AZ Republican Women Welcome Janet Huckabee Next Week

The Arizona Republican Party is having a luncheon event next week featuring Mrs. Janet Huckabee, former First Lady of Arkansaw. Details at the state Republican Party web site.

The following Republican Women will welcome Mrs. Huckabee:

Joyce Haver, Chairwoman
Shelley Caniglia
Carrie Click
Carolyn Colangelo
Cyndi Collins
Mary Sandra Luhrs Elder
Stevie Eller
Sharon Giese
Jane Jozoff
Randy Kendrick
Lori Klein
Sharon Lechter
Lynn Londen
Barb McMullen
Beverly Miller
Donna Mullen
Katherine Pullen
Michelle Robson
Jordon Rose
Patty Simmons

To RSVP, please contact Amilyn at (602) 957-7770


  1. The runner up in the 2002 Arkansas Secretary of State’s race, since Dan Quayle canceled. This will solve all of our problems.

  2. Gee Publius, we weren’t aware that Dan Quayle canceled on the 2002 Arkansas Secretary of State’s race. Lol… Gotta love poorly written sarcasm…

    Actually, this isn’t a Trunk ‘n’ Tusk event. Its an event put on by Republican Women for the spouses of the presidential candidates. You see, the Arizona GOP is raising money a variety of ways from a variety of people. Needless to say, we won’t expect you to attend, or do anything to help for that matter!

    You just keep trying to slap the party around while the rest of us do the work. Something tells me you wouldn’t be much of an asset anyway.

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