Baier looks like switch hitter.

Phoenix City Council candidate Maria Maier is playing both sides with big name Republican endorsements mailed to certain households and a photo with Janet mailed to other homes.

Please visit John Altman’s site for information about the straight up candidate for Phoenix District 3.

Thanks to Seeing Red for exposing this attempt to fool the voters.

(The governor is very popular with RINOs these days. Tucson City Council candidate Lori Oien used a photo posing next to Janet.)


(The photo of Frank Schmuck and Janet was removed at his request because it was actually an award ceremony and not a campaign event.)


  1. I see Schmuck has the support of Rick Romley and a bunch of LD20 RINOs as well. Sound the alarm!

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    I don’t know Schmuck, but Lori is a great candidate; very solid. She’s running for Tucson City Council; the Independents outnumber registered Republicans in the city.

    So you want her to come across as Jesse Helms?

  3. Concealing her true identity is much different than “coming across like Jesse Helms.”
    If these people don’t want tot run as Republicans, they should switch to the Democrat party or register as Independents.

    Parties have platforms that actually stand for something. If a candidate can’t support their party platform, then they need to go where they have a greater comfort level. Do these people really expect to have the support of the precinct committee in their districts? That will never happen.

    PCs expend a lot of energy working within their party structure to support and elect party candidates. When we see this type of hypocrisy, it’s as good as a slap in the face.

  4. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Lori has strong Republican support; lots of precinct committeemen and Republican Women groups working for her election.

    She’s running as a Republican; pro-business and pro-law enforcement. This is a city election; she will not be appointing justices.

  5. Speaking of doubletalk accusations, saying one candidate is a “switch hitter” and “playing both sides” and then calling the other candidate “straight up” — are you trying to NOT say something? Or are you just trying to mislead voters?

  6. And Altmann has an endorsement from Sam Coppersmith, accourding to his website. How do you explain that, or is it part and parcel of the hypocrisy?

  7. Timothy brings up a good point. I think we all have friends from both sides of the political aisle who if any of us were candidates, would be supportive and if they felt it would help, lend their name. I don’t honestly see much wrong with it and at the end of the day, I think the endorsement game is really overrated unless it’s somebody wildly popular and they’re going to do tv ads for you or something and not just put a name down with a 100 other names.

  8. GOP Boomer Gal says

    The brochure with the picture of Lori and El Napo clearly states that she is receiving an award for her service in crime fighting. The governor is the one who presents the award; it is not a political event.

  9. Gnat, you are definitely having a bad day at the “post” office. A woman is receiving an award from the Governor, I bet she is not the only R to have done so, and then it is snipped and edited to make her look bad.

    With support like this Altman better not be counting on a victory. You do your friend no favors with such manipulations and inferences.

  10. You know Ann, I’d agree with you if it was just the blog pulling these pictures together to make a story. But if Baier is mailing Janet pictures to some households then she isn’t an innocent bystander. She is projecting herself as a supporter of Nappy or as someone supported by Nappy. That is no accident. It may be politics as usual or just regular pandering to partisans by trying to be everything to everybody, but its not innocent.

  11. Though I’m with Timothy on the lesbian inferences. There were too many of those for that to be a coincidence either.

  12. First McComish, now another RINO? We need Anton Orlich! I’m tired of being represented by schmucks! (Pun intended)

  13. Oh My! Tims….. when I first read the headline (and saw the picture of Janet, big clue there) I thought the same thing but then thought, no….they wouldn’t say that about Maria…? Would they?

    In full disclosure for all conspiracy theorist; I have no dog in this race, do not live in Phoenix and have never met either of these candidates.

    I get the completely different mail group thing and understand how it could be perceived. However, she did receive an award from the Governor. Perhaps it was not that she was using the Governor to influence others positively but NOT using it to prevent influencing people negatively. If she is proud of the award and her work but knows that Janet is a lightning rod to many, eliminate that from those who would have a negative connotation of a picture with the Governor regardless of the reason for the picture. Use something else for those folks, but in a non-partisan race use it where it works. I have seen structured mail campaigns in many races. This piece to one community or group, another to that community; not out of a desire to be duplicitous but to play to the strength you offer to the target group.

    I have pictures with Dems….it’s true. Never given them money (even though appears donations to Dems may be absolved) or openly endorsed one (but if you are sheriff and fight illegals that is also OK). Since I have revealed my twice voting for a Dem, it could be said I am a RINO. I don’t think so. If I were running for a non-partisan position and wanted to pull in voters from all sides, why wouldn’t I show that I could play nice with anybody while concentrating on my platform? Wouldn’t that be the most productive candidate? The one who can and has worked across party lines to accomplish a good thing?

    As for RINO…That term is rapidly becoming so old and tired that those who use it as the ultimate expletive are really identifying themselves as small minded and limited in foundation for their beliefs.

  14. Frank Schmuck – the name says it all.

  15. The photo of Frank Schmuck and Napolitano was taken when he was inducted into the AZ Veterans Hall of Fame – the highest honor that can be presented by Arizona and the Governor to a military veteran. Check out

    Frank Schmuck is a life long Republican. He has a name people remember and he has incredible ability to do good for our community and State. Just look at what he did with rubberized asphalt. The day he was inducted to the AZ Veterans Hall of Fame the audience of more than 500 people gave him a standing ovation. He has principles and ethics. Why do you think Romley endorsed him?

    As for his name it means one thing in Yiddish and in German it means “jewel” or “jewelry.” Maybe its time we get off the looks and the pictures and put a real Schmuck into office. Frank Schmuck’s got my vote because he puts “service before self!”

  16. Endorsements. Let me comment on the ones endorsing Jon Altmann. Timothy on Oct. 22nd noticed that Sam Coppersmith has endorsed me. Timothy, do you not think it is a great thing when someone from one of the other parties/backgrounds comes out for a conservative Republican? In this case, Sam has been my attorney for my consulting practice for several years – he specializes in an area of the law somewhat unique to my public safety/emergency medical services work. He is also a friend. I have never asked Sam to be a “R” and he has never asked me to be a “D.” We are living proof that people from diverse political backgrounds can actually hold a civil, thoughtful conversation. I hope that clears the air. Anyone is free to call my on the campaign line at 602-482-8683. Thanks.

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