U.S. Senator Jon Kyl endorses Ron Carmichael for Arizona Republican Party Chairman

Ron Carmichael with Senator Kyl and Henry Kissinger

Ron Carmichael with Senator Kyl and Henry Kissinger

United States Senator Jon Kyl today announced his endorsement of Ron Carmichael for Arizona Republican Party Chairman, and in doing so, joined a growing list of Arizona GOP leaders who are supporting Ron in his bid for State Party Chairman. Senator Kyl’s endorsement cited Ron’s strong leadership skills and longtime involvement in the Arizona Republican Party:
“Ron Carmichael introduced me to the Arizona Republican Party when I moved to Phoenix in the mid-1960’s. Ron has always been a strong party Republican – focused on the nuts and bolts of party success like candidate recruitment, voter registration, get-out-the-vote, and fundraising. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for State Chairman,” said Senator Jon Kyl.
Ron Carmichael has been a resident of Arizona since 1964, and has served as a district chairman, precinct committeeman, state committeeman, campaign advisor, and chairman for numerous candidates. Ron was also a Young Republican State Chairman in 1969 and Chairman of the 1971 Young Republican National Convention Committee.
“I welcome Senator Kyl’s endorsement in my campaign to become Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party,” Carmichael said. “His reelection in 2012 is a top priority and we must all work together to elect Republicans across this great state.”

Arizona District Leaders Endorsing Ron Carmichael for Arizona Republican Party Chairman

Arizona Republican Party Chairman candidate Ron Carmichael today announced the endorsement of several former and current Legislative District Chairmen and Chairwomen of the Arizona Republican Party.  These local leaders have joined former and current State and County Chairmen in their support of Ron Carmichael as the next chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.
“The District GOP Chairmen and Chairwomen understand the importance of a strong grassroots organization when it comes to electing Republicans at the local level all the way up the ticket to President of the United States,” Carmichael said. “As a District leader myself,  I have assured all of them that I am committed to a vibrant grassroots effort in registering new Republicans as well as a well-funded Get-Out-The-Vote effort across the State.”
The list of current and former District Chairmen and Chairwomen supporting Ron Carmichael:

Donna Flanigan (Former Maricopa County Chairwoman)

Joe Abate (LD15)
Paul Brierley (LD21)
Jerry Brooks (LD21)
Judy Connell (LD12)
Wayne Gardner (LD19)
Tom Haney (LD11)
Rhonda King (LD12)
Mike Middleton (LD20)
Anthony Miller (LD20)
Jackie Miller (LD9)
Cheryl Pietkiewicz (LD7)
Donna Reagan (LD8)
Bernice Roberts (LD11)
Walt Stephenson (LD28)
Jim Ward (LD8)
Warren Whitney (LD11)

GOP chairman race: Parker out; Carmichael gains support

This just in:

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By Dennis Welch
The Arizona Guardian

The former Paradise Valley mayor who campaigned for governor and
congress over the past year says he’s out of the running for state
Republican Party chairman.

Vernon Parker told the Guardian on Monday he’s backing out to spare
the party a nasty fight when state GOP members meet later this month
to elect their new leadership.

“I care more about the party than myself and I think the
(congressional) delegation is going to back someone else,” Parker
said. “Do I think I could have won had I stayed in the race?
Absolutely. But at what cost.”

Parker briefly ran for governor until he quit that race to take an
unsuccessful shot at an open congressional seat in Phoenix. He
wouldn’t say which candidate he thinks Arizona’s five Republican congressmen and
two senators will support.

But his decision comes as longtime party insider Ron Carmichael
announced that 11 former county Republican chairman from across the state
have endorsed him to take control of the party.

Several former state party chairmen such as Bob Fannin, Mike Hellon,
Burt Kruglick and Mike Minnaugh are expected to publicly announce
their support of Carmichael in the coming days.

Taken together, it appears Carmichael has positioned himself well
enough to get the backing of the congressional delegation.

Other candidates for the GOP chairmanship include Tucson native Bruce
Ash and the chairman of the Pinal County Republican Committee, Marty

In a signal Ash as picked up support among the party’s grassroots
activists, he recently endorsed Rob Haney for the GOP Maricopa County

Haney has been a longtime critic of Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain. Carmichael
has had a long political relationship with Kyl going back to the days
when the U.S. senator served in the state House.

