AZ GOP Press Release: There They Go Again!

Pullen on State Dems: There They Go Again

State Democrats attempt to “Pass the Buck” on border security

Phoenix, AZ – Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, chided State House Minority Leader Phil Lopes for attempting to shift blame from Janet Napolitano’s inaction on border security to Arizona’s congressional delegation. 

“Border security is as much a state issue as a federal issue,” said Pullen. “Governor Napolitano and her Democrat pals in the state legislature seem to conveniently forget that there is plenty they can and should be doing here at home to secure the border and keep Arizonans safe.”

Lopes said in a press release that immigration was an issue that needs to be dealt with in Congress.

“But once again, Democrats in the State Legislature are shirking their responsibility to address securing the border,” said Pullen.  “They don’t seem to care that Arizona leads the nation in crime or that drugs coming across our borders are flooding Arizona schools. 

“It is the responsibility of every state to assist the federal government in ending this terrible problem by enforcing our laws and bringing an end to rampant drug smuggling, people smuggling, gangs and related criminal elements preying on the weak and less fortunate,” he said.

“While Democrats continue to politicize the issue of border security, Republicans are willing to take a stand and support the rule of law and safety for all citizens of Arizona,” Pullen said.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Well done! Nice to see our state party standing up and fighting back for a change… Don’t know if the papers (paper!) will carry any of it, but at least they’re trying

  2. John Q. Public says

    At last—a GOP state chairman we can be proud of!

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