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Marcus A Kelley

Keep AZ Drug Free Press Conference

Keep AZ Drug Free, which urges a no vote on Prop. 203, held a press conference with Senator Kyl, Senator McCain, Congressman Shadegg, Congressman Franks, Maricopa County Attorney Romley and Yavapai County Attorney Polk. It was archived, in three parts, on YouTube. They’re linked below.

Conservatives have A NUMBER of reasons to oppose Prop. 203. My objection has always been that it’s big government. Carolyn Short of Keep AZ Drug Free debated Andrew Myers, the campaign manager for the Marijuana Policy Project, recently on the radio on Kevin Gassman’s show. According to Ms. Short, Mr. Myers admitted Prop. 203 will result in about 800 pages of rules and regulations from the Arizona Health Department and that’s just the administrative rules. Ms. Short argues that, in fact, there will be no true regulation of the marijuana industry should the proposition pass because the Health Department can’t inspect dispensaries without advance warning, can’t inspect the marijuana at all, and can’t inspect grow operations. That leaves plenty of room for illegal operations to clean up their practices and place of business before authorities arrive. According to Ms. Short, Keep AZ Drug Free’s “beef” with that provision is that any other business regulated by Health Department, McDonalds for instance, gets no warning whatsoever and they can even inspect the hamburgers. It is perverse that advance warning must be given to dispensaries, which will be selling an illegal drug. Apparently, even certain felons can own and operate dispensaries. Ms. Short states that one of the basic problems with Prop 203 is that all of the restrictions are placed on law enforcement, business owners, landlords, schools, and Child Protective Services rather than on marijuana users. She says, “This initiative was written by an out-of-state lobby without any input whatsoever from our legislature or citizens.”

Adding to the big government objections to Prop. 203, Gov. Brewer recently held a press conference on the proposition and underscored the cost of the proposition to the state. We have budget problems enough without further burdening our economy.

The League of Women Voters is passing out a “Voter Guide” with some misleading assertions on the issues surrounding Prop. 203. The LVW guide states that the Arizona Senate passed a bill to tax marijuana and that marijuana sales would generate $1 million in the first year. What the LVW fails to tell voters is that the House failed to act on it, so the bill never became law. As it stands today, there is no legislation in place to tax marijuana sales and dispensaries specifically are exempt from income taxes.

Prop. 13 Urges a NO Vote on Prop. 112

As I said in the comments on my post on my NPR interview, I understand that reasonable conservatives can disagree on Prop. 112. I consider Lynn Weaver a dear political ally and I want to ensure her views on Prop. 112 are aired as well as mine.


AZ Political Interviews with Mike Gular

On the home page of AZ Political Interviews, you can find my interview with Mike Gular. Mike is the only Republican in LD 16 and I want to encourage every Republican in LD 16 to one-shot Mike and purposefully undervote so Mike gets elected. Any Republicans fully voting and casting votes for a democrat in the house races will only ensure that democrats are elected. This was our first production in the general election. Believe it or not, the ENTIRE thing was shot on a greenscreen. Even the table was covered with a green cloth. David Sipmann of Lightray Productions is a master with digitizing! We’re thankful that he lets us use his studio. If you’re looking for decently priced studio time, contact David via his webpage.

Sonoran Alliance Tapped as Countervailing View to Liberal’s Picks on Ballot Propositions

Thanks to Rachel Alexander, I was interviewed by KJZZ (aka NPR) as a conservative counterpoint to Victor Aranow’s picks (Vic’s Picks) on the ballot propositions. Sonoran Alliance gets a mention in the piece, so, I’m sharing it here.  I wish the piece had been longer, but take a listen!

Link to NPR interview on ballot propositions

Also, Shane appeared on KJZZ today giving his views on the best run campaign, the biggest possible shocker race in Arizona, etc.  Hopefully Shane will share that piece with us soon.

And here it is featuring political journalists, consultants and pundits from across the spectrum.

Rebecca Rios Trying to Buy Election in Face of Formidable Conservative Challenger Steve Smith


Rebecca Rios’s campaign (including her union buddy’s and Planned Parenthood) have now raised approximately $100,000 in outside money to combat us with in this election! This amount is only second to the Governor in total dollars spent, so clearly the far-left liberal Democrats do not want our honest, conservative, freedom-loving, God-fearing, constitutional-defending voice in our legislature.

Now more than ever we need to RISE UP over these next 4 days and show them that the will of ‘We the People’ can overcome any amount of special interest money they throw at us.

Are we going to stand by and let them buy this election?


I urge you, fight for what you believe in. Fight for the principles that made this country great. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and anyone you see this weekend that your voice cannot be bought and that you refuse to be silenced. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, post every day to VOTE FOR STEVE SMITH. If you have an email list, send this message out to anyone you know.

The race is a dead-heat between Rios and I, so literally every vote will matter.

Will your voice be heard or will it be bought? The choice is yours.

God bless you and God bless America!



