AZ Conservative Coalition Legislator Eval Updated

You can check out the updated evaluation here:

Updated Legislator Ratings

Updated Ratings!!!


Arizona Conservative Coalition Republican Legislator Rankings

Legislative Actions as of 3/15/2013

Last Updated 3/15/2013


We continue working with Republican legislators to refine the bill weights. There have been a few additions and some changes.

One change that has been suggested by a Republican legislator is to change the name of the classification Bipartisan Republican  to  Progressive Republican. We have not received any ideas we thought are better, so we made that change.

The number of bills being tracked is still 251 plus 3 Strike All amended bills.

Bills introduced in one body of the legislature are now being considered in the other body. This means there will be a lot of votes in committee and floor votes. Typically, the scores of Senators and Representatives start to get closer at this time because they are now voting on bills that the legislators in the other body already voted on.  Scores are starting to stabilize, but there are still a lot of votes that can change the scores. We have seen some changes – especially in the Senate – this past week.

These are NOT final scores for the session until our final report after the session ends! We encourage conservative activists to use these weekly evaluations as a way to work with legislators to achieve more conservative results in the legislative session.


The legislation causing the most lowering of scores is HB2047 which switches Arizona from the AIMS standard to the Common Core standard. Our concern is that Common Core surrenders state autonomy on education to the federal government and promotes nationalization of education well beyond the proper scope of the federal government. In addition, the curriculum associated with Common Core relies on an international perspective instead of traditional study of American and World history.


Another bill causing low scores HB2045 which allows state bureaucrats to change Medicaid reimbursements without legislative oversight. This will probably evolve into a bed tax. Bureaucrats should enforce the laws passed by the legislature rather than make law. The legislature should NOT delegate its law making power to the executive branch. This bill bypasses voter passed limits on enacting taxes by pushing the process into bureaucratic regulation instead of explicit legislation.

Other bills having a significant impact remove significant limitations on school district spending or increase government regulation of businesses. Many Republican legislators have argued that good business regulations that “make people do the right thing” are good. This, unfortunately, is almost a perfect definition of fascism which Republicans traditionally oppose. There are always situations where we might wish others would deal with us on terms of our choosing when they are not willing to do so. Using government to force people to deal with us on our terms rather than mutually agreed upon terms is tyranny even if it is dressed up as consumer protection or professional responsibility or trying to improve market efficiency. Of course, in a free economy, people can decide for themselves what is good and make decisions on that basis as both consumers and businesses. Also, government regulations usually have unintended consequences that are usually bad. These consequences are then used to justify still more regulation when less regulation is the best solution.


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AZ Conservative Coalition responds to Complaint

A letter of complaint written by a Republican legislator about the Arizona Conservative Coalition’s (ACC’s) Legislator Evaluation was posted on another (not so conservative) blog.

We are used to getting complaints from legislators not getting scores as high as they want.

The ACC responded to this email. Because the email was publicly posted, we are providing our response so it is available to the public as well.

The email with the complaint and the ACC response can be read here.

The legislator and the ACC have agreed that we will work amicably together going forward, but we can’t allow the email posted to a blog (presumably without his prior knowledge) go without a public response.

AZ Conservative Coalition Updated Legislator Eval

The Arizona Conservative Coalition (formerly the Pachyderm Coalition), has released its latest update to its legislator ratings.

You can find them at this web site:

Take a look at the rest of the site while you are there!

Education Policy Expert Vicki Murray Alger to Speak at NE Valley Pachyderm Coalition Meeting

Vicki Murray Alger will be speaking at the NE Valley Pachyderm Coalition meeting Wed, September 12, 2012.

Treat yourself to an informative evening about how the bulk of your non-federal tax dollars are spent and how they SHOULD be spent (or not spent).

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Here are the meeting details:

Our September 2012 meeting features the

Nationally Renowned Education Policy Expert

Vicki Murray Alger
Talking about the benefits of school choice including a review of Education Benefits for Veterans which is one of the largest school choice activities in our nation’s history.

This is a great opportunity to meet an intelligent, nationally recognized education policy expert and get a first hand account of cutting edge research on education issues from a conservative perspective. When you consider that education spending accounts for the bulk of non-federal taxes we pay, this is a critical issue for taxpayers as well as students and their parents.
As always, there will be plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.



