Babies as cosmetics

This is horrifying. European and American women are heading to Barbados, Moscow, The Dominican Republic, Rotterdam and even New York to capture that last fountain of youth found in the precious tiny bodies of aborted babies – All to make them look younger. (read the full article here.)

Destination: Barbados: The Institute for Regenerative Medicine The Treatment: Anti-ageing stem-cell injections made from aborted foetal tissue, £15,000 The past 12 months have seen this popular holiday resort become the stem-cell capital of the developed world, treating hundreds of patients in a year. The upmarket clinic opened last year in one of the island’s most luxurious hotels – Villa Nova – after Ukrainian stem-cell researchers, who have been secretly pioneering stem-cell studies with aborted human foetuses for 20 years, teamed up with U.S. investors backed by the Caribbean tourist industry.

The aim was to attract wealthy British and American stem-cell tourists for treatment, avoiding the strict ethical barriers to such treatment enforced in Europe and America. The clinic is so busy it has a waiting list of more than 1,000 patients for cosmetic treatments and has treated dozens of British women. The promise: The clinic claims that the foetal tissue derived from elective abortions at six to 12 weeks is rich in regenerative stem cells. ‘We inject the cells taken from the liver tissue of human foetuses directly into the vein in the back of your hand,’ explains the well-spoken English consultant Jenny, who gives telephone consultations to potential patients.

‘The results are incredible. You’ll feel and look different after a month because these cells help the body to regenerate itself. The effects last for approximately a year before it needs to be “topped up” ‘.

What has this world come to when a utilitarian mindset has pervaded our culture?

The sad irony in all this is that Europeans are not having children. Their birthrate has been below replacement for years and as they grow older and not willing to have children, the population is dying off. At the rate they’re going, look for a very different Europe in a generation.

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