PEG Debuts in Arizona -Levels Playing Field for All Higher Ed Students

Historically only public higher education has been subsidized by tax payers. ASU, UoA and NAU receive about a third of their funding from the state’s general fund. Tuition is another third, and our federal tax dollars and other sources fund the rest. Community Colleges rely mainly on the local tax base, tuition and fees and money from the state general fund for student count. Tax payer subsidies allow Arizona public institutions to be affordable and accessible to most students. Federal grants ensure tuition is covered for low income students. The wealthy have few barriers, but other students, especially those who want to attend smaller, private institutions have not received any benefits…until now.

It is no wonder there are few private institutions in our state. Student choice and institutional competition has been stifled because of high cost and few options.  

With the implementation of PEG – higher education just got less expensive for Arizonans attending private 4-year degree institutions. The PEG (Private Education Grants) program was passed last year and is now being implemented for Arizona students who meet resident and academic qualifications. This is a first come first serve grant that is worth two thousand dollars a year for each year in school. It caps at about 2400 students. Spread the word. Applications are available at