Beginning of the End?

     Thank you to Senator Kyl for voting against Cloture on both S.1348 and SA.1150. The longer this bill is debated the better. The flaws of the bill will either be addressed or the bill will fail.

     (S.1348 is the bill originally introduced by Speaker Read to get the process going. SA.1150 is the Grand Bargain agreed to by the Gang of 12.)


  1. Thanks, GOP PK. So, what about Bridwell? No web site that I can find and since it seems the field is basically these two left, why him and what has he done in the party?

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    GOP PK,

    According to the 2005 CAP ratings Burns earned an 89%. The Democrat from the same district got an 11% in the house. The Senate Democrat from 25 also got an 11%. At least on the social issues Burns is outstanding. Again she is from a Democrat district so anything from her is total gravy.

    Yes the leadership in Pima has supported moderate/liberals within the party. That is why the conservative got rid of Toni Hellon and Jim Kolbe in 2006. We are working to change things down here. Going after Burns would be a total distraction. As to Bee his is actually pretty conservative. If you would check the numbers from last year you would see that Graf lost even in conservative precincts. Please forgive us for wanting to try something different.

    But by all means conduct a purge wherever you live. Maybe you could change your name to Robespierre and found the “Committee of Public Safety.” That turned out so well. Just be careful because most purges eventually turn on themselves.

  3. Coleman/Dahm have been referred to here as “conservatives”… Right… Carolyn Allen’s consultants are conservatives… Right…

  4. Keen Observer says

    The process has been ongoing. Don Goldwater was eliminated during the vetting done by eight representatives from each of the congressional delegations a couple of weeks ago.

    AZ GOP Chairman Pullen has never indicated a preference.

  5. Tim,

  6. Tim,

    Let me get this straight. Coleman/Dahm aren’t conservative because they supported Carolyn Allen. However, Bruce Ash is conservative even thogh he supported the Democrat National Committee, Joe Lieberman, John McCain, Toni Hellon, Mike Hellon, Marian McClure and Carol Somers? Huh? That doesn’t pass the laugh test.

  7. Keen Observor,

    I have bee told by several people that Randy Pullen recruited Ash to run. Is that inaccurate?

  8. Oro Valley Dad:

    Alot has transpired since I logged on out last night.

    I am very glad to hear Bruce is pro-life.

    However, I am truly shocked we would even THINK about supporting a person who has given to the Democratic National Committee ande Joe Lieberman.

    What are we conservatives coming to?????

    Why are you guys laying down and playing dead on this one. Why so passive about Bruce Ash? I don’t get it? If it were a pro-choice republican giving to the DNC he wouldn’t get this kind of pass.


  9. Keen Observer,

    Thanks. It is good to know the Chair has let this follow the process. It would be in his interest to have a strong fundraiser but if that person is not going to attract conservative support, it would not really end up as much of a benefit after all. It does seem that folks are making their donations more specifically nationwide and Arizona is no exception. So someone with even the perception of having supported Dems would not be a good thing for party specific donations. My question is how did that pass the vetting process that eliminated Don Goldwater?

  10. WHOA!!!

    How did Goldwater get out of it? I really thought he had it in the bag and thought that would be a great person for the job.

    I also was talking to my friends in Pinal County last night and was told that Brush Ash announced at the Pinal County meeting that he has the support of both Randy Pullen and Lisa James.

    Looks like it’s a done deal now with Randy and Lisa endorsing Ash.

    (Wonder what the other candidates think about the party chairman endorsing one Republican over another… hmmmm just a thought)

  11. cs4GOP,

    Do you know that for a fact. I have a hard time believing Randy Pullen has supported a Republican in a primary against another Republican. And, the one he supports gave money to the Democrat National Committee? This has to be some kind of joke. Is Pullen selling his soul for someone who can raise money???

  12. call the Pinal County committee members and find out. They told me that a few days ago.

  13. Steven is a new voice here, and he seems to be mostly interested in causing trouble. Lots of accusations, no supporting facts. We know the type.

    Take his email to me where he writes:


    Let me get this straight. Coleman/Dahm aren’t conservative because they supported Carolyn Allen. However, Bruce Ash is conservative even thogh he supported the Democrat National Committee, Joe Lieberman, John McCain, Toni Hellon, Mike Hellon, Marian McClure and Carol Somers? Huh? That doesn’t pass the laugh test.”

