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Calling on Republican Women…We need you!

Republican Ladies, if you ever wanted to be more involved in the issues at your local level or state level,here is a great opportunity to learn more about the ins and outs of our great state. Grooming Republican women to take on leadership roles at all levels is what this program is all about. Arizona needs you! Consider applying today.

What is the Dodie Londen Series? When was it founded and why?

In 2007, Christine J. Toretti launched the Winning Women: Leadership for the New Century initiative in Arizona to engage more women in the party as voters, donors and leaders. A resident of Tucson, Arizona, Christine J. Olson, CEO of S.W. Jack Drilling Co. and Pennsylvania’s GOP National Committeewoman, accepted the challenge to spearhead this effort in Arizona and established the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series in January 2007.

The Dodie Londen Series is an annual training program for Republican women in Arizona that prepares women to be more effective leaders in government, politics, and in the community. Participants each have a goal to increase their level of involvement in public life as party leaders, elected or appointed officials, as grassroots activists, and/or as community leaders.

Each year a class of talented women representing all regions of Arizona will participate in intensive training sessions over the course of nine months to gain information, tools and skills to enhance their civic and political participation. This executive training program for Republican women is modeled after the successful Anne B. Anstine Excellence in Public Service Series, which began in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2002 and the Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series founded in the state of Indiana in 1990.

How much time do class members spend with the Dodie Londen Series?

Class members participate in 9 required training sessions beginning in October and concluding in June of each year. Class members travel to different parts of Arizona to attend a training session each month. Each month, the Dodie Londen Class gathers in Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff and other parts of Arizona for a one-day training program. Class members typically arrive on Thursday evening for an optional networking dinner and spend Friday from 8am to 4pm participating in a training session. There are two exceptions to this type of schedule. The state government session is scheduled when the legislature is in session. Also, during the month of May, the Dodie Londen Class meets in Washington, DC for 2 ½ days from Tuesday evening through Thursday evening for a federal government session. This session is a national meeting of all state programs.

How much does the Dodie Londen Series cost a class member?

When accepted to the program, class members pay a one-time $150 participation fee. Some class members have paid this fee personally while others have had this fee paid by their employer or local Republican committee. Additionally, class members are responsible for travel costs to and from the monthly training sessions including parking. The Dodie Londen Series pays for hotel accommodations, meals and other program costs.

How are participants chosen each year for the Dodie Londen Series?

Class members are chosen through a two-tier selection process. First, applicants must submit a written application due May 1st. The selection committee comprised of advisory board members select finalists from a review of the written applications. Finalists are offered a personal interview with members of the selection committee. Interviews take place in late May of every year. For an application or more information, contact Bernadette S. Comfort, executive director at 520-609-6347.

Who was Dodie Londen?

One of Arizona’s grandest ladies and certainly the Grand Dame of the Arizona Republican Party, AZ-TV Chairman Dodie Londen was born May 31, 1930 on a farm near Holdredge, Nebraska. She graduated from Barnes Business School in Denver, Colorado and went to work in Denver as a secretary. In 1951, she married Jack Londen and in July of 1962 they moved their family of six to Arizona.

Through her selfless service to her church, charitable organizations and the Republican Party, Dodie will be remembered as a world-class leader, mentor and friend. Dodie’s political activities and accomplishments are legendary.

As the first woman ever to serve as Chairman of the Arizona Republican party, Dodie used her professional leadership, wisdom and kindness to lead the party to unprecedented prominence and national respect. Her legacy of financial stability and open door policy will serve the Republican Party for years to come. As one political reporter wrote, “She did more to unite the GOP than anyone else in decades…a tough act to follow.”

She served as the Treasurer and Program Chairman for the National Federation of Republican Women and President of the Arizona Federation of Republican Women. She was active in numerous political campaigns and counted President Ronald Reagan as a close friend. With all of her political achievements, she considered being a precinct committeeman one of her most important political positions.

Dodie once said, “I believe an individual should be judged by his or her record of commitment, performance and achievement.” Even by those high standards, Dodie truly achieved greatness!


Munsil Announces Support of James

PHOENIX (January 23, 2009) – In the final day before the election, Lisa James, candidate for Arizona Republican Party Chairman, announced the endorsement of 2006 Republican nominee for Governor Len Munsil and his wife Tracy, legislative district 8’s 1st Vice Chair.