Republican political consultant Kurt Davis says there are very few
differences between the candidates and the race will come down to
“personalities and alliances.”

“These guys would agree on 99 percent of the issues,” he said. “But
the good news for Republicans is we actually have candidates who want
to be chairman.”

Davis was taking a dig at the Arizona Democratic Party that has had
problems fielding top-tier candidates who want the job.

Dem Chairman Don Bivens recently told the media that he wants to move on but plans on running for a third term as party leader.

Arizona GOP County Leadership ENDORSE Ron Carmichael For Chairman Of Arizona Republican Party

Today, Arizona Republican Party chairman Ron Carmichael released the list of current and former GOP County Chairman who have endorsed his candidacy to be the next Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.  Ron continues to gather endorsements from GOP leaders, and is thankful for the support he has gathered from across the state.

“I am overwhelmed and humbled by the tremendous support of the Arizona Republican Party leadership across the state.  With their ongoing trust and support, I am confident we can reunite the donor base with grassroots and elected Republican officials, and lead policy development in Arizona for many years to come.”

The following current and former GOP County Chairmen have endorsed Ron Carmichael:

Myrna Udall (Apache)

Diana Arendt (Coconino)

Clark Dierks (Coconino)

John Rhodes (Graham)

Malcolm Barrett (Yavapai)

Malcolm Barrett Jr. (Yavapai)

Jan Smith (Yavapai)

Judi White (Pima)

Jonathan Hines (Yuma)

Phil Townsend (Yuma)

Bernice Roberts (Maricopa)

Party Moves Forward – without Randy Pullen

Party Moves Forward

Sea Change in the Arizona Republican Party

A clean Sweep tosses out Old Guard as District 11 DID NOT re-elect Randy Pullen, the Arizona Republican Party Chairman as a state committeeman.  You MUST be a state committeeman in order to be elected as the party chairman.

Last night at the LD 11 statutory meeting where elected Precinct Committeemen elected their State Committeemen and their new district officers, they voted in new fresh voices to move their district forward.  Warren Whitney was elected as their District Chairman, Ron Carmichael as 1st Vice Chair, Danny Seiden as 2nd Vice Chair, Michelle Marini as Treasurer, Ginnie Schmitt as Correspondence Secretary, and Ashley Bunch as Recording Secretary.

Randy Pullen lost last night because he is viewed as untrustworthy and ineffective by the grassroots in the party.

Credit should go where credit is due.

While the Republican National Committee normally works through the state chairman and the state party in coordinated get-out-the-vote efforts, this year they chose to circumvent Randy and work with the Yuma County Republican Committee.

This is noteworthy given that Randy Pullen serves as the RNC’s Treasurer.  Hmmm, there must be some fascinating back story on this.

The Republican National Committee worked with the Yuma County Republican Central Committee raising funds and getting out the vote in several congressional and legislative races, notably Schweikert in CD 5, Paul Gosar in CD1, as well as keeping CD 3 republican by electing Ben Quayle.

Yuma County also participated in several republican legislative districts picking up seats in district’s 11, 23, 24, 25, 26, as well as playing in statewide races for Tom Horne for Attorney General, Gary Pierce and Brenda Burns for Corporation Commission, and Doug Ducey for State Treasurer.

Congratulations LD 11 and Yuma County Republican Committee for outstanding election victories this year.

Don’t forget to come to Saturday’s Town Hall for Prop 106 and David Schweikert


Health Care Town Hall


Dr. Eric Novack, Founder Arizonans for Health Care Freedom

Congressional Candidate David Schweikert

Chaparral Suites Scottsdale
5001 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona

Saturday, October 23
Doors open at 9:00 am
Town Hall Begins at 10:00 am

Please come, listen, ask questions, and learn how Prop 106 will help protect your health care decisions against ObamaCare.

Please RSVP to carmella@yes106.com.

Congressman Mitchell has been invited and declined to participate in CD 5’s Townhall to discuss Prop 106, Arizonans for Health Care Freedom.

Prop 106 Townhall in Congressional District 5 this Saturday


Health Care Town Hall


Dr. Eric Novack, Founder Arizonans for Health Care Freedom

Congressional Candidate David Schweikert

Chaparral Suites Scottsdale
5001 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona

Saturday, October 23
Doors open at 9:00 am
Town Hall Begins at 10:00 am

Please come, listen, ask questions, and learn how Prop 106 will help protect your health care decisions against ObamaCare.