10 Reasons Why Jon Hulburd is Wrong for Arizona

Reposted from QuayleforCongress.com

10. Hulburd is out-of-touch. Hulburd supports Obamacare; Ben Quayle would fight to defund it. The Arizona Republic reported that, “Quayle is an unequivocal “no” to the Obama health-care plan, prepared to defund its key provisions. Hulburd won’t say how he would have voted on the bill had he been in Congress.” In an answer to the Republic’s candidate questionnaire, Hulburd admitted that he won’t work to repeal Obamacare: “I don’t want to waste another year and a half listening to partisan bickering over repeal.” Source: AZCentral.com

9. Hulburd is a fraud – literally. Hulburd was sued for both business fraud and defamation of character – charges he refuses to answer questions about.

Hulburd’s Moral Compass
5 Questions To Ask Jon Hulburd?

8. Hulburd is a hypocrite. He wants to increase taxes and regulations on Arizona families and businesses to encourage a “sustainable lifestyle.” But none of Hulburd’s three sprawling mansions have solar panels. In a recent article in the Yellow Sheets said a GOP source: “I’m all for people having big houses. But I don’t see any solar panels on the roof of either of these lavish homes. Could he reduce his carbon footprint by getting a smaller place?

7. Hulburd is dishonest and evasive. It’s no wonder the Arizona Republic found that “Jon Hulburd’s positions on key issues such as health care and immigration are a mystery. Republican Ben Quayle, speaking passionately and articulately on issues, leaves no question where he stands.”

Ben Quayle offers candor, conviction
Voters’ guide: Republic endorsements for general election

6. Hulburd is a big-spender and wants to continue bankrupting America. He’s said he’ll indulge in earmarks and play this game of legalized bribery and political corruption if elected. In an Arizona Republic questionnaire Hulburd stated, “my earmark requests will be transparent.” When our country is facing mounting deficits, voters don’t need another liberal lap dog pouring billions of dollars into pork barrel spending projects. Source: AZCentral.com

5. Hulburd sides with union bosses in Washington over workers in Arizona. Hulburd wants to take away the fundamental right to a secret ballot in workplace organizing elections. Hulburd gladly accepted $5,000 from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which is boycotting Arizona over SB 1070. He is also endorsed by AFL-CIO, a group that opposes secret ballots. In an interview with Jay Lawrence, Hulburd stated, “I do support the Employee Free Choice Act (Card Check) and that is an example, where you’re absolutely correct, where a large group of Democrats support that for the most part and Republicans are all against it.”

4. Hulburd doesn’t even know why we should vote for him. In a Freudian slip, he admitted during the KAET Channel 8 debate that he’s not sure if he’s qualified to be in Congress. “To be honest, I’m not sure I am,” he said when asked why he’s qualified. In another interview on KJZZ, Hulburd said, “yeah it’s tough enough running for this spot, then actually getting it would be in some ways even worse.”

3. Hulburd has already put his loyalty to extremist groups before what’s right for Arizona. He’s funded and supported by the same groups that called for a national boycott of Arizona after we passed our new immigration law.

FEC Report
SEIU Boycott
AFL-CIO Endorsement of Hulburd

2. Hulburd is a Pelosi puppet. He is endorsed and funded by Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has personally donated to Hulburd’s campaign in an attempt to select Arizona’s next congressman. The Arizona Republic stated, “Hulburd, 50, even took $4,000 in campaign contributions from Pelosi which is curious when you consider that he’s loaded, thanks to marrying into the SC Johnson family.”

1. Hulburd’s first vote will be to reelect Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. “I’ll support her if she shows her priorities are what I consider my district’s priorities, my priorities,” he told the Arizona Republic. Jon Hulburd received double max contributions from Nancy Pelosi and shares the same ideologue in liberal activism, even his campaign manager Ruben Alonzo stated that he is “A Loyal Democrat.” A vote for Jon Hulburd is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and the radical left.

Nancy Pelosi Contributions
Nancy Pelosi Contributions
AZ Central: Hulburd a “Loyal Democrat”

Tell Nancy Pelosi: “No thanks.”

Vote Ben Quayle.

Open Letter to LD 7 Republicans’ House Nominee Heather Carter

Dear Ms. Carter,
You have openly aligned yourself with Expect More Arizona. EMA has come out as supporting the First Things First program and opposing Prop. 302. Republicans are supposed to stand for fiscal responsibility. A failure to adhere to that principle lead to Republican losses in Congress in 2006. Conservative Republicans believe that First Things First is wasteful and unnecessary. Many Republicans support Prop. 302 because we need the money to balance the budget. Do you support Prop. 302 or are you loyal to Expect More Arizona? If you oppose Prop. 302, exactly how do you propose to close the projected $700M + budget deficit next year? Raise our taxes? I remind you that Republicans are supposed to OPPOSE increased taxation. The voters of LD 7 deserve a candid answer. I’d like to remind you, that as our nominee, we expect you to represent REPUBLICAN values, not EMA’s values or the values of the education lobby that is dumping money into your campaign.

