AZ RTL voting guide

Arizona Right to Life has posted their voting guide online.


  1. If you are really pro life, wouldn’t it be wise to look at the records of the two front runners? John McCain has ALWAYS been pro life. Mitt Romney has not. Of course, there is always Clinton and Obama if you can’t stand McCain. There is a difference.

  2. Joe,

    Didn’t you get the memo? Only John McCain is held accountable for his entire record. Mostly because he is the only one with a real record, but even so, Mitt will get a walk on his tax raising, gay marriage supporting, illegal alien employing, big government, openly lying, opportunistic career in self-promotion.

    What did he do to deserve such unmerited favor? He is not John McCain.

    Now that’s smart!

  3. Iris Lynch says

    True as what you all say may be true, Mc Cain started out conservative and has slowly ‘evolved’ so his ‘lifetime’ conservative rating in the 80’s would likely drop into the 40’s if compared to the latest 10 years’ time frame. As it NOW turns out, Mc Cain and Romney have both recognized that the east coast’s liberalism is not the end all and be all that they thought it to be according to the New York Times. I think Romney has been honest and forthcoming. Mc Cain is saying he has learned but, like the spoiled brat that he is, has kept his fingers crossed behind his back.

    If we are to have 4 year of liberal Democrats’ policies, I would far prefer th blame go to the Democrats and not to the Republicans ala Mc Cain.

    Lastly, who do we look forward to as the next president (the Vice waiting in the wings) since Mc Cain can hardly walk around NOW and no one mentions his age and infirmities. Imagine that! No wonder Huck hangs in there.

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