The following statement was issued: “We are delighted to endorse our friend Lisa James for Party Chairman,” said Len and Tracy Munsil. “After Arizona voted for Bill Clinton in 1996, it was Lisa who led Arizona back to red state status in 2000 and 2004. Her long track record of service to Republican candidates is unmatched. She understands the role of Party Chair is to raise money, register voters and build unity around our conservative platform and principles. She will provide energetic, diligent and gracious leadership to our Arizona Republican Party.”

“I am thrilled to have the support of Len and Tracy Munsil,” said James. “Len has been a long-time leader in the pro-life and conservative movement in Arizona and it is an honor to have his and Tracy’s support.  I look forward to working with them over the next two years as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.”

To learn more about Lisa James, her goals for the Arizona Republican Party as Chairman and to view what others are saying, please visit the campaign Web site at www.lisaforchairman.com.


Fifteen additional grassroots Republican leaders have endorsed Lisa James.They come from all across the state willing to stand up for what they believe is the best chance for the future of the Party.

That a way, Lisa. Make us proud.

MCRC Treasurer Danny Mazza

Apache County Chairman Rick Nathan

Apache County 1st Vice Chair Michael Humphrey

Apache County Former Chairman Jack Husted

Apache County Former Chairman Myrna Udall

Apache County, Karen Glennon

Graham County 1st Vice Chair Keith Alexander

Pima County 1st Vice Chair Jim Kaucher

Pima County 2nd Vice Chair Barbara Bathen

Yavapai County Secretary Susan Cohen

Yuma County Chairman Robert Cannell

District 8 1st Vice Chair Tracy Munsil

District 8 2nd Vice Chair Chad Willems

District 8 Former 2nd Vice Chair Travis Junion

District 20 1st Vice Chair Brian Symes



Lisa has managed to capture the endorsements of all the Republican leaders in our state – save the Governor and a few others. Shadegg welcomes Lisa as leader of the Party because “she has what it takes to bring all Arizona Republicans together for the 2010 election cycle”. Grassroots experience, fundraising and managing both of the Bush campaigns indeed count for something. Join 30 other grassroots county and district Republican leaders as we move the Party onward to victory!

County and District Leaders Have Endorsed James:

  • MCRC Secretary Kim Owens
  • Navajo County Chairman Jeff Lineberry
  • Pima County Immediate Past Chairman Judi White
  • Pima County Secretary Anne Stephenson
  • Pinal County Former Chairman Sharron Gill
  • Pinal County Second Vice Chairman TJ Shope
  • Yavapai County Chairman Jan Smith
  • Yuma County First Vice Chairman Phil Townsend
  • Dist 7 Chairman West Kenyon
  • Dist 7 Immediate Past Chair Cheryl Pietkiewicz
  • Dist 7 First Vice Chair Ed Bunch
  • Dist 8 Chairman Jim Burke
  • Dist 8 Former Chairman Donna Reagan
  • Dist 8 Secretary Bill Camp
  • Dist 11 First Vice Chair Ephraim Cordova
  • Dist 12 Chairman Joe Marvin
  • Dist 12 First Vice Chairman Rhonda King
  • Dist 12 Second Vice Chair Judy Connell
  • Dist 12 Secretary Diane McCarthy
  • Dist 17 Immediate Past Chairman Dale Despain
  • Dist 17 First Vice Chair Ray Devine
  • Dist 20 Chairman Farrell Quinlan
  • Dist 20 Second Vice Chair Anthony Miller
  • Dist 20 Fourth Vice Chair Alesha Nicole Corey
  • Dist 20 Secretary Heidi Quinlan
  • Dist 21 Chairman Jerry Brooks
  • Dist 27 Chairman Harold Hough
  • Dist 28 Chairman Walter Stephenson
  • Dist 30 Chairman Dough Sposito
  • Dist 30 Immediate Past Chairman Patti O’Berry


Lisa James is enjoying the support of some of the best the Republican Party in Arizona has to offer. It was just announced that James received the endorsement of long time Appropriations Chairman and now Senate President Bob Burns. Both are pro-life as is James. Both are fiscal and social conservatives. So is James.

