AZ Right to Life annual conference next weekend


  1. Jeez. Could they make this thing any more expensive? Who comes up with these prices?

  2. What a ridiculous redneck moment. says

    Right to life is fine, now adopt some of those 9,000 kids in the DES system and reduce my tax burden.

  3. Redneck:

    Why not adopt one!

  4. It is cheaper to pay for the care and welfare of those 9000 children than it is to fund the 25 million abortions w/ your tax dollars!!!!!!!!

  5. dpt,

    Using your backassward logic, why don’t we just go out and find 9,000 adolescents who cost a lot more than unborn and newborns and just “terminate” them? Your utilitarian worldview makes more sense to kill those who are already using up more resources than unborn/newborn babies.

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