AZGOP Press Release – April 4, 2007

For Immediate Release – April 4, 2007
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Pullen hits Dems on gas prices and broken promises
State GOP chair says Arizona families paying for Dems incompetence

Phoenix, AZ – As gas prices rise past where they were when Democrats were campaigning on promises of relief at the gas pump last fall, Arizona Republican Party chairman Randy Pullen said this was indicative of Democrats broken promises and inability to govern.

“They promised fiscal discipline and instead the Congressional Democrats have given us a budget that spends more money than ever before in history,” Pullen said.  “They promised us responsibility and respect for our family, but Democrats have passed the largest tax increase in American history just three months into their new majority with a tax bill that will hit the average Arizonan to the tune of approximately $3,000.

“And the Democrats campaigned with promises of bringing relief to the prices at the gas pump, but instead in just three months we’re seeing gas prices soar again because of the instability in economic and foreign policy that Democrats have brought to our government,” he said.

“The only thing rising faster than gas prices in Arizona is the number of campaign promises being broken by the Democrats,” Pullen said.  “Either they never intended to bring tax relief to Arizona and American families or they lied about it from the start.  Either they never intended to balance the budget by reining in spending or they lied about it from the start.  Either the Democrats never intended to bring stability to oil producing regions or their gross incompetence in all matters relating to foreign policy suggests they simply should allow others with more knowledge and skill to handle the job.

“While our Commander in Chief and our professional diplomats are trying to pressure Syria to stop sponsoring terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is jaunting around Damascus like a tourist, undermining the entire U.S. policy toward the country,” Pullen said.  “It’s as if through budget schemes and tax hikes, she figured she’d wreaked enough havoc at home.

“Here in Arizona, I’m continually disappointed that freshmen Democrats Harry Mitchell and Gabrielle Giffords vote with Pelosi so often,” Pullen said.  “I’m disappointed because they campaigned for these same broken promises and like Nancy Pelosi, they aren’t delivering.  That may be what serves as the status quo in places like San Francisco or Washington, DC.  But here in Arizona, we expect – and deserve – more than broken promises.”

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