Behind the Scenes in LD-18

Thoughts on Mesa has posted a fairly detailed account of what’s really going on behind the scenes with the legislative district 18 race and how certain members of the LDS community are courting leaders in the Hispanic community mainly, The Mesa Association of Hispanic Citizens (MAHC).

Their goal? To elect “kinder and gentler” Mormons to the State Legislature in order to push through anti-employer sanction legislation.

Thoughts on Mesa also continues on the speculation that Kevin Gibbons and Steve Court have been running as a defacto team although neither will admit to it. However, campaign finance reports reflect a different story with some of the same donors making contributions to both candidates.


  1. Economy First says

    Please read the post prior to this conspiracy theory when two candidates get the opportunity to share their views in their own words on topics of actual concern to the voters of LD-18. Matt Tolman’s description of the “elite Mormon hierarchy” and the apparent mischief of being associated with these upstanding members of our community is extremely disturbing considering he shares our same faith. Why do you hide behind your blog Matt and spout of these words of hatred towards good members of your own church? You try to paint yourself as an outsider and repeat the word “Mormon” so many times as if it should have a negative connotation attached to it.

    The fact is, this district has a large population of LDS members. Though I do not know the religious beliefs of Kanani Henderson, I do know that both Ron Middlebrook and Cecil Ash are LDS as well. If we shouldn’t vote for Mormons, Matt, then who would you like us to vote for?

    We vote on qualifications. Matt himself when speaking of now Mayor Scott Smith said, “He will be a strong leader that will not only work to fix Mesa’s problems, but his background as a CPA and a small business owner make him best qualified to look out for the taxpayers.”

    What is Steve Court’s backgoround? Working as a CPA for Motorola and as a small business owner. Sounds like Matt believes Steve Court is the BEST qualified to look out for the taxpayers.

    Do not get caught up in associations. While Matt finds Steve West’s name on Steve Court’s list of donors, I find JT Ready’s name on Ron Middlebrook’s list. When does it stop? Let the candidates SPEAK for themselves.

  2. Kevin Gibbons’ dumber brother, Tony Bouie, had a bankruptcy with an estimated QUARTER MILLION dollar loss which Bouie promptly filed BANKRUPTCY on to duck the obligation! Read about Bouie’s wreckless driving tickets here

  3. As a non Mormon I have to ask if there is some class stratification at play among Mormons? It seems like certain families are more wealthy than others and I wonder if that affects their politics?

  4. Economy First,

    The problem Economy First is that nobody is talking about what is going on behind the scenes in District 18.

    The open boarder people, I would assume you are one of them by the name you have chosen, are attempting to roll back the tide on illegal immigration and the laws that have been passed.

    (They are just good people working to better their families they say. That may be the case but what about the people’s lives they are damaging by assuming and using other people identities? Did you know that one of his nieces ID was stolen by and illegal and got state assistance? I can understand why he would be upset and look to vet anybody he has those beliefs.)

    One of the ways the open boarder people are working is by putting forth candidates who favor their positions.

    Is it wrong for someone to point that out and make the connection, even if it is Matt Tolman.

    If it is Matt Tolman making the connections, I applaud him to doing so. He may tick a few people off including some of his own faith but at least I know where he stands on the issue and doesn’t give political expedient answers to question as Court has done.

  5. Stupid post, which relies on an even dumber post on Mesa Issues. The lack of sound logic is stunning. So someone who gives money to Gibbons also gives $5 to Court, Presto! A Mormon conspiracy! I think there a few of us that need to take a break from blogs and politics for a while. When does American Idol start up again? If not that, then find a good book.

  6. Economy First says

    Renet Joe,

    It’s open BORDER. And since when does placing priority on the economy tag an individual as an open BORDER advocate?

    Please don’t continue making broad assumptions on my views just because I criticize someone who does what you just did.

  7. Latter-Day Ain't says

    Pearce’s politics has been an embarrassment to the LDS community. Glad to see that it’s being discussed.

  8. Being a “Mormon”, (BTW-calling them a Mormon is like using a nickname and not one they use themselves)is not a mutually exclusive grouping. You can be LDS and be hispanic, caucasian, a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher or whatever. I believe this is the case for all religous groupings whether they be Catholic, Muslim, Jewish etc. In addition Mormons are poor, middle class, wealthy, live all over the world and have all different kinds of political beliefs. No conspiracy involved here just people, who happen to be LDS, doing their political thing.

  9. Jen,


  10. Conspiracy? HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

  11. I’ve seen Steve Court’s comments on SA many times, which completely contradict “thoughts on mesa”. So, I’d have to say that “Thoughts on Mesa” is not trying to give a “detailed account” or find out what’s “really going on”, but just giving us another biased post from the Pearce rah-rah crowd. At least this time he didn’t accuse Gibbons and Court of crimes…

  12. You miss the point it’s not about the Mormons. It’s about the connections.

  13. Then why mention their religion? Just mention their names and actions.

  14. Their religion was actual brought up by the Latino Perspective and followed through on in the story.

    It helps make the connection.

  15. The article is almost silly. It makes connections that don’t exist. The “Big 3” are not a big 3 in the hierarchy. Being a former Bishop means nothing as far as political influence in the LDS community is concerned. There are probably twenty former Bishops in the same ward since they only serve as Bishop for a few years. It’s not like they’re a major figure of influence in the congregation for twenty or thirty years. The fact that these individuals had leadership positions in the Hispanic community only means they now know people there and can network to push their political agenda. This story would be about as valid if they happened to be former elders in the Presbyterian church.

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