“B” Stands for “Barack”

Drudge Report is reporting that a McCain volunteer was robbed and then mutilated by her assailant who scratched the letter “B” on her forehead using a knife. The robber was angry that she had a McCain bumpersticker on her car so he kicked, punched and carved the letter “B” on her face.

Update: As one of our commenters points out, this incident may indeed fall into the “Backwards” category. We did read the Michelle Malkin column and would have to agree, that perhaps the Pittsburg Channel or another source needs to further check into this story.

Regardless, if you look at the flipped photo on the right, you will see that the “B” now appears in the proper orientation. If what this young lady claims does indeed hold up – especially the epithets – then it would be fair to classify this incident as a “political hate crime.” That is, if you don’t already believe that every crime is an act of hate.


  1. Despicable. Whoever did this needs to be brought to justice and sent way up the river. This ain’t Rawanda – in America we settle our political differences without violence.

    Well, post-1860s anyway.

  2. Disgusting!

  3. Romo Lampkin says

    “B” also stands for Backwards–which the B on her face is.

    Before you reduce Obama’s supporters to a gang of savages, you might want to be somewhat skeptical of this story. Your gal Michelle Malkin is.


  4. nightcrawler says

    I believe this was a hoax from the second I saw the picture. Tell me how does a perfectly formed “B” get carved on her face ? A person would need to sit still for a period of time. I believe a scared 20 year old would be sobbing and moving around and covering up if a knife was placed near her eye. This doesn’t pass the smell test.

    If am wrong, I apologize wholeheartly.

  5. Well nightcrawler, if you obtain a Photoshopped picture that reverses the image, the “B” is facing the right way. It still doesn’t explain why her black eye looks like nothing more than smudged eyeliner, and it also doesn’t explain all the other holes in Miss Morton Downey Jr’s story.

    But it might make a right wing blog look like somewhat less than a bunch of dumbasses who fell for the story and posted it on their blog with rabid excitement.

    It can also be viewed as a good opportunity for said bloggers to flog their resentment that violent expressions of bigotry (AKA keeping certain types of people in line) can be classified as hate crimes. So it still counts as a win for them, at least in their own minds.

    Even though Ashley Todd’s College Republican leader described the alleged incident as a “hate crime” to a TV news reporter in Pittsburgh. He said poor Ashley was being targetted for her political views.

    Try not to let the cognitive dissonance of that lead to the inevitable head explosion. Just let it wash over you.

  6. The more information that comes out about this story, the more it does not smell right. Let’s see if Ms. Todd finally breaks down under pressure.

  7. And if it’s false, then this chippy needs to go up the river. Not only did she lie to police, once again she tried to play the “innocent white girl vs. the big bad black man”, trying to conjure up people’s worst prejudices, presumably trying to sway votes. CLassy.

  8. Well, she really can’t be blamed for trying, I suppose. When your candidate gives a wink and a nod to race baiting, until he has to try to stop the braying masses from bringing stuffed monkeys called “Little Hussein” to rallys or hanging him in effigy with a yarmulke, you’ve got to expect idiots to follow suit.

    Can you imagine being a black man in Pittsburg who “fit the description”? Are you the one who’s going to get tagged because a innocent wittle white girl pointed the finger at you?

    Disgusting. Despicable.

  9. Oh, and Hugh – why not change that headline to “B” Stands for “Baloney”.

  10. Romo Lampkin says

    So if the attack reflected badly on Obama, does the hoax reflect badly on McCain? What’s your opinion, Hugh?

    By the way, Joe the Plumber isn’t really trying to buy his business, either. Nor is he in danger of making more than $250K.

  11. PITTSBURGH – A McCain campaign volunteer made up a story of being robbed, pinned to the ground and having the letter “B” scratched on her face in a politically inspired attack, police said Friday.

  12. So…. anyone at Sonoran Alliance going to post a follow up to this? You know with the truth about this mentally-ill racist trying to sway an election by appealing to the worst parts of the human psyche?

  13. FraudShadegg says

    Anyone who has a room temperature IQ could have easily figured out this was a hoax. Guess what? It was. Get back to what matters. Like John Shadegg in today’s Washington Post. John Boy is in big trouble.


  14. Wooden Teeth says

    The Pittsburgh newspaper account linked to by Drudge said the woman refused medical treatment. That was a big clue. The second would be the eye blackening so quickly, and voila, no swelling? Third, the EXIF data shows it came out of a jpeg editing program, not straight from the camera.

  15. Yes indeed, what this little tramp has done is definitely despicable! She should be driven from the Republican party and told she is no longer welcome. For anyone who has read To Kill A Mockingbird, this comes pretty close.

  16. She must be a friend of Tawana Brawley.

  17. Or Zorro.

  18. Actually, this wacked out McCain fan admitted to lying about this and doing this to herself. You’ve got to update your facts!

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