Burns is also known for his “when pigs fly” attitude towards spending tax payers money. Adams came from the grassroots and as an freshman legislator assisted former Rep. Laura Knaperek in the passage of the largest income tax reduction in the history of the state of Arizona. Everyone of James’ recent endorsements has worked as grass roots workers within the Party – some for decades. Congratulations to Lisa James.


Early on in this race, the Pullen supporters counted on Lisa to run a dirty campaign full of personal attacks and mud slinging. Instead, some of those same folks have under anonymity made the race personal. Let’s stick to the issues and work on how to further the Republican Party and its principles. I expect both Lisa and Randy to live by Reagan’s 11th Commandment and to demand their supporters do the same. That is the kind of leader we should all expect. In order to win we must all rise above our petty differences and work together. Let’s remember, at the end of the day, we are all on the same side.

Dean Martin Endorses Lisa James


State Treasurer Dean Martin joins mounting list of endorsers for Lisa James

PHOENIX (January 19, 2009) – Lisa James, elected state committeewoman from Legislative District 8, announced the endorsement of State Treasurer and Mrs. Dean Martin in her run for Arizona Republican Party Chairman.

The following statement was issued: “As the sponsor of Prop 300 to end taxpayer subsidies for illegals and as strong opponents of amnesty, we endorse Lisa James for Party Chairman. Lisa is committed to helping support our Republican elected officials and our Republican Party platform, rather than taking credit for their work. The Republican Party needs leadership with integrity, dedication to serving others above oneself and the ability to generate resources. Lisa James brings all of these qualities and we ask you to join us in supporting her.”

“I am honored to have the support of State Treasurer and Mrs. Dean Martin,” said James. “Treasurer Martin has been a strong leader in challenging outgoing Governor Janet Napolitano by warning of the looming financial crisis we face in the State. I appreciate his tireless efforts on behalf of all Arizona taxpayers, his support for my candidacy and his desire to unite our Party.”

To learn more about Lisa James, her goals for the Arizona Republican Party and view what others are saying, please visit the campaign Web site at www.lisaforchairman.com.

Ken Bennett Endorses Lisa James for State Party Chairman

Dean Martin…Now Ken Bennett! Who is next, Lisa…Governor Brewer!


Lisa James honored to have support of Secretary of State designee Ken Bennett

PHOENIX (January 19, 2009) – Lisa James, candidate for Arizona Republican Party Chairman and elected state committeewoman from Legislative District 8, announced the endorsement of former President of the Senate and Secretary of State designee Ken Bennett.

Mr. Bennett issued the following statement:  “Lisa James has proven herself to be a true leader within the Republican Party.  She has a record of success mobilizing grassroots, registering voters, recruiting candidates and turning out the vote.  I believe Lisa will make an excellent Chairman as she will help unite our party and get us back on the road to victory.  I am proud to endorse Lisa James for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.”

“I congratulate President Bennett on being named as Governor Brewer’s choice as Secretary of State”, said James. “I sincerely appreciate his trust and confidence.  I have long respected President Bennett’s work while in the State Senate and I look forward to working with him as we unite our party and set a course for victory in 2010.”

To learn more about Lisa James, her goals for the Arizona Republican Party as Chairman and view what others are saying, please visit the campaign Web site at www.lisaforchairman.com.

Face it…We Need A New Strategy

The Arizona Republican Party is in need of a makeover…

Some might even say an extreme makeover.  I would like to think that with a new focus on building our Party and working against the Democrats rather than fighting amongst ourselves, we can be not only prepared in numbers for 2010 and beyond, but we can be significant on many fronts.

Lisa James is a proven leader.

Lisa is well-respected across the state for her hard work on the Bush campaigns and within the Party for her experience, skills and knowledge to ramp up registration, increase the donor base, and bring home the vote without compromising the Party Platform.  Lisa has a track record of leadership on the national, state and local levels as well as where it counts most…at home.

Lisa is innovative and involved.

