AZGOP Press Release: Pullen to Gov: Don’t Even Think About ‘Cutting and Running’

Pullen to Gov: Don’t Even Think About ‘Cutting and Running’ in Iraq

Phoenix, AZ – Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, issued a stern warning today to Governor Napolitano not to politicize the war in Iraq.

“While our brave men and women in uniform are fighting terrorists overseas, the Democrats continue to undermine their efforts here at home,” said Pullen. “Hopefully Janet will see first hand why it is imperative that we continue our mission and ‘don’t cut and run.’ Our troops our counting on us as much as we are counting on them. We cannot afford to let them down.

“Its abhorrent that elected officials like Gabrielle Giffords and Hillary Clinton fly to Iraq at taxpayer expense, pay lip service to our troops and then denounce their efforts back home by voting to cut troop levels and withhold vital funding. I hope Janet does not venture down the same road as others in her party.

“We have troops in harms way in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Mexican Border, and other places around the world.  Its time for Janet and her Democratic pals to grow up,” said Pullen. “The American people will not tolerate the Democrats continuing to use our troops for political leverage.”

“While Democrats continue to politicize the war in Iraq, it’s the Republicans that are willing to take a stand and support our troops who protect the safety and security for all citizens of Arizona and the country,” Pullen added.

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  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    3 press releases in the same week? Might be a new AZ GOP record!

  2. John Q. Public says

    Could be that the new GOP chairman is taking the job seriously. I’ve heard that he actually shows up–which is more than his two lobbyist predecessors did.

  3. Grassroots girl says

    I applaud the Party for getting on the offesive, but to imply that three releases in a week is “new” and that we have a Chairman who is taking his job seriously is an unneeded jab at the prior Chairman and Comm Director. For the record, in reviewing my in-box for Party releases over the last year, there were plenty of times they put out three or more releases a week. In fact, there are times they put out three or more PER DAY.

    Good to see things are continuing to go well… but swipes at previous party workers is an unneeded distraction.

  4. Will someone expalin to me why the guv went to Iraq? Besides political expediency, why would a governor from a southwestern (not port or seaside state) go to Iraq? The lame excuse to check on “our” Arizona Guardsmen… pleeeze!

    If she just wanted to be around some military types and spend a night or two in the desert, couldn’t she have gone to the border and camped out over night? Give her a pair of night vision goggles and witness the caravan of illegal crossings.

  5. These Colors Don’t Run – Troop Support Rally

    You are invited to a rally supporting the troops! (03/10/2007)

    Most of us have heard about the “Gathering of Eagles” ( ) a patriotic rally for the troops in Washington DC on March 17, 2007. The troop supporting plan is to plant a “Sea of Flags” in Washington DC near the Vietnam Wall memorial. The gathering also hopes to prevent the nearby Jane Fonda protest event from desecrating or spraypainting war memorials by maintaining a patriotic presence.

    A caravan of troop support has taken off across the country, stopping in various cities for rallies to support the the troops and to collect flags to take to the Gathering of Eagles! Afterward, the flags will distributed to military bases where they will fly proudly. (You may attach your name to the flag to go along with it.) The Soldiers, Sailors, Marines or Airmen on that base will know this flag was part of a great support rally for them here in America.

    Please come to the rally in Phoenix or Tucson to cheer on the caravan, called “These Colors Don’t Run.” ( ) Bring an American flag or two for donation if you can but bring yourself for sure to hear great speakers and have a wonderful time with people who love America! God bless our troops and see you there! Meet them coming in and ride along with them showing your flag or troop support sign! Come early and help set up!

    PS: please forward this invitation to veterans and other people YOU know in the Tucson and Phoenix area who like to get out and support the troops!

    8:00AM – 2:00PM :: Palm Springs to Phoenix
    [ TIME CHANGE PST to MST at CA/AZ Border] – Move Clocks Ahead 1 Hour
    Start at 888 E TAHQUITZ CANYON WAY, PALM SPRINGS… Make a U-turn at S CALLE
    ALVARADO onto E TAHQUITZ CANYON WAY… Turn Right on S EL CIELO RD… Turn Left on E RAMON RD… Continue on RAMON RD… Take ramp onto I-10 EAST… Take exit #143A onto I-17 NORTH toward FLAGSTAFF… Take exit #202 onto N BLACK CANYON… HWY toward INDIAN SCHOOL RD… Turn Right on INDIAN SCHOOL RD

    The rally will be held at the Northwest section of the park. There is an entrance to the park NORTH of Indian School on Central.

    2:00PM – 3:00PM :: Phoenix Pro-Troop Rally & Press Conference
    Steele Indian School Park (beside the VA Hospital and VA Rest Home)

    ***NOTE: Change in address of event location!!

    Phoenix, AZ

    *Please bring American flags to donate to the caravan!
    *Members of the media invited to attend

    3:00PM – 5:30PM :: Phoenix to Tucson
    Start at 300 E INDIAN SCHOOL RD, PHOENIX going toward N 3RD ST… Turn Right
    onto AZ-51 SOUTH toward I-10/AZ-202-LOOP E… Take ramp onto I-10 EAST… Take
    exit #262/I-10 BUSINESS EAST/BENSON HWY onto E BENSON HWY toward PARK AVE… Turn Left on E AJO WAY… Make a U-Turn on E AJO WAY


    5:30PM – 6:30PM :: Tucson Pro-Troop Rally & Press Conference
    Kino Korean War Memorial Park
    2805 East Ajo Way
    Tucson, AZ 85713

    *Please bring American flags to donate to the caravan!
    *Members of the media invited to attend

    6:40PM – 7:00PM Leave Rally for Hilton Tucson East
    Start at 2805 E AJO WAY, TUCSON… Make a U-Turn on E AJO WAY… Turn Left on S

    7:00 PM :: Arrive at Hilton Tucson East. Media & supporters can welcome the
    caravan into Tucson as it arrives at the Hilton Tucson East hotel. The
    caravan participants will overnight at this location.