Please RSVP to carmella@yes106.com.

Congressman Mitchell has been invited and declined to participate in CD 5’s Townhall to discuss Prop 106, Arizonans for Health Care Freedom.

A Little Afternoon Delight From Brock Landers aka Ben Quayle

Well, when a candidate becomes the laughing stock of the nation, it’s very unlikely that they will prove successful in their campaign. The sad fact is that if Ben Quayle is the Republican nominee for Congress, our party WILL lose the seat to the Democrat in November.

This is a seat which should be solidly Republican, and even staunch conservatives (like our own Espressopundit) predict a Quayle nomination will equal a Democrat takeover of this seat.

Our shared goal is to put Republicans in control of the House of Representatives. We cannot jeopardize that by giving the Democrats an easy target in Ben “Brock Landers” Quayle.

“Bailout Ben” Raises Money From Bailed Out Companies Thanks to Papa Quayle

Ben Quayle has said repeatedly in this campaign that he’s his own man. His dad has said he wouldn’t have a role in Ben’s campaign. Yet, in his latest commercial, Ben cites the fact that his only experience is that he’s watched his father’s political career.

Considering Ben was just a teenager when his dad had to turn over the keys to the Naval Observatory to Al Gore, Ben must have a great memory.

Ben is right, though. The only rationale for his candidacy is the fact that his last name is Quayle. There is no other reason that someone who graduated from law school in 2002, and was not admitted to the Arizona Bar until 2009 (but claims to have worked as a lawyer in Arizona since 2006) should be running for Congress, especially with a string of one-year employment stints at various law firms around the country.

Ben is running simply because of his family’s name– and that’s been tolerable– it happens everywhere, and while it’s a shame, it’s a fact of political life.

But this has gone to a new level, an unacceptable level.

Papa Quayle serves as a Director of Cerebus, a private equity firm that happens to own Chrysler Motors. They received BILLIONS of dollars in bailout money for Chrysler. And that’s not the worst part. Dan Quayle and Ben Quayle went to Cerebus’s New York HQ, met with their executives– who are rich with government-bailout money— and got them to give nearly $50,000 to Ben’s Campaign for Congress.

Nearly $50,000 in dirty, government-bailout money, procured for Cerebus by a former Vice President, and funneled to his son’s congressional campaign. Outrageous. This isn’t a few dollars we’re talking about. At $42,000, Bailed-Out Cerebus is Ben’s biggest donor.

Here is the info on Cerebus:  http://www.forbes.com/2008/12/09/chrysler-cerberus-bailout-oped-cx_dg_1210gerstein.html

Call Ben Quayle at 602-492-4236, and tell him to return donations from bailed out companies.

If a private company needs money so badly that they take from the taxpayer, they shouldn’t be giving to political candidates.

Now We Are Getting To Know The Real Ben Quayle

Ben Quayle “Rents Family” for Campaign Mail Pieces; Inconsistencies Abound

On Tuesday, the Arizona Capitol Times broke news about Quayle renting a family for his mail pieces. The story is entitled: “Quayle mailers not actually what meets the eye.” When pressed for an answer about the children, Quayle spokesman Damon Moley said “the campaign is trying to present Quayle as a family man.” Moley responded, “I think you guys have got a lot of time on your hands.”

The article can be read in its entirety here. The story has now gone national. Today The Washington Post linked to the Capital Times story. Meanwhile, a highly read and influential Republican blog, RedState.com, wrote an article titled “Ben Quayle Not the Right Choice For GOP in AZ CD3”, the reporter lays out a basic skeleton of who Ben Quayle really is.

“Ben is a 33 year-old attorney who has a resume like most every person who went to good schools and has less than 10 years of working experience: he could be a future star, or he could be a lightweight. But his career to date has been undistinguished (and even nonexistent with respect to public policy and politics) save for who his father is. Ben recently planted himself back in Arizona (the NY Times reports he has never voted in a local election in the state) and was virtually unknown in the states GOP circles.”

The question remains what else in Ben Quayle’s campaign is less than accurate?

Stay tuned…