Become a Freedom OUTLAW!! YEEEEEHAW


I know we like to think of the GOP as the party of law and order.

However, we are also the party of Barry Goldwater and, especially in Arizona, we have also to maintain the western spirit of republicanism – individualism and opposition to government growth.

At the 1964 RNC national convention, Barry Goldwater delivered the speech “Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice“.

We must maintain the Rebel spirit, the Spirit of 1776, rebellion against government, such as our forefathers did who slept on the frozen ground at Valley Forge and then went off to fight the greatest military force of all time.

Yes, we are the party of law and order, but only supporting those laws that minimize government, lower taxes, lower spending and prevent crime against other people where there is an aggrieved party.

The wussie Republicans of today say that speeding 11 mph over the limit and getting a photo radar ticket is ok, because we are the party of law and order.  Phooey on them.  If there were an aggrieved party other than the State, then ok.  If the driving were reckless and endangering others, I’d agree.  But, for example, speeding alone is no reason to bring down the hammer of the State onto otherwise law abiding citizens.

Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.  Remember that or go join your Tory bretheren and let posterity remember that you were not my countryman.

Here’s a litty ditty posted at BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE“Become a FREEDOM OUTLAW”!  YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHAW.  Let Arizona return to its rabid individualistic roots upon which it was founded!

“Freedom Outlaw.” The term came up here a few days ago. It’ll arise again and again on this blog.

If you’ve been hanging out in my vicinity for a few years, you probably know what I mean by it. If not, you might be puzzled or even offended by the notion that people who believe in freedom are (or should be) criminals. Thought I’d stop this morning and define some terms.

So this is mostly for people who haven’t heard it all before.

A Freedom Outlaw is (loosely) somebody who cares so much about freedom that he or she will go after it regardless of any laws or regulations blocking the way. Will go after it personally. Not petition for it. Not write letters for it. Not vote for it. But GO for it.

Also, a Freedom Outlaw has panache. Think Robin Hood. Think V. Think (not to be self-promotional here, but …) of the swashbuckling fellow on the cover of this book.

Does a Freedom Outlaw really have to be a criminal? Well … yes and no. If the thought of being a criminal offends you, I can only say, “Get over it.” As Kent McManigal states so well, every, single one of us is already a criminal. We violate obscure laws from the time we open our eyes in the morning till the moment we fall exhausted into bed. Three Felonies a Day according to Harvey Silverglate. And the more innocent we are in our hearts when we commit those “crimes,” the riper we are for the plucking by corrupt prosecutors and regulators.

Heck, we probably violate laws, federal or state, even as we snooze. Maybe our PJs flout fireproofing regulations. Perhaps our snoring is regulated somewhere as noise pollution. Maybe our dreams are filled with acts of subversion.

But the simple fact is that we are already criminals, each and every one of us, even if we do our utmost to be “law-abiding citizens.”

There are simply too many laws to abide.

So we might as well embrace and enjoy what we are.






  1. Yeah, right. says


    Just great.

    Barry Goldwater would be wondering what planet you are from? Say, Alabama?

    Independent, yes.

    Law abiding, yes.

    Oh yeah, Brett Mecham must have posted this tripe.

    Can’t nobody here play this game?

    Because this is juvenile, stupid, and really beyond the pale for a modern political party “leadership” blog.

  2. Oberserve says

    Yeah, right. Don’t know if you haven’t noticed this small political phenomenon going on right now called



    Ignore at your own peril.

  3. Oberserve says

    Or, Mr. Yeah Right, you’re a Tory who hates the founding fathers.

  4. It’s a lot easier to be a “Freedom Outlaw” when you don’t have kids to worry about.

  5. Yeah, right. says

    Humph, a tory?

    Like Franklin, I think we have a republic, should we manage to keep it.

    Tripe like this, and the lawless tea party folks who only want laws they like are unAmerican in the extreme.

    Driving fast and endangering people is a right? Only if you are the right type of person?

    Why did I pay my last ticket? Because I was caught and issued a ticket, I broke the law and paid my fine.

    Want ultimate freedom? Get thee to Mogadishu- you can fly over the potholes and dodge the second amendment supporters shooting at you.


    Simpletons abound here.

  6. Yeah, right. Says:
    June 8th, 2010 at 4:34 pm
    a modern political party “leadership” blog.

    Sweet. I’m going to use that for my post comments section so that shows up first on all the web searches.

  7. “Think V.”

    Have you idiots even read Alan Moore’s “V for Vendetta”?

    Also, Robin Hood? Robbing the rich to give to the poor? Social justice?

    Literature and oral traditions aren’t a ****ing salad bar.

  8. Boy howdy ain’t that the Robert E. Lee?

  9. Oberserve says

    Hey, Robin Hood didn’t “rob from the rich and give to the poor.”


    It goes to show how socialistically indocrinated you are, Klute.

    Robin Hood ROBBED THE TAXMAN and gave to the taxpayers.


    Robin Hood robbed the TAXMAN and returned the money to the TAXPAYERS.

    That’s my kind of guy!

  10. Oberserve,

    Again, IT’S NOT A SALAD BAR.

