AZ Republic token conservative columnists aren’t conservative and their loyalty is to the paper

Have you ever noticed how the Republic editorial board turns to its pet in-house so-called conservative writers (about two out of twelve or however many editorial board members there are — namely Robert Robb and Doug MacEachern) to slam conservatives so it will be considered more legitimate?  These are nevertheless obvious contract hits.  Witness MacEachern writing the infamous editorial slamming J.D. Hayworth in his race last year against Harry Mitchell, saying he was a “bully,” etc.  Never mind Napolitano being a bully for renaming the Squaw Peak Parkway and bullying the Chamber of Commerce for an endorsement, or Goddard for ginning up investigations of gas companies and Republican politicians that turned out to be bogus.  Or Robb slamming County Attorney Thomas this past week for informing the public that Goddard is stonewalling by refusing to allow Sheriff Arpaio’s deputies direct, unfiltered access to witnesses at the Attorney General’s Office as part of the joint bribery investigation Arpaio and Thomas are doing.  I saw in the paper today Thomas’s office has written a letter to the editor, noting that they had to file suit to stop this even though Goddard, in a 2005 article in the Arizona Attorney, stated that Thomas’s legal position is right, and the AG’s Office doesn’t even follow the procedures he’s now insisting on for himself. The letter asserts that Thomas and Arpaio made numerous attempts to meet with Goddard’s attorney to resolve this privately but were unsuccessful – doesn’t the public have the right to know about this high-profile investigation? What conservative is next in the crosshairs of MacEachern and Robb, who do they want to destroy next to help their cronies at the Republic ensure Arizona remains in the control of a Democrat governor and Democrat attorney general….Dean Martin and Jan Brewer?

Unfortunately, guys like Doug MacEachern and Robert Robb are not conservatives, but career opportunists who prove the point that there are only two kinds of people who write for the Arizona Republic:  liberals and those who constantly fear being fired by liberals.


  1. Conservative Majority says

    Isn’t that the truth.

  2. Keen Observer says

    I grew disgusted with that situation many months ago and as a consequence pulled the plug on the Arizona Republic. It felt so good. I feel much better not having that liberal rag blocking my driveway every morning.

  3. Never knew Doug was considered a conservative. Robb is a free-market conservative, but I’m not sure that it ever extended to the whole range of issues.

  4. Let us see who are the attorneys out there. Two Words. Grand Jury. Now lets try and figure out why Goddard is not letting Thomas see those witnesses. Ever notice the AG’s response to every single question: ” we don’t comment on grand jury investigations”/

    I’ll let the attorneys explain what this means and how secretive it is.

  5. I’ve never considered Robb a conservative but a libertarian, so he has a tendency to be more closely aligned to the right than the left. MacEachern is a conservative in label by default. He does not meet the absolute description of a liberal so he must be a conservative.

    Most media types always call themselves Independents anyway… but sooner or later their work product or campaign donations give them away.

  6. Sonoran Sam says

    Wake up, folks. Bob Robb is a voice for the Arizona establishment. When it suits his masters to trash conservatives – Russell Pearce, for example – he follows instructions. In general he beats up Democrats because that’s the mainstream business agenda.

    MacEachern is slightly more pure, but his job as an editorial writer is to reflect the CONSENSUS viewpoints of the editorial board, especially on high-profile endorsements such as CD5 in the last election cycle. I’m sure Doug choked on his words, but his description of Hayworth was right on the money. He is a pompous gas-bag, and he is a bully. He is a good fit as a loud-mouthed talk-show conservative, where he can sit on his bar-stool and entertain his fellow Neanderthals with his rants.

    You guys have got to get off this “the Liberals control the media” rant. First off, it ain’t true – the media tilts toward the establishment. Second, as long as talk radio is dominated by right-wing blowhards, and Fox News fills the airwaves with its bias, any talk of a left-wing media tilt is laughable.

    Read Greg Patterson’s blog. He’s on to something. The mainstream media, especially the print wing, are melting down. Something new is emerging from the morass, and it’s closer to the “marketplace of ideas” model that I was tught in journalism school back in the 70s, when it was kind of a joke.

    Conservatives can turn to the voices they trust, and new voices are emerging that speak to we liberals. The mainstream media is slowly withering away. Major newspapers are shedding staff. The Republic is full of vapid wire copy about fires in Sioux Falls and front-page stories about the growing popularity of Chihuahuas (!!!???!!??).

    As a former journalist it makes me sad. As a life-long student of the media I see hopeful signs that something new, different and more diverse is slowly coming to the fore.

  7. Sonoran Sam, you are such a flatterer!

    Seriously, “SS”–you do a pretty good job of bullying all by yourself–or at least of typing tough sounding ad-hominem attacks, emboldened by the anonymity of the internet.

    Guess you’ll be surprised to learn that my “rants” aren’t just for radio or for barstools…I’ve been invited to debate at the Oxford Union this November, and look forward to the experience.

    I know the twelve years I spent in the Congress of the United States can in no way compare to the amazing insight and analysis you offer as a “former journalist,” and it certainly cannot begin to match the gifted pronouncements of the Republic Editorialists…but I’ll just have to take my chances!

    Neanderthal? Nah!

    Conservative? You bet!

    You know where to find me…

  8. oh my god. JD just smacked down sonoran sam. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  9. J.D. – if the loin cloth fits….Good luck at Oxford.

    Conservative? You bet.

    Blowhard Bully? Natch.

  10. “SS”:

    Thanks for your good wishes regarding the debate at Oxford!

    In fact, I’m happy to send you an autographed, used loin cloth!

    Let’s see…should I send it to Mr. MacEachern at the Republic, since you apparently serve as his “internet errand boy?”

  11. Red State Arizona just posted another example of Robb’s duplicitousness in Sunday’s paper, where he distorted the facts to make it appear as if Republicans lost elections in 2006 because of their pro-enforcement position on illegal immigration.

  12. SS — liberal media bias is not true? Let’s keep it local and focused on the coverage of CD5 last year and this.

    While the Republic and Tribune were all too happy to bring up ALLEGATIONS of wrongdoing by Hayworth, they didn’t touch the history of Mitchell’s transgressions in elected office. Violation of the open meetings law to arrange a scheme to procure Cardinals tickets for the City Council; stumping for the early release of corrupt Judge Mirretti (who Mitchell rehired) who has made his way back into the news and the state pen this week for parole violation; pulling a double-cross on the “Chris’s Law” vote in the State Senate; then lying about his vote and his opponents on his campaign website; huge tax increases; a riot on Mill Street that was forewarned by the area’s businesses; outright lie about taking campaign contributions from convicted felons; a racial discrimination suit settled by the city for $2 million.

    On the heels of Mitchell being charged in the destruction of opponent’s campaign signs, the Republic editorialized just seven years ago that if Mitchell were to escape punishment it would send a bad signal that he was “above the law”.

    Look at how they’ve covered his short tenure in Congress. He’s the grandfatherly teacher who works in a museum. He’s flipped on just about every major issue, but hasn’t once been called on it by the media. The only mention of his changed vote on the Ag bill that is now under INVESTIGATION came from Robb in a column three weeks after it happened. While protesters are almost guaranteed coverage by marching on Kyl and McCain, they get nothing when Mitchell won’t allow them into his office (the rent of which is paid for by the taxpayers of the US). McCain is censured by an LD — big news! The Progressive Democrats (who worked their butts off for Mitchell in the election) discuss censuring him — NADA.

    So, should we be surprised, no. Should we call them on it — every time.

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