Marcus Kelley

AZ Political Interviews with Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Barry Hess

Fiscal conservatives know full well that Jan Brewer is a tax and spend liberal. She increased spending with her line item vetoes and had to call three special sessions just to undo her damage. She was the poster girl for Prop. 100. Spending levels are still as they were in 2009. She lied about fixing the state’s structural budget deficit. Revenue projections for Prop. 100 shows that the 18% tax increase isn’t bringing in the revenue Coughlin told Brewer it would. We’re looking at a budget deficit of at least $700 million next year and over $1 billion in 2012…all because Brewer and the state legislature don’t have the spine to cut the budget and unnecessary spending. She has shown on YouTube and in the CCEC debate just how stupid she really is. If it weren’t for S.B. 1070, we’d likely have a different nominee. Some polls show that Goddard, of all people, is narrowing her lead. I’d wager this wouldn’t be the case if we had a better nominee.

If, like me, you refuse to vote for Brewer because she’s demonstrated that she loves big government, there are alternatives. One alternative is Libertarian candidate Barry Hess. I recently interviewed him on AZ Political Interviews. As with David Nolan or any Libertarian, there may be enough bright-line difference in ideology that may prevent a conservative from voting for a Libertarian. See for yourself. The link to my audio interview is below.

One thing I meant to bring up with Barry, and I wish I had, but we were running short on time (and these Libertarians LOVE to talk!), is that he may be partially responsible for Arizona suffering 6 years with Napolitano as governor. Barry garnered roughly 15K votes in 2002…about twice the margin that Matt Salmon lost by. If the Libertarians had voted with the Republicans in 2002, we wouldn’t be in the budget mess that we’re in now and JaNo would not be the head of the Department of Homeland Security. Perhaps Barry will comment in this thread.

Link to audio interview with Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, Barry Hess

AZ Political Interviews with David Nolan, the Libertarian Alternative to McCain

Some conservative Republicans are incredibly unhappy with the nomination of John McCain to be our U.S. Senator. We know full well that he lied through his teeth during the campaign, posturing as a conservative, when he’s demonstrably not. Not only do we know full well that the traitor (to Republican principles) will throw off his disguise as soon as he’s elected and take a hard left, but he, or his staff, continues to wage war on conservative activists within the party while simultaneously and disingenuously trying to sell unity. I’m not buying it. Coming from John McCain, I know it’s snake oil. For that reason, he’ll get no quarter or respite from me.

If, like me, there’s no way you’re going to vote for the Democrat in Disguise that’s our Republican nominee, there’s alternatives. One of the alternatives is David Nolan, the Libertarian candidate. However, there are some bright-line differences between Libertarians and Republicans…perhaps stark enough to prevent some conservatives, especially social conservatives, from voting for a Libertarian. See for yourself: I’ve linked to my AZ Political Interviews show with Mr. Nolan. Make up your own mind. It’s an audio interview. Enjoy.

Link to David Nolan audio interview

Water Board Candidates to Consider

I got the following missive from Ron Ludders, the former head of the North Phoenix TEA Party (now marginalized by the RINO Wes Harris, a Republican Party Trojan horse), and the head of the AZ 2010 Project. Ron is right, many of us don’t pay attention to the down ballot races, but we should. We need TEA Party candidates not only in the big races, but in ALL races: school board, water board, etc. Ron sheds a lot of light on who we should consider voting for with our early ballots or at the polls on Nov. 2nd. I know I’m going to be bringing this list with me to the polls. Ron’s e-mail follows:

Most of you know how you wish to vote on high profile political offices, but far too few have much knowledge of the contest for Central Arizona Water Conservation District election.

The Central Arizona Project is managed and operated by the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD). CAWCD is a municipal corporation, also known as a public improvement district. This governmental entity was formed to repay the federal government for the reimbursable costs of construction and to operate, maintain, and manage CAP.

CAWCD employs more than 400 people who are responsible for system maintenance and operations, repayment obligations, and creating water resource management programs for Arizona. The day to day operations are managed by the General Manager and senior management team.

The General Manager reports to the 15-member CAWCD Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors are popularly elected from CAP’s three-county service area including Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal counties and serve staggered six-year terms. The Board is responsible for establishing policy and usually meets twice a month.

The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing policies for governing the Board and the functions of the CAWCD. Policies governing the operation, pricing of water, use of facilities, etc., are adopted by the Board as needed. Policies are reviewed on a regular basis to determine their continued relevance and, if deemed to be no longer relevant, may be repealed by the Board.

We have the unique opportunity this year to elect conservative, Tea Party candidates to this little known but important Board.

Please cast your vote for the following five (5) candidates and let everyone you know to support these dedicated patriots:

Bundy, TC
Johnson, Raymond
Lewis, Mark
Moulton, Cynthia
Rosado, John

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