Be careful what you wish for.

Mac Magruder and his Wake Up Arizona! Coalition objected to the Arizona Employer Sanctions bill, claiming it is a federal issue. The lawsuit filed by the Arizona Contractors Association also maintained that the issue should be handled by the feds.

Now it looks like the executive branch is getting serious about enforcing current law. The government has known for a while that lots of social security number do not match up and are likely being misused. They are planning on enforcing the requirement for proof of eligibility for employment. This should get interesting. It might make HB 2779 look like a walk in the part.


  1. gop4ever2008 says

    wait just a minute here!?!?! the White House and the R.N.C. beat the crap out of Pullen for taking the conservative side on immigration and now THEY are finally taking the conservative side on immigration? about three weeks after Kyl finally took the conservative side on immigration? IS ANYONE AT THE RNC/OVAL OFFICE CALLING UP THE STATE PARTY OR RANDY PULLEN AND APOLOGIZING FOR DOUBTING HIM?

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