Back to its Roots

Lets give a little credit to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  Their 2007 Awards Luncheon was a big change.  Back in 2003, the COC Awards Dinner was a love fest with speakers drooling about the “public-private partnership”.  This translates into Big Business publicly backing tax hikes and spending programs that win praises from liberal editorial boards, while they privately lobby for government handouts for themselves.

The 2007 fete featured speaker after speaker praising the free markets and the need to reduce tax and regulatory burdens.  They even had a Milton Friedman Award! Refreshing. 

I’m not sure if the credit goes to outgoing chairman Steve Twist or the COC’s executive director Glenn Hammer.  Either way, congratulations and hopefully COC will stay focused on creating a fair playing field for all businesses, not one that favors a priviledged few.

Three of our state legislators received awards.  Representative of the Year Kirk Adams (R-Mesa), Senator of the Year Jim Waring (R-Phoenix) and Freshman of the Year Doug Clark (R-Anthem).  Good job guys.

Speak Your Mind


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