“Bailout Ben” Raises Money From Bailed Out Companies Thanks to Papa Quayle

Ben Quayle has said repeatedly in this campaign that he’s his own man. His dad has said he wouldn’t have a role in Ben’s campaign. Yet, in his latest commercial, Ben cites the fact that his only experience is that he’s watched his father’s political career.

Considering Ben was just a teenager when his dad had to turn over the keys to the Naval Observatory to Al Gore, Ben must have a great memory.

Ben is right, though. The only rationale for his candidacy is the fact that his last name is Quayle. There is no other reason that someone who graduated from law school in 2002, and was not admitted to the Arizona Bar until 2009 (but claims to have worked as a lawyer in Arizona since 2006) should be running for Congress, especially with a string of one-year employment stints at various law firms around the country.

Ben is running simply because of his family’s name– and that’s been tolerable– it happens everywhere, and while it’s a shame, it’s a fact of political life.

But this has gone to a new level, an unacceptable level.

Papa Quayle serves as a Director of Cerebus, a private equity firm that happens to own Chrysler Motors. They received BILLIONS of dollars in bailout money for Chrysler. And that’s not the worst part. Dan Quayle and Ben Quayle went to Cerebus’s New York HQ, met with their executives– who are rich with government-bailout money— and got them to give nearly $50,000 to Ben’s Campaign for Congress.

Nearly $50,000 in dirty, government-bailout money, procured for Cerebus by a former Vice President, and funneled to his son’s congressional campaign. Outrageous. This isn’t a few dollars we’re talking about. At $42,000, Bailed-Out Cerebus is Ben’s biggest donor.

Here is the info on Cerebus:  http://www.forbes.com/2008/12/09/chrysler-cerberus-bailout-oped-cx_dg_1210gerstein.html

Call Ben Quayle at 602-492-4236, and tell him to return donations from bailed out companies.

If a private company needs money so badly that they take from the taxpayer, they shouldn’t be giving to political candidates.


  1. hotflashholly says

    I think it is safe to say that we are all getting to know Ben Quayle…and we do not think he is ready to serve in congress..maybe in 20 years if he stays involved but one must assume that after his defeat, he will not be heard from ..Until the next open congressional seat.

  2. sonoran alliance bias says

    Once again we have an untruthful attack from Sonoran Alliance. I wonder who paid/persuaded you guys to try and take down the front running candidate just weeks before the election.

    The truth is that the corporations did not donate money to the campaign. But you don’t have to believe me, you can look for yourself. Here is the link to the FEC website:


    Sonoran Alliance is only hurting it’s own credibility by posting slander.

    Please do your own research people!

  3. FEC says otherwise says

    FEC states that 98% of his campaign donations have come from individual donors.

    That leads me to believe that either the FEC is lying or that Vernon Parker has taken over Sonoran Alliance!

  4. Willy Kristol says

    #2, which Quayle staffer are you? I ask because, if you look at the same FEC Report, you’ll see the guy is staffed even heavier than McCain.

    Look, the facts are the facts. Ben and Papa Quayle headed to NY for a fundraiser with CEREBUS EMPLOYEES who receive their money from CEREBUS.

    THE MONEY THEY HAVE IS BAILOUT MONEY! That is a simple fact. A thirty second Google search will confirm this for you.

    Just as people don’t buy Blood Diamonds, they shouldn’t accept cash they know came from the TAXPAYERS. It’s not free money. It’s BAILOUT money. FOR FAT CATS.

    Ben should RETURN ALL THE MONEY HE RECEIVED FROM CEREBUS. If he doesn’t, we already know what kind of Congressman he’ll be: a go-along-to-get-along limp fish.

  5. To say that the contributions received from individuals within a large organization are from bailout funds is just absurd. It is already known that SA is ran by consultants but do you guys really have to make it this obvious??

  6. It is disgusting that Dan Quayle is trying to buy this election with bailout money. Ben Quayle should return this money. It is SO hypocritical that Ben Quayle is spending tens of thousands of BAILOUT dollars that he received from Cerebus’ minions to try and trick the voters of CD3 into voting for him.

    Ben happily accepted the money from Cerebus. His dad is on Cerebus’ Board of Directors. It won’t be that difficult for Cerebus to get exactly what they want out of Ben Quayle.

    A TRUE conservative would RETURN this tainted money!

  7. sonoran alliance bias says


    Please answer this question for me.

