AZ CD8 poll.

We hate to admit it but we were scooped on these numbers by Arizona 8th (but our link goes directly to the source.)

Poll numbers for AZ CD 8 from Reuters/Zogby.

The results are from Oct. 24 to 29 of at least 500 likely voters and are reported as having a plus/minus 4.5% MOE. Of course that time frame is before Graf’s latest attack ad against Gabby really got going. The local daily newspaper says the claim in the ad “appears false” so we are not sure how much traction will be gained by the new ad.

Wednesday 11-1-06, 9:00 am


  1. Kudo’s for mentioning the Star’s breakdown of the ad.

    I do think the ad will have some effect — Graf has intentionally left it til the last moment so there won’t be time to fully repond to it, which is good planning on his part. All he wants from it is to sow some doubt with the voters.

    It won’t be enough, though.

  2. The Star article overlooks a number of critical points that are addressed in a response to the Star article by the Graf campaign.

    Check it out at:

    Gabby is so busted on this one.

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