AZ CD8 poll, cont.

life.jpg      At first glance the latest poll results on the CD 8 race are not very encouraging for Randy Graf. The results show that Graf is 18 points below Giffords. The fact that Kenski is considered a Republican pollster (she does a lot of work for Senator Kyl) does not help much. 

     The last time Kenski did a poll in the CD 8 race her numbers were pretty far off of the results but she did correctly get the winner of both primaries. On the GOP side she had Huffman at 13.3% and Graf at 35.7%. The final vote was 37.6% for Huffman and 42.2% for Graf. 

     Kenski certainly has a lot of experience but her last poll was skewed toward people who have lived in the district for a while. Her mid-August survey for the CD 8 primary only queried people who voted in both in 2002 and 2004 primaries. With this type of selection she misses the new arrivals in the NW Tucson (LD 26) area. Why is this important? This area has experienced a tremendous amount of growth since 2002. Many of the new arrivals to this part of town are Republicans and they have not yet received the memo that they are suppose to turn into moderates once they move here. Will these traditional Republican new arrivals make a difference? I don’t know but if you want to know how important their votes are just ask Al Melvin

     Another note about the latest poll. It was conducted from September 20 to 23. That was a very bad time for Graf in the MSM. Personally I would like to see some poll results right after people listen to an ad from this group

Sunday 10-1-06, 8:40 am


  1. It’s Kenski, not Kinski. I think you are thinking about Natasha…can’t blame you, I’d rather think about her myself.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thanks for catching that. Corrections have been made.

  3. I wonder how this poll tracks with Kyl/Pedersen. It would be interesting to see if Kyl votes are not translating to Graf votes.

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