AZ isn’t the only state with Bouie problems

Looks like Florida, where Bouie came from, is also facing interference from the establishment GOP favoring more liberal Republicans over conservatives. We saw here in Arizona what happened when the party poured money into the GOP primary in District 8 for Steve Huffman over Randy Graf in 2006 – we ended up with liberal Democrat Gabrielle Giffords as our Representative.

From Bay Buchanan:

The Republican establishment is after Gayle Harrell. Florida Governor Charlie Crist and his handpicked State GOP chairman Jim Greer endorsed Harrell’s opponent Tom Rooney last Friday.

Remember, these are the same people whose last minute endorsement of John McCain helped give him the primary and momentum to get the nomination. We can’t let them do it again! Greer says the State Party’s near unprecedented intervention into an open primary is justified in order to “avoid a bloodbath.”
Well now grassroots Republicans want blood!

Many of the county chairmen in the district have made their opposition to this maneuvering loud and clear. One told The Palm Beach Post, “The perception for the rank-and-file Republicans is that people are picking and choosing candidates and the grass-roots network will eventually erode because they feel they don’t have a part in it.”

Because of this outrage, Gayle can still win the election. According to Congressional Quarterly; she is still running strong

“because she has rallied support from some conservatives based on her tough position on illegal immigration. In recent weeks, she has corralled support from activists focused on reducing illegal immigration, including the Team America Political Action Committee, founded by Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo.”

If Gayle pulls through, it will show that the grassroots opposition to illegal immigration is more powerful than the Republican Establishment! The primary is only 8 days away, so we need to act immediately to get Gayle some last minute TV ads on the air. We can’t let Crist and his cronies take us for a ride again!


  1. Pat,

    Maybe you ought to do your research a little better. Harrell is by far the most liberal candidate in this race. Yes, maybe she takes a strong position on illegal immigration. But she is a lib on the environment. A lib on healthcare. A lib on education, and the list could go on and on. Oh, and she was a big porker in FL legislature.

    The problem with Tancredo and Buchanan is not that they are strong on illegal immigration – they are and they are to be commended for it. However, don’t equate a strong position on one issue as evidence they are strong across the board. Tancredo and his crowd did this in ID in ’06. They endorsed a tax hiking, parental consent opposed candidate because he talked tough on immigration. I want strong anti-illegal immigration candidates, but I’m not willing to ignore all other conservative issues to do it. I want someone who is conservative across the board.

  2. Oh a couple of other things. Harrell voted against the Infant Born Alive Act and she sponsored legislation attempting to strengthen the right of government to take away your property. Sounds like a real movement conservative.

  3. GlendaleGOP says

    Oh let folks make endorsements. Why shouldn’t people be allowed to express their support for folks? They’ve all got their reasons. Its up to the voters to pay attention and make good decisions. That’s always been their responsibility. If they like Charlie Crist and trust his judgment, then his endorsement matters. If they don’t, then it doesn’t.

    Enough of this “war on the grassroots” stuff. That’s how groups like Buchanan’s raise money. They whip you up into an emotional frenzy until you’re so mad that you whip out your checkbook. They’re entitled to their opinion same as Crist, Shadegg, or the MCRC. You’re entitled to follow whoever you want.

    But enough of this artificial “us versus them” stuff that’s only good for fundraising and driving web traffic to blogs.

  4. Sounds like the Florida GOP is taking a page from the AZ GOP playbook. To quote from the post, “The perception for the rank-and-file Republicans is that people are picking and choosing candidates and the grass-roots network will eventually erode because they feel they don’t have a part in it.” Sounds like CD-1 to me with all the outside endorsements of Scottsdale resident Hay. Maybe the Florida and AZ GOP can get together in Minneapolis and figure out how to skirt the Rule 11 issue so nobody notices.

  5. Of course no party here would do this – right MCRC?

  6. You’re making Glendale’s point. Endorsements happen all the time. You can follow them or not, but they’re not wrong, evil, corrupt, or anything like that. Its just an endorsement.

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