    I’ve never said that Bruce Ash was conservative, only that Coleman/Dahm’s credentials as conservative are suspect at best if their client roster includes a radical leftie like Carolyn Allen. The rest of Steven’s post puts words in my mouth that I never said and then claims that those same words don’t pass the laugh test. What a putz.

    You’re wrong Steven. Because we’re laughing right now, and its at you!

  14. Right Wing Nut says

    Sounds like Randy is selling us all out! We need to elect Bill Bridwell to represent us in Washington. Stay consistent; stay conservative!

  15. LD8 chic says

    Y’all need to re-think what you are saying. One of the posts (51, I think) bangs on Coleman Dahm for representing Sen. Carolyn Allen because she is pro-choice.. just how ignornant are you people? Abortion is not on the table, and even if it was, the company that consults for a state race hardly has to have a philosophy!
    You might want to recall that Sen. Allen had an opponent who is totally inept, just barely a functioning literate (even though she has a degree, her historical perspective is about as accurate as a comic book)and she was never able to garner any votes for her nutball positions… so this is what you’d trade for someone who holds a pro-choice position?

    No wonder the Republican party is just about to sink. Who’d give money or time to people who want to run an exclusing club that admists only 1 thought.. pro-life?

    Sen. Allen has always portrayed herself honestly. Coleman Dahm isn’t elected by anyone. They are operatives with a great record of success.. AH, HA the great American capitolist system at work.. so it is pretty clear they’d represent someone who could actually WIN as opposed to someone you holds pure thoughts. That would guarantee their business would fail, but they could be proud of their “conservative credentials” while applying for government assistance. Wouldn’t that be swell?
    Now pull your collective heads out of your (clouds) and try to focus here…you are looking for a Republican Leader who can help restore the party, bring in funds and a few new folks.. wouldn’t that serve everyone a little better than picking each person apart issue after issue?

  16. NO MCCAIN LD 11 says

    Coleman Dahm are McCain operatives! Of course they’re going to support Ash – they’re all in it for McCain. He’s trying to use Ash to control the party since we all know Randy won’t let him. – Dahm’s name AND Ash’s name are both listed on here! And they show up on McCain’s website as donors! They’re all in bed together – Dahm, Sproul, Ash, etc…

    I’d be careful letting both Dahm and Ash into these meetings where sensitive things are discussed. No doubt they’re leaking to the McCain Mothership!

  17. Oro Valley Dad says

    Ash gave $10,000 to the party in March when Randy Pullen was chairman. Funny thing for a McCain operative to do. Your story does not add up.

  18. Sure it does if he wants to get on Pullen’s good side. Give a little now…Earn trust…Get Pullen to support you…Get elected…Then, Help McCain and RINOs…

  19. OVD

    RE: Posting #52 – Sorry I have been out of town all day on business, so I have some catching up to do. I was able to get a friend who has access to legislative data do some research for me. JB in the last three years has been a Prime Sponsor on 112 bills with only one of them remotely connected to Pro-Life. On that one bill, Dem. David Bradley was the Prime Prime Sponsor with Dems Linda Lopez and Manny Alvarez as other Prime Sponsors and it did not even get a committee hearing. So you got NOTHING from her in the last three years on your only criteria.

    Now to the gist of your silly attempt to connect my statement on the type of Republican I would prefer to the actions of Robespierre. I never mentioned a “purge” against anyone, let alone Ms. Burns. I never even suggested that she should be defeated next year.

    Let me quote my previous post that set you off –

    “I would rather have a Republican who can help with the Republican Platform. I just took the time to look up her record this year by looking up her sponsored bills at AZLEG.GOV. I have never taken the time to do that before and only did so because of your defense of her on the Pro-Life issue only.”

    It is irrational to assert that I was calling for a purge from that post. On the other hand, there is a Rep. from Maricopa County who has been castigated around the state as a RINO who had a 89% CAP rating last year. CAP rates on many issues, not just moral ones.

    As to Graf, even in conservative precincts there are liberal republicans who join with liberal independents and all the D’s to make a majority. That is how we lost a seat in LD11, so I don’t know what your point is on that one.

