Barrett Marson shuts up

Former GOP House Spokesman Barrett Marson was always quick with a quote, and never short on something to say.  In his current role as DOC spokesman, however, well…

For all the people who wondered if Barret Marson could ever keep quiet, here’s ten seconds of dead air while he fumbles for a response on last night’s television news (1:26 into the video, which can be found to the right of the story).

The “hardball” question that silenced the loquacious Marson?  “Will early release of prisoners make us less safe?”


  1. Take a look at that suit! Did he know he was going to be on TV?

    Definitely wins award for longest dead air I’ve ever seen.

  2. Pricinct Committeeman says

    As usual, he did finally manage to pass the buck to the Legislature, the place he used to “work.”

    This is not so much a bad job by Barrett, as it was a bad job of preparation by his bosses for the interview. Had no one at DOC even asked themselves if the public was going to be less safe?

    The answer is actually pretty simple, given those inmates they intend to release early if they have to do so.

    A cheap shot at his sport coat was just that.

  3. Amy Weinberg says

    Okay, leave him alone. He is who he is, and.
    truthfully, would he look any better in a good suit?

  4. John Flores says

    I worked with the guy years ago when he was a newspaper reporter in McAllen, Texas. He never, ever shut up when I worked in the same newsroom. He was a backstabbing, conniving, amoral, SOB then, and you can bet he is still as arrogant and loud and obnoxious now. Finally, he shut up.

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