    Hilton Tucson East
    7600 East Broadway
    Tucson AZ, 85710

  6. Ann,

    Gov. “Veto” is in Iraq for one reason….her own political ambitions. Veto is term limited in 2010; will be looking for a new job. She wants the Senate seat now held by Sen. John McCain. Veto O. Napolitano (the O stands for Opportunist) what a mess…

  7. I hold my nose as I write this:
    1. she is the chair of the Natl Gov Assn (at the recent NGA conference, they hit pretty hard on overtaxing Natl Guard)
    2. she was invited by the Sec. of Defense, presumably to deflect that criticism and boost support for the surge.

    Overall, I agree with the assessment that she is opportunistic (she is a successful politician). I can see her, so far, relatively positive assessment of the situation in Iraq working both ways. Administration can say, look here’s a D who says things are working, give it a chance. Provides cover for Mitchell and Giffords not to vote with the crazies on the upcoming supplemental. But hopefully those loons will call them all sell-outs and provide primary opposition for them….

    Applaud the state party for doing what they are doing, but they should look at some of the silliness going on at the Legislature and beat up some of the crazy legislation the D’s offered. We need to make gains at the statehouse in 2008.

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    She is also a potential VP for someone other than Hillary… She was also supposed to address the GOP caucuses that day… Bet she didn’t mind skipping that!

  9. Thanks. I’ve been a bit busy lately (I must interject this… I have a new grandson!) and have really not kept up with all the ins and outs of things not related to this glorious blessing . As the chair of the NGA I can understand the Gates invitation. The Guard relationship is one that could use some tending to.

    Political expediency sums up all the other reasons given. I did think her comments where generally supportive of the effort. Now let’s see if she sings the same tune when she is home and not surrounded by Gates, Petraeus, and others.

  10. And I agree with Walter about the legislature! One of my biggest gripes with the past leadership was the lack of involvement at the capitol. The R’s have allowed this governor to basically run the state with her pen and not used their majority effectively.

    Look for her to be increasingly cozy with R leadership as we get closer to the next election in hopes of wooing even more R’s for Janet to her Senatorial campaign. And if McCain does not continue on to higher callings, the lack of confidence from conservatives causing damage during the presidential campaign may hurt him then.

    She will work the room from every angle. It is up to us to not clear the way for her to do so.

  11. 60.
    The percentage of Americans who trust the Democratic Congress on Iraq.

    The percentage of Americans who want to withdraw from Iraq within a year.

    Yeah, it’s sure good to know Randy Pullen and the AZ GOP are on the side of the people on this issue! haha

  12. Timmy,
    65% of Arizonans elected Gov. Janet, she speaks for us all…. (at least for now on this one). From yesterday’s Republic:

    After a whirlwind, two-day visit to Iraq, Gov. Janet Napolitano said U.S. officials are seeing progress in the country and that she is not yet ready to call for a troop withdrawal.

    The Arizona Democrat offered a cautiously optimistic assessment of security in the country after “very frank” conversations with troops and briefings with Iraqi and U.S. officials, including Gen. David Petraeus, top U.S. military commander in Iraq.

    Napolitano called troop morale very high among those she met at Balad Air Base and elsewhere, adding, “I think they’re being used in some very worthy missions.”

  13. kralmajales says

    Pullen’s press release is a joke. Giffords is on the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees. It is their JOB to go over there and check on the progress of the war FOR our taxpayers.

    I hope that Republicans keep defending the war in Iraq. It is a waste of our taxpayers money. BILLIONS spent on this…BILLIONS and so we could do what? Create a Shia dominated government that is more aligned with Iran than with the United States or Israel?

    Come on…this “Support our troops” stuff really wears thin when they are sent off from their families for nothing, to be hurt for nothing, and to die for nothing.

    For shame Pullen…for shame to any who support this fiasco.

    And last, do not EVER make the low taxes small government argument in my presences if you support this war.

  14. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Kralmajales is the joke here… Calling freedom and the security of our nation “nothing” is the real shame. No one said Giffords shouldn’t go to Iraq, but the way she pays lip service over there and then comes back here to cut the legs our from under our president and our troops would be sad if it wasn’t so common among congressional Democrats.

    But Kralmajales is hardly a conservative Republican debating the issues here on Sonoran Alliance. So I won’t beat him/her up anymore. It will only encourage more garbage. Let Kral go shame Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, and all the rest who had the data and authorized the war. For a great shot of left on left violence, check out

    Great stuff as Rep. Obey admits the Dems are trying to end the war with their funding bills and then complains about dumb liberals who don’t get what good liberals like he is trying to do. Great stuff…

  15. kralmajales says

    Freedom and security from what we have done in Iraq? You have to be kidding. We haven’t gotten an ounce of security out of that war. As for the Clinton, Edwards, and Kerry, having the data. You REALLY have to be kidding? I could let you all talk to yourselves about this, but there aren’t many people left that believe that the data was anything but flawed. Even the administration now calls it a mistake. I tend to believe the data was anything but a mistake, but was quite the opposite…manufactured. Either way, you can’t tell me that the data you speak of was legit.

    And again, BILLIONS of my tax dollars going over there…for what? The biggest tax and spend rip off this country has seen and some of you want to spend more.

    OH…but inspecting every container coming into our port is too expensive and too expensive for business. Some security hawks the minority in Congress is.

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  17. … AZGOP Press Release: Pullen to Gov: Don’t Even Think About ‘Cutting and Running’ …

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