AZ Bar Disciplinary judge using work resources to investigate political opponents?

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Search performed on Arizona Supreme Court computer for “American Post-Gazette” 

Is Judge William O’Neil or his staff using government resources to target American Post-Gazette for its coverage of his unethical behavior? 


Above the law
Above the law

One of our readers who had posted an article from us on his website told us that they saw an IP address identified as coming from the Arizona Supreme Court ( on his blog yesterday afternoon. The Supreme Court employee was searching for American Post-Gazette, and landed on the page where he had posted our article. This is quite disconcerting to see a government employee using government resources to investigate political opponents – it is illegal. American Post-Gazette is the only media outlet that has dared to publish information about the corruption of Judge O’Neil (other than the Jim Sharpe radio show), so we suspect it’s him. You would think he would at least refrain from breaking the law in order to investigate us, but then again, he’s above the law as we’ve pointed out in the past, no one will dare to investigate him, no matter how many times complaints have been filed against him.

Here is more information on the computer that was used to perform this illegal work, not that anyone will ever follow up and investigate. It is reprehensible that someone with such poor ethics is deciding ethics cases against Arizona attorneys.

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