Barry Aarons Wrong On Tax Pledge

In an article last week in the Arizona Republic about a plan by our favorite lobbyist APS’s Marty Shultz and others to put a multi-billion dollar tax increase on the ballot for transportation, Barry Aarons was quoted as saying that a legislator voting to refer the tax increase to the ballot would not be violating a no new taxes pledge. Barry did this in his role with Americans for Tax Reform. Perhaps Barry should get his facts straight before saying it’s not a violation.

According to ATR’s own pledge, voting to put a multi-billion dollar tax increase would in fact be a violation of their no new taxes pledge because it would voting in support of efforts to raise taxes. The question now becomes who among the pledge takers in the Legislature would be willing to violate that pledge were this boondoggle to reach the floor next year?


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    You will be pleased to know that Barry was misquoted and has said so…

  2. Hometown Guy says

    Wow! For a moment I thought this said Barry Wong.
    Just a joke, folks!

  3. matthew benson says

    As the reporter who wrote the story in question, I would dispute that Mr. Aarons was misquoted. If he has said so in the days since, he certainly hasn’t indicated that to me.
    Matthew Benson
    Arizona Republic

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Thanks for letting us know Matthew. I should have been more careful with my post and stated it as follows: “You will be pleased to know that Barry has said that he was misquoted.”

    My initial draft states the misquote as a fact when we’re in a a “he said/he said” situation and I certainly can’t speak decisively on it.

    It is good to have a writing pro on Sonoran Alliance. Keeps us on our toes!

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