AZGOP Press Release – April 5, 2007

For Immediate Release – April 5, 2007
Contact: Brett Mecum –
Phone: 602.957.7770 

Statement from AZGOP Chairman Randy Pullen on the Upcoming Presidential Visit

Phoenix, AZ – Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party issued the following statement regarding the announcement that President Bush would visit Yuma, Arizona on Monday, April 9th.

“It’s a tremendous honor any time President Bush comes to Arizona, but even more so when he comes to Arizona to talk about Border Security.  Approximately one year ago, the President announced Operation Jumpstart to show his commitment to securing our border.”

“After one year, according to the Border Patrol, cross-border activity is down in the Yuma Sector.  The credit goes to the leadership of President Bush and also to the brave men and women of the Border Patrol and National Guard who each day work to stop the flow of illegal aliens, illegal drugs and illegal weapons into our great nation.”

“Just one year later, progress has been made in our efforts to increase border security here in Arizona.  What is most important now is that we continue working together to find new ways to finish the job that’s been started.  And on behalf of the more than one-million Arizona Republicans, I say to the President, whether you’re standing up to the Democrats in Congress who are looking to raise taxes, the Democrats who are looking to surrender to the terrorists, or the Democrats who are looking to undo what we’ve done to strengthen our border security, you can count on the Republicans of Arizona to stand tall with you.”

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  1. GoalGetter says

    Is this a press release or an essay?

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Good to see Pullen doing this stuff… I’m guessing that members of our delegation who were worried that he’d use his position and platform to bash the president are feeling a bit foolish right now. Of course, I’d also bet that they’ll never admit they were wrong about the guy…

  3. Hometown Guy says

    Pullen is doing a superb job. He is out and about, meeting folks at district meetings and various clubs. I heard him recently at a lunchtime meeting of a group I belong to, and had the opportunity to speak with him for a few minutes. He is passionate about the Republican party.

    What I particularly like is the fact that he actually shows up daily at GOP headquarters—something his predecessors didn’t do with any regularity. I heard this from a friend who routinely volunteers there–not from Pullen!

    Pullen will be one of the better state chairman Arizona has seen in a very long time.

  4. Showing up doesn’t make one a good state chairman. He’s essentially doing the job of the Executive Director.

    The chairman is supposed to bring in dollars. Has anyone seen any reports?

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