    From the ballad “A True Tale of Robin Hood”, from 1630 by Martin Parker:

    None rich durst travell to and fro,
    Though nere so strongly armd,
    But by these theeves, so strong in show,
    They still were robd and harmd.
    His chiefest spight to the clergie was,
    That lived in monstrous pride;
    No one of them he would let passe
    Along the high-way side…


    Poore men might safely passe by him,
    And some that way would chuse,
    For well they knew that to helpe them
    He evermore did use.
    But where he knew a miser rich,
    That did the poore oppresse,
    To feele his coyne his hand did itch;
    Hee’de have it, more or lesse

    You can put a 21st Century teabagger spin on it all you want, (see: Ridley Scott’s recent, awful version), but like the idiots at the National Review who think Joe Strummer wrote a conservative anthem with “Rock the Casbah”, you’re just helping fuel the irrelevancy of conservativism in popular culture.

  11. …………..
    The Klute Says:
    June 8th, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    Have you idiots

    Not a trace of hubris from the voodoo king.

  12. NASCAR’s woodsy, backroads, county-crossing roots.

  13. …………………….
    You can put a 21st Century teabagger spin on it all you want,


    Robin Hood: in a general social circumstance in England, quite similar to the excesses developing across the Channel in France, the nobility (The First Estate) and the clergy (The Second Estate) lorded tax-free over the politically disenfranchised commoners, and created a devestating impoverishment of the lower classes, known in Frnace as the Third Estate. This grotesquely unfair taxation of two priviledged classes over the majority of the population fed great resentment and ultimately, as in France, a near-total destruction of the governing nobility and the government-allied church.

  14. SO applying the contemporary situation of the 17th century that set up a massive “grassroots” upheaval in the 18th century, the current circumstances in America are comparable to: the New First Estate: the Democratic Party, made up of Left rich nobility which shelters its massive wealth, plus a New Second Estate like the old days clergy, an asset-less class that operates on hand-outs and gains tax shelters by politically voting with the super wealthy Democratic ruling elite (Unions, ACORN).

    The New Third Estate -the one that is being taxed out the wazoo to support the two other mooching Estates is the American Middle Class – the small business owners, the trades, industry, the productive sectors. A put-upon class, the “bourgeoisie” which roughly translates to demographic that makes up “Tea Partier,” that by the second half of the 18th century it was so ruined by rapacious tax-collecting to support lavish, practically continuous partying at Versailles by the hedonistic First Estate nobility, and the freebie rides of the Second Estate, it shattered under the stress.

    The British finally managed to make some substantive governmental reforms to ameliorate the oppressive taxation burdens on the Middle Class, as alluded to in the earlier Robin Hood sagas, by the early 18th century, prior to their failure to apply those insights to the American Colonies, which resulted in a loss of a chunk of Empire in 1776, but the French didn’t, still bitterly clinging to their “absolute monarchy,” “class warfare,” and horrendous taxation until the Third Estate Middle Class shattered under the strain in 1789.

    Hmm. Nothing new under the sun.

  15. Hey, jackass, how’s it going?

    Like Vertias Vincit, I blurbed you on the back of my most recent chapbook. Let me know if you want a copy.

    Question remains, anyone here (especially VV!) actually read “V for Vendetta”?

  16. Nothing new under the sun.

    As a member of the New Third Estate, I face so much punitive taxation thanks to the Court of Obama and the Democrats, all my entertainment purchases have to be cut to bare bones. And I haven’t seen any logic to needing a copy of a piece of work that delights in denigrating moi, well actually a one dimensional stereotype of moi.

    Now had you praised me instead, and lavished accolades in abundance, I would have bought a dozen copies – big family – everyone would need a copy.

  17. V for Vendetta is a comic book short series.

    It’s a really lame quasi futuristic borrow off an historical event, The Gundpowder Plot of 1605, with totally anachronistic modern Leftie incomprehensible politics mushed into it:

    So instead of everyone filling their heads with stupid garbled mush, here’s a thumbnai of real history:
    The Gunpowder Plot of 1605, which was an assassination conspiracy to get rid of mostly Protestant King James I of England who was also James VI of Scotland, by a Catholic group led by Robert Catesby. The plan was to blow up the House of Lords and by that James I, during the State Opening of Parliament on 5 November 1605.

    A not well thought out idea to install a Catholic Queen into majority Protestant England.

  18. “And I haven’t seen any logic to needing a copy of a piece of work that delights in denigrating moi, well actually a one dimensional stereotype of moi.”

    Uh, it’s not about you. Get over yourself. You’ve got a blurb.

    It’s a great book, if I do say. Everything from a “300” parody featuring the Keebler Elves as the Spartans and the Girl Scouts as Xerxes’ army to Col. Sanders as a power-mad dictator bent on world domination.

    If I do say so, it’s my best work since 2005’s “Look at What America Has Done to Me” – and I sold close to a thousand copies of that.

    You can hear some it this Saturday at the Sedona Live! theatre:

  19. Oberserve says

    Klute, you ignored the main post. It has nothing to do with V whatever that is or Robin Hood. Seems pretty straightforward.

    Furthermore, Dems aren’t the only ones at fault for taxes.

    How about Tax-o-Rama Jan’s recent 18% sales take increase?

  20. Oberserve says


    The post has NOTHING to do with speeding tickets.

    It used that as an EXAMPLE.

    Back to remedial reading for comprehension 101 for you!


  21. The Klute Says:
    June 9th, 2010 at 9:20 pm
    “V for Vendetta is a comic book short series.”

    It’s also considered a seminal work by Alan Moore.

    So was Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” but it’s all about turning into a cockroach.
    Maybe it’s compelling to an entomologist, but who else?

  22. A cockroach is a cockroach. A literary seminal work more deserving of RAID than any hapless attempt at exposition.

  23. Nice blog, I like it, but it looks a little out of layer when using mozzila browser, keep it going:)

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