    How is the money “bailout money” just because it came from employees that work for for Chrysler?

    If I work for AIG and give a campaign contribution to Gov. Brewer, does this mean she received a contribution from a govt bailout? That’s the argument you’re trying to make with Quayle and I view it as just another desperate attempt to damage his campaign.

    Shame on you.

  8. Willy Kristol says

    Sonoran Bias,

    Why are you dragging Governor Brewer into this fight? Don’t you support her? She’s our Governor for crying out loud! Pathetic.

  9. do your research people says

    Jane… you should have done your research before commenting. Everything you stated was untrue. Show me in the FEC report where it say’s anything about contributions from a corporation. Stop being PINHEADS and educate yourselves!

  10. Willy Kristol says

    Sonoran Bias,

    These “Chrysler” employees were not simply working on the assemblyline. THEY ARE CEREBUS EXECUTIVES whose company, which they have a fiduciary duty to, received GOVERNMENT BAILOUT FUNDS. PERIOD.

  11. do your research people says

    It was an example Willy… relax! I could have used any politician as an example. Funny how you didn’t answer my question though. You obviously know I am right.


  12. Reality Check says

    OK, PEEPS,

    The reason there are disclosure laws i.e. employer and occupation information; is to track the donations coming from certain industries.

    Don’t tell me you didn’t criticize Obama for getting union employee donations. Geez people.

    The Quayle campaign is becoming a laughingstock across the country. Did you see Leno last night?

  13. A New Hope says

    A TRUE Conservative would not debate such silly subjects! They would debate a candidate based on issues and his Conservative values and not based on campaign contributions that may or may not have been received from companies which received bailout money!

    Ben Quayle didn’t do anything wrong, no more than any other candidate who received campaign donations. I cannot find any information anywhere (other than half baked stories like these) that prove that he received tainted money. It didn’t happen!

    This debate is entirely absurd, and I think that you are ALL staffers from campaigns, in which case your debates are futile and limp.

    Ben Quayle didn’t do anything wrong, no more than any other candidate who received campaign donations.

    I should run for Congress and wipe you all out…

  14. Money isn't speech according to SA says

    Sonoran Alliance calls for new CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM!!

    If you work for a corporation that may have received bailout money, you are NOT allowed to personally donate to any campaign.

    Thousands of individuals are no longer allowed to practice the FIrst Amendment. Money is not speech.

    Thanks McSonoran Alliance.

  15. You may want to read up on the Cerebus-Chrysler deal…if I recall they lost their equity position, without due process. Which scared the crap out of alot of people who invest in broken companies…Nothing worse than “conservatives” stretching and manipulating half-truths against another conservative. I still would not vote for Quayle..we already have a leader with zero real world experience.

  16. Hey “do your research people” you should really LEARN HOW TO READ. I said Ben received money from cerebus minions.

    Cerebus Minions=

    $4800 – NARDELLI, ROBERT – CEO
    $1000 – MILLER, ERIC – FINANCE

  17. I'm Done With Sergio says

    Looks like you can hardly compare SA Bias’s analogy to the facts in this case. The facts are there and stubborn: the leaders of Cerebus, who received bailout money, have bank-rolled Quayle’s campaign.

    I know all I need to know. I’m voting for ABB— anyone but Ben.

  18. He treats me like a rag doll says

    I have nothing to say. I just had to complete the lyric. Thanks.

  19. LOL! This is complete BS! This article was written in December of 2008 BEFORE Obama took office and BEFORE the government and Fiat took over Chrysler. It doesn’t tell the whole story at all.

    Cerberus didn’t get bailed out. Chrysler got bailed out. Cerberus owned Chrysler but none of the bailout money went up to Cerberus, it stayed at Chrysler to keep Chrysler from closing its doors. And in the end, when Chyrsler went through bankruptcy organized by the Obama administration, the shareholders were wiped out. So CERBERUS LOST THEIR ENTIRE INVESTMENT IN CHRYSLER IN THE OBAMA BANKRUPTCY! Cerberus didn’t get bailed out, they got WIPED OUT!

    Come on guys! Tell us why the voters should vote for you instead of blatantly lying every day! Otherwise Quayle is going to win! LOL!

  20. the betrayer says

    I’m voting for Quayle as a TRIBUTE to his father. I hate what the lamestream media did to Dan Quayle when he was in office. DAN QUAYLE is not stupid people, but look at how the media treated him…same as it ever was.

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