    Now to POsting #67 – Is it a “burning bush miracle” that Bruce Ash saw the light and gave $10,000 to the State Party just after he decided to run for National Committeeman. And here I thought that there might have been a personal agenda involved.

    Next point: I personally like Pres. Bee, but isn’t it interesting that there is this unusual convergence of forces for Ash, that includes clearing the field for Bee next year?

    I can only assure you that Ash will have trouble getting a four-year term next year if he is perceived as a pawn of the establishment over the next nine or ten months. I sincerely hope that the concerns are ill-founded and that he is very supportive of our Chairman and our grass roots who have spoken so eloquently and strongly this year on a myriad of issues.

    God Bless whoever wins because the stakes are high here in Arizona and around America – in and out of the Party arena.

    Finally, Go FRED!

  20. GOP PK…here here!!! GO FRED!!!

  21. If I had $10,000, I would give it to the party for a National Committee seat. I’m guessing that’s the going rate. I wonder how much it is for First Vice Chair…

  22. Keen Observer says

    In post 57 Steven asks:

    Keen Observer,
    I have bee told by several people that Randy Pullen recruited Ash to run. Is that inaccurate?

    I’ve never heard that, Steven. Pullen appears to be handling this process with dignity and absolute professionalism. He obviously cares about the party.

    Why anyone would take on this contentiousness is beyond me, but I’m glad he opted to do it. He’s the best we’ve had in leadership in years!

  23. Make that decades! Dodie was the last Chairman who knew what the job was and was not totally under the thumb of the delegation, and I don’t believe even she would have stood up on this issue this forcefully.

    Randy has told all three candidates that he supported their right to run and that he would work closely with whomever won. Unfortunately some people have so little experience in the Party that they think that is an endorsement to be used for their election.

    As to whom to support, Bruce Ash has the bearing that would probably make a better first impression and if you are looking for a show horse, he would be the one. Bill Bridwell, on the other hand, has volunteered for a long time behind the scenes and in low visibility positions, working to improve the Party, so, if you are looking for a work horse, Bill is the person.

    I prefer Bridwell because I prefer work horses and I do not like the behind the scenes agendas of the Ash forces and I think that you should have some track record of service within the Party before you aspire to the highest offices of the Party. That reminds of the delegation appointment process.

  24. GOP PK,

    Actually it goes back farther than Dodie. Burt Kruglick by far was the best Party Chairman. He blended the best of the grassroots of the party with the delegation and the money people. I remember sitting in meetings with members of the delegation, money folks, and grassroots PC’S. It was a wonderful time in the Party. And Burt got us through the Mecham era. That was tough to do.

    There is a difference today in that, in my opinion, the grassroots are more single issued and not as concerned with building the Party to include EVERYONE, even those with whom they disagree.

    I am pro-life, against gay marriage, a fiscal conservative, AND YET, am castigated by people I thought were my friends, AND MY PARTY, because I think what Jon Kyl is doing is admirable on the immigration issue.

    I have now been labeled as a moderate and a RINO.

    Kyl is saying BORDER SECURITY FIRST, THEN let’s look at the other parts of the bill. Which by the way, is pretty decent in my opinion.

    Let’s focus on building the Party with ALL Republicans and stop singling people out as RINO’s just because they don’t agree with you on immigration.

  25. GOP PK,

    Are you explaining the possible “endorsement” that came out of Pinal County as a misunderstanding of the process?

    It is all anectodal at this point…but time will tell.

  26. Sorry Nathan, looks like Ash won!

  27. Party Guy says

    A bit of GOP Chairman history:
    Burt Kruglick replaced Harry Rosenzweig.

    Those with longstanding party ties will recall that it was Rosenzweig who had the distinction of being the only state party chairman—of either party, in any state—to serve in that capacity for TWENTY YEARS! Imagine that happening today!

    A member of a pioneering Arizona family, he was a lifelong friend of Barry Goldwater’s. The two men served together on the Phoenix City Council in the late 1940’s and early 50’s. Barry went on to higher elective office, with Harry managing the Arizona political scene. Rosenzweig was instrumental in Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaigns, although Barry’s senatorial and presidential campaigns were managed by Stephen Shadegg—father of Congressman John Shadegg.

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