AZGOP Press Release – April 26, 2007 – Giffords, Mitchell Betray Troops

For Immediate Release – April 26, 2007
Contact: Brett Mecum –
Phone: 602.957.7770


Phoenix, AZ – “In an unstable world and a dangerous time, Harry Mitchell and Gabrielle Giffords have once again undermined our troops, mocked our generals, and have thumbed their collective noses at the President,” said Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. “Nancy Pelosi has over stepped her bounds, Harry Reid has endangered American troops around the world, and Gabrielle Giffords and Harry Mitchell have disgraced themselves in less than four months in office.”

Pullen continued, “Once again, we see that the Democrats are trying to micromanage our military from Washington, D.C. Once again they have voted to set an artificial withdrawal deadline in Iraq. Once gain they have waved the white flag of defeat and surrender. And once again they have shared our battle plan with the terrorists who hope to murder Americans and destroy our way of life. Our men and women in uniform who are bravely serving overseas deserve much better than the treatment they have received from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Gabrielle Giffords, and Harry Mitchell.

“The sad irony is that the Democrats voted to ’cut and run’ from Iraq right after Osama bin Laden made claims he is in fact running the terrorists and insurgents in Iraq. A forced withdrawal of our troops by the Democrats in Congress before their mission is completed will lead to real defeat for American soldiers and the likely slaughter of countless Sunnis and Shiates throughout the Middle East in an ensuing, senseless civil war. This lasting legacy of the110th Democrat Congress will be appeasement with pork, a tasteless dish.

“I stand solidly with the over one million Arizona Republicans when I say: Mr. President for the sake of troops, for the sake of our country, and for the sake of the principles of freedom, liberty, and justice that make America great; Mr. President please veto this bill,” said Pullen.

“I am very proud of Arizona’s Republican members of Congress, John Shadegg, Trent Franks, Jeff Flake, and Rick Renzi, who stood tall with our military men and women and voted against this terrible bill,” concluded Pullen.

For more information, please contact Brett Mecum at 602.957.7770.


  1. Did you hear that one of the pork projects in the recent Iraq bill included the promotion of Gabby from freshman to General?

  2. “have thumbed their collective noses at the President”

    As have most Americans.

    “The sad irony is that the Democrats voted to ’cut and run’ from Iraq right after Osama bin Laden made claims he is in fact running the terrorists and insurgents in Iraq.”

    Pullen using that information in a press release is more stupid than the notion Osama bin Laden has any control over anything in Iraq.

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