Bee campaign may have trouble navigating LD 26 according to liberal blogger.

     Michael Bryan at Tucson’s Blog for Arizona has written some good stories in the past several months. He was front and center in the election integrity issue. But he has drifted pretty far afield with his latest story about Pima Supervisor District 1. He claims his “deep throat” told him that District 1 Republican candidate Joe Higgins was recruited by Al Melvin. The story is almost laughable on the face. Mr. Bryan claims the conservatives have declared “war on the establishment, pro-business, moderate Republicans.” One problem. Higgins is the pro-business Republican in the District 1 race.

     Melvin and Higgins run in such different circles it’s not even funny. First Melvin has been highly focused on winning his own race, both the primary and general. He is not teaming up with any other candidates this cycle and has been busy walking each day of the week. Second, Melvin does not even live in Pima and rarely talks about county politics. You are much more likely to hear him discussing state or national issues. Higgins lives so far on the eastern edge of LD 26 that if he took 10 steps out his door he would be in LD 30.

     Melvin has a small force of very dedicated volunteers that get his $5 forms for him in about 10 minutes. Not exactly what Higgins will need to challenge the incumbent in a non clean elections race. Our sources indicate that Higgins has some good support from small to medium businesses and has the backing of a Rodney Glassman fan. Definitely not the Al Melvin crowd.

     Michael’s story is so off base one has to wonder who his “deep throat” source is and what is his agenda. Maybe all the cigar smoke and drinking has gotten to some people. By attacking Higgins, Michael is in essence defending the anointed Republican incumbent who is backed by the entrenched big money Republicans in town. I wonder how Michael’s take on the risks to Tim Bee’s campaign sits with the moderates who obviously planted this story.

     Joe Higgins is an interesting candidate who does not fit any of the stereotypes that Michael assigns to him. He is running against an establishment incumbent who has stayed in office a few too many years. If any of Michael’s rant is true we are impressed with how Melvin got the story planted on Tedski’s blog, Rum, Romanism and Rebellion. We never knew Melvin and Prezelski were that close. But, hey they are all Catholic so next week Michael will be writing that it is a conspiracy out of Rome.

Here is the Star’s early take on the race.


  1. Josey, you state that Higgins is “running against an establishment incumbent who has stayed in office a few too many years.” What is that supposed to mean? I live in Ann’s district and think she has done a fine job…and I am a Democrat! Her experience at the state level prior to becoming a county supervisor gives her a perspective unrivaled by her colleagues, including Valadez, who really wasn’t in Phoenix very long.

    Ann Day is smart, accessible and not easy to pigeonhole, although I gather you disagree. Can you explain why you think she has overstayed her welcome? Can we expect another of the “more Republican than thou” arguments against Ann so common on this site when referring to anyone to the left of Russell Pearce?

  2. Higgins is not electable. Anyone who wants to throw their name in the hat can since we do live in America. Ann Day is not going anywhere and thank heavens…Not only does she represents her all of her district well. She is also part of the plan to change the balance of power on the board of supervisors. Because a democratic blog does not attack her does not make then less Demoratic leaning it just makes them credible..and is further evidence that Day as an elected offical is representing all residents of her district regardless of party registration. What does Higgins have the qualifies him to govern all I see is a ego driven need to get his name out there. His other efforts have failed like putting his face on cemment bustops with a “go wireless” logo- from his now defunct wireless phone business. He has another business he calls “trash talk”…sounds promising???????? NOT

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