Barto moves to reduce risks from sub-standard Clinics

20weeks.jpg   The phrase “keeping abortion safe and legal” contains so many contradiction it is amazing that politicians have the audacity to use it. Sometimes women do not survive the procedure meant to terminate their pregnancy. Pro-life State Representative Nancy Barto (R-7) is considering introducing legislation aimed at reducing the risk to women who undergo abortions in Arizona. It will be interesting to see if pro-abortion legislators will agree to protect women.


  1. Sonoran Sam says

    I have a lot of respect for pro-life advocates who are honest about their goals….to make abortion illegal.

    I have nothing but contempt for hypocrites who pretend that they’re trying to “protect” women by imposing excessive regulations and bureaucracy on providers simply to deny women their legal rights.

    This Missouri legislation will lose in court, and Barto’s phony back-door attempt will never pass.

  2. Sonoran Alliance says

    I guess you are missing the point. They really have earned “The Culture of Death” moniker.

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