AZGOP Press Release – 09/07/07 – DUH!

For Immediate Release: September 7, 2007
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Democrats finally realize taking money from fugitives from justice is bad

Phoenix, AZ – “I’m amazed that Democrat candidates for president need to release statements pledging not take money from fugitives from justice,” said Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. “I’m pleased this is now official policy for another leading Democrat US Senator running for President, and I believe it should be the policy of all Democrat candidates running for office, but I think it’s also sad that Democrats today have put themselves in a position where this sort of policy position has to be made.”

Pullen’s comments came a day after Senator Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut) released a statement stating “It is the policy of my campaign to refuse to accept or possess campaign contributions raised, solicited, or delivered by fugitives from justice.”  Recently, Democrats from Hillary Rodham Clinton to Barack Obama to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell to the Democrat National Committee have admitted receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent campaign contributions from 15-year fugitive Norman Hsu.  Hsu bilked over one million dollars from unsuspecting individuals in fake investment schemes and later fled prosecution while still raising major sums for Democrat causes.

“Taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from fugitives from justice might not be common sense to Democrats, but it is to the rest of America,” said Pullen.  “But I thought that there might be other areas where Democrats are just missing the boat – so I spoke with Republican leaders from around the state and we’re offering up this short ‘Top-Ten’ list of common sense things we’ve determined your average Democrat Party Leader, presidential candidate and or Member of Congress might not have figured out yet:

“10. If you don’t take money that isn’t yours, you won’t have to hide it in your freezer.

“9. Investment creates opportunity, not taxes – and certainly not the government.

“8. Surrender is never an option… not to terrorists, not to anyone.

“7. A secure America is a safe America.

“6. Money for schools should be spent in the classroom – on our kids.

 “5. You can’t tax and spend your way to prosperity.

“4. Arizona ranks #1 in the nation in rape, car theft, armed robbery and violent assault… maybe it’s time Democrats stopped worrying about letting felons vote and started worrying about why there are so many felons.

“3. What children learn in school is more important than where they go to school.

“2. Democrat leaders negotiating with state-sponsors of terrorism is not a path to peace.

“1. Working hard and dreaming big, there is much we can do to help make Arizona an even greater place to call home – but it doesn’t involve bigger government, higher taxes, felons voting, or the status quo.  It involves common sense solutions that put Arizona first, each time, every time.”

“If the Democrats can realize that it’s bad to take money from criminals, perhaps they may eventually see the light and realize that the same is true with the taxpayers,” quipped Pullen.


  1. Get ’em, Randy. And if they take your advice, they will be……..REPUBLICANS!

  2. I love that they keep whacking the Democrats! Whack away GOP, they deserve it!

  3. Quipped?

    Someone should print out a copy of the AZ Report’s Mad-Libs for Mecum.

  4. I’m sorry. I can’t take seriously any press release about corruption from a man named “mecum”. Change your name and I’ll start reading your stuff.

  5. I’m sorry, I can’t take seriously any comment on here that misses the point and asks a staffer to change his or her name. Instead of Sonoran Alliance, you might want to read “www.youmightbestupidif…”

    As for the press release, I just assumed this was a joke… but it’s not? A Democrat really said this? That’s sad. I mean, it’s good they won’t take cash from crooks who are actually fugitives from justice, but what about indicted crooks who aren’t on the lam? I believe Democrats should issue a blanket statement avowing not to take dough from criminals. If they wanted, the could have a “member of congress” exemption and just take money from their own indicted democrat congressman. But other than those felons, I think the Democrats should limit their criminal fundraising practices.

    But that’s just me. And I’m, you know, biased because I’m, you know, not a Democrat. Tee hee.

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