of the other challengers. For a challenger to raise more than the incumbent during a reporting period is news by most people’s standard. How does the Arizona Daily Star cover the issue? With the headline “Incumbents lead in fundraising.” Technically correct for total raised but wrong for the latest period. I guess there all sorts of tricks they teach in journalism school.


  1. What’s really sad is that the Arizona Daily Star is slighly less liberal than the kookly left wing Tucson Citizen.

    The Citizen prints front page far left-wing rants from Anne Donegean, and its editorial page often features harangues about how wonderful undocumented workers are, and how opponents of illegal entrants are racist, fascist monsters.

    The Citizen, which once was a decent newspaper, is part of the left-wing Gannett chain.

  2. I found the article quite informative and the real story is the slime trial of Valadez. Read the comments and learn much more about the connection between this little * and the fat cats involved in the Rosemount Mine deal. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt!

    If you’re an independent living in Pima District two, go vote in the primary by requesting a Democratic ballot and vote this * Valadez OUT and Robuck IN!

    Robert Robuck is a citizen trying to do the right thing for the public good, give him your support to end this Eckstrom dynasty for good

    – Jennifer Eckstrom, current Mayor of South Tucson and daughter to Dan Eckstrom is * Valadez’s chief of staff
    – Both the * and the Mayor/Chief of Staff are both on the Pima Association of Government (PAG)
    – South Tucson has somehow lost over $100K of Pima tax payer $$, just this year
    – A disproportional amount of funding goes to S. Tucson compared to the rest of the county
    – South 6th (I think) has about two houses on it and the contractor * buddies of Valadez and Eckstorm seem to do very well paving this little used road with our county funds.

    It’s time the media start looking into the contracts and follow the money. My guess is Bronson and Valadez have plenty of friends who pour concrete, lay sewer lines, build cheap cracker box houses, sell cars, etc.

    *Please watch the language.

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