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LD7 Candidate Heather Carter, the AEA’s favorite “Republican”

This past week, LD7 candidate, Heather Carter, was featured in the Arizona Republic’s “My Turn” section.

“What does the future hold for Arizona? I envision a vibrant economic community, where people are employed, businesses are thriving and children are well-educated. I want a safe Arizona with a secure national border.”

(NOTE: The Republic makes it pretty clear to candidates that they will not be editing or proof-reading any candidate statements. All “My Turn” articles are published as-is and it is up to the candidate to make sure they submit only their best work. Fair enough, since the Republic interns are busy writing the news for the next day…)

“I am running for office to do the job that needs to get done – create a plan for Arizona that enables us to balance the budget, set a course for the future and focus on strong schools, strong economy and a safe community. I think part of the problem at the capital is people lose sight of the core mission…”

Now, I’m not sure what subject Mrs. Carter taught our LD7 children in school, but she must have had at least one dictionary in her classroom… Or maybe not, since she doesn’t know the difference between, “capital: as in, financial capital” and “capitol: as in the buildings making up our state capitol which Mrs. Carter wishes to serve in”. Let’s just hope she’s never taught civics/government/economics or any of the reading/English classes available to our kids.

“…get caught up in special-interest agenda items that take time and energy away from what we should be doing…”

Wait a second. I remember reading something about this… Oh yeah: Heather Carter was endorsed by the liberal AEA Union. This liberal union has been responsible for threatening legislators, protesting on the capitol lawn, holding back the budget process, as well as encouraging teachers to push Prop 100 using our kids. We’d like to know if Heather Carter was following her union boss in the picket lines last Spring. Seems like the only way the AEA union would endorse a Republican is if they knew they had her in their special-interest pocket…

Let’s make sure we support real conservatives, this August and November. Not union lackeys.

Beauchamp Endorsed by National Border Patrol Council


Bradley Beauchamp, candidate for Congress is Arizona’s First Congressional District, has officially been endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council’s largest sector, Local 2544. Along with their endorsement of Mr. Beauchamp, the Border Patrol Council endorsed Bradley’s plan to secure our border.  This endorsement puts the Border Patrol on a long list of Arizona law enforcement leaders that are supporting Beauchamp, such as Mohave County Sheriff Sheahan and Yavapai County Sheriff Waugh.

On Tuesday, Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council’s Local 2544, sent an official letter of endorsement to the Beauchamp for Congress campaign. President Judd wrote, “On behalf of the nearly 3,000 rank and file men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol in the Tucson Sector, it is my pleasure to endorse you in the Republican Primary for Congressional District 1 in the U.S. House of Representatives. Your no-nonsense approach and belief that our nation was founded on checks and balances afforded in our Great Constitution will be a refreshing change in a political climate controlled by special interests and the interests of self-serving politicians.  We hope you will accept our endorsement and our best wishes in your primary campaign.  We are confident you will win the primary and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Bradley Beauchamp was proud to have the endorsement, saying, “I am honored to be endorsed by the brave men and women who do all they can to protect our borders.  In Congress, I will work tirelessly to make sure these great patriots have all the tools necessary to keep our southern border safe and secure.”

A copy of the letter can be found HERE, and a copy of Beauchamp’s plan to secure our border can be viewed HERE.

Bradley Beauchamp was born and raised in Arizona. He worked his way up from washing dishes in a café and laboring in a turquoise mine to becoming a schoolteacher, successful attorney and most importantly, a defender of the Constitution.

Bradley Beauchamp graduated from Northern Arizona University and began teaching government and civics in Globe, Arizona. After several years in the classroom, and desiring to study the Constitution more in depth, he was accepted into the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Upon graduating, he returned to Globe to practice law in the small towns and rural communities of Arizona. He is endorsed by many Republican leaders in Arizona’s First Congressional District, including Andy Tobin, Steve Waugh, Charles Christensen, Bobbi Peterson, John Rhodes, Terri Kibler, and Rick Fernau.

For more information, please visit www.bradleybeauchamp.com.

Robert S. Graham Releases New Video, Calls on Conservatives to Rise Up, Unify and Fight

Scottsdale, Ariz. Arizona businessman and political activist Robert Graham released another video this week, all about unifying behind the right candidates at the right time.  Graham has been working hard over the last several months raising money and awareness for conservative candidates all across the country.  In doing so, he has been spreading his message for victory to fellow conservatives in 2010: Rise up, Unify, and Fight.

In the video, available online at www.GrahamForArizona.com, Graham exhorts fellow Conservatives to work with him in finding candidates who can not only win in November, but who will represent the ideals and principles which the United States was founded upon.  He calls on friends and neighbors to make phone calls, knock doors, and even make monetary contributions to campaigns able to take back some power from the Obama administration.

“For too long, the Federal Government has been out of touch with the citizens it is supposed to represent,” said Graham.  “I will be working non-stop until election day to make sure we have a government that is of the people, by the people and, more importantly, for the people.  In order to be effective, though, we as Americans need to rise up, unify, and fight for the ideals we believe in.”


Beauchamp First to File in CD1

This came in on Monday from the Bradley Beauchamp for Congress campaign:

The Beauchamp for Congress campaign is pleased to tell you that Bradley is the first candidate from CD-1 to qualify for the ballot. We want to thank everyone for their signatures and the great teams that we have around the district for your hard work. We still have a long way to go to earn back CD-1, but this is a solid first step.

In other campaign news, we are very proud to announce the endorsement of Yavapai County Sheriff, Steve Waugh.

“I support Bradley Beauchamp for Congress because I share in his Conservative ideals and he understands our needs in CD 1.  He is the only Republican Candidate who has the energy and the work ethic to win the CD 1 race in November.  I know he will be an ally of law enforcement in Congress and a champion for the people of Arizona. I endorse Bradley Beauchamp for Congress and you should too”. – Steve Waugh, Sheriff of Yavapai County, AZ.

This adds to the growing list of endorsements from across the district. Bradley has more endorsements than the other candidates combined and each comes from those who LEAD, WORK, and LIVE in our district. Please go to our website at www.bradleybeauchamp.com to see those that have gotten behind the Beauchamp for Congress campaign.

This week Bradley will be at the Verde Valley County Fair in Cottonwood, he would enjoy the opportunity of speaking to you and listening to your concerns for CD-1. The time is here to get out and show your support and we look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

I encourage you visit our website at www.bradleybeauchamp.com to see all of our upcoming events and volunteer to be a part of the campaign.

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