Rock Bottom Brewery at Desert Ridge Marketplace
21001 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85050
(Near intersection of N Tatum and Hwy 101)

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012. (2nd Wed of Month)
Time: Dinner (order from menu) available at 6 pm.

Meeting from 7-8:30 pm

Contact Information:
RSVP to Howard Levine,
NE Valley Chapter Chairman ,



AFP Arizona’s Tom Jenney to Speak at NE Valley Pachyderm Meeting

Tom Jenney will be speaking at the NE Valley Pachyderm Coalition Meeting on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 from 7-8:30 pm. The meeting is at the Rock Bottom Brewery at Desert Ridge. Dinner is available in the meeting room starting at 6 pm.

Tom will be talking about the impact of Obamacare on Arizona state government and employers. He will discuss how actions by the state government can influence how Obamacare will be implemented in Arizona and how that will affect us.

In addition, Tom will be talking about state education policy and funding including school board controlled expenditures. Since school spending represents the bulk of state and local government spending, getting that spending under control is essential for keeping overall government spending under control.

We always have plenty of time for questions and answers. We’re looking forward to see you there!

Summary of contact and location information:

Contact Information:
Howard Levine,
NE Valley Chapter Chairman ,

Rock Bottom Brewery (Meeting Room) as Desert Ridge
21001 North Tatum Boulevard, Phoenix, AZ 85050
(Near intersection of N Tatum and Highway 101)
Date: Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012. (2nd Wed of Month)
Time: 6-7pm dinner off menu. Meeting from 7-8:30pm


 Click on flyer to see it full size:

NE Valley Pachyderm Coalition Meeting for August 2012




Sen. Don Shooter at PAChyderm Coalition Wed, Apr 18

PAChyderm Coalition MO

Is proud to announce


Senator Don Shooter – LD24

For the first time in many years there may be an opportunity to restore some money to the State’s “Rainy Day” fund or provide some relief for overburdened taxpayers. As Chairman of Appropriations Committee, he will bring us an update on the state budget and negotiations with the Governor’s office.

Wednesday April 18, 2012

The Patriot Room

At Dillon’s Arrowhead

20585 N 59th Ave, Glendale

 (easy access just north of the Loop 101, east side of 59th Ave.)


Dinner Meeting at 6:15 pm

Dinner – your choice of order off the menu


Seating is limited

E-Mail Diane Douglas at for your reservation or additional information.  First come, first serve.  You will not receive a reply unless the event is full.  If you have already sent an RSVP there is no need to do so again.  Thank you!

David Schweikert at NE Valley Pachyderm Coalition Meeting on Wed. Evening





Thank you to Thayer Verschoor and Lori Marsh Urban or agreeing to reschedule their presentations when Rep. Schweikert told us he is available.


The information is repeated here in a format that is easier to copy and paste:


Rock Bottom Brewery at Desert Ridge Marketplace
21001 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85050
(Near intersection of N Tatum and Hwy 101)

Date: Wednesday, Apr.11, 2012. (2nd Wed of Month)
Time: Dinner (order from menu) available at 6 pm.

Meeting from 7-8:30 pm

Contact Information:
RSVP to Howard Levine,
NE Valley Chapter Chairman ,




Pachyderm Legislator Evaluation Weekly Update Available




The Pachyderm Coalition Republican legislator evaluations are available here.

Take a look at how your legislators are doing.


Bill Montgomery Speaking this Wed. at NE Valley Pachyderm Coalition


Join County Attorney Bill Montgomery this Wednesday evening at the NE Valley Pachyderm Coalition meeting. It will be a great opportunity to hear from a leading county official. He is a dynamic speaker who always has interesting and relevant information to share. Plus, with our extended question and answer time, you can find out about things of particular interest to you.

Seating is limited, so please RSVP to Howard Levine at 480-577-4168 or by email at to make sure you get a seat The meeting is Wednesday, March 14 from 7-8:30 pm at the Rock Bottom Brewery in the Desert Ridge Marketplace. Dinner is available from 6 pm and later; it is optional and you can order off the menu.