Lisa has worked hard to recruit new faces to the Party and bring the thrill and excitement of being involved in Republican values  to life.  Through the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series, women of all ages are educated and trained to take on leadership roles in Arizona. Lisa helped developed the concept and sits on the Dodie Londen Board in order to “increase the number and influence of Arizona’s Republican women in government and politics.”  Lisa has also worked hard helping strong conservative Republicans run in national, state and local elections, both as a volunteer and professional consultant.

Lisa has the know-how and savvy to win in 2010 and beyond.

Personality and grass roots support are very important. However, the bottom line is registration and money. We may have won seats in the state legislature in 2008. But, the reality is we lost in fundraising and we continue to lose in the registration battle. The re-districting lines are what saved our majority this year in the legislature, not registration or funding.  Lisa will be able to use her professional campaign and political experience to prepare us for victory. Her willingness to give her strengths and talents to the Party as a volunteer Chairman should not go unnoticed. Although she has volunteered for plenty of grassroots activities and campaigns, having someone of her professional caliber is certainly a huge bonus.

Lisa has the facts.

If we do not start immediately giving citizens a reason to come back to the Party, we will be in the minority in four more years. 80% of those who registered in the past two years registered Democrat or Independent. That has to change. Lisa has the foresight to appeal to new voters and displaced voters without ignoring our principles.  We have much work to do between now and the 2010 election. There is no reason Bob Stump, Kris Mayes and Gary Pierce should have to work with Sandra “I am liberal and proud of it” Kennedy and Paul “County Car Toting” Newman.  Lack of funding killed our team. Just ask Marion McClure and Barry Wong what went wrong.

We need Lisa.

Kim Owens has a nice way of describing why, at this particular time, the Party needs Lisa, “Lisa James has the knowledge and skill to keep our party relevant and successful while staying true to conservative principles. She understands the changing landscape of Arizona and American politics and can navigate them well without sacrifice to the Republican platform.”

Most of us understand the Republican Party is in trouble. Let’s put a new face on and do something about it before it is too late. 

More on the Passing of Scott Stewart

Scott was a kind person with a mild manner and a keen sense of duty and political instinct. He worked hard and loved the Republican Party. I knew him for many years, but got to know him well about 5 years ago after I was elected the County Treasurer. At the time, the County was in transition and I was determined to update the financial system and keep the books and filings on track. For consistency and continuity, I kept all the records at the headquarters. There were many times when Scott held my hand through long hours of an FEC nightmare or some computer glitch that only he could fix. When I was convinced it could not get worse – Scott calmly told me otherwise and helped me sift through the world of federal, state and local fiscal accountability – and he always did it with a smile on his face.
I am grateful for Scott – for all he knew, for all he did and for all he was. May God bless you, my friend.
The following is the obituary that will be in tomorrow’s paper:

Scott Stewart joined his Lord on July 28, 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona. Scott
was born in 1963 and was a graduate of Cactus High School in 1983 and
Northern Arizona University in 1989. Scott was preceded in death by his
father Wally Stewart.

Scott was active with the Arizona and California Republican parties and
served both over the past twenty years. He is survived by his mother,
Marlee J. Stewart of Peoria, Az. and his brother Randy, niece, Hannah,
nephews David and Jonathan of Roslyn, New York.

A memorial service will be at Sovereign Grace Church, 1280 N. Cooper Rd.,
Gilbert, AZ. 85233 at 11:00 a.m. on August 2, 2007.

The Family has requested donations in lieu of flowers be made to Sovereign
Grace Church (1280 N. Cooper Rd., Gilbert, AZ. 85233) or Kids Chance of
Arizona Organization (P.O. Box 36753, Phoenix, AZ 85067-6753).


Just when I thought nothing could be worse than Arizona’s courts sending a 14 year old foster child across state lines for a late term abortion, sex-selective abortion and female infanticide makes its debut into my world.

Since taking a position at United Families International, I have learned that China and India produce 100 new-born baby girls for every 120 – 130 baby boys. This is alarmingly high. The international norm is 105 boys to 100 girls. This fairly new phenomena is believed to be caused by prenatal sex-selective abortion. Sex-selective abortion is the practice of purposely seeking out the gender of an unborn child and aborting it based on its gender.

Cultural norms, such as those in China and India where male children are preferred for social and financial reasons compound other important determinants such as poverty, government birth plans, and the composition of prior siblings. If China’s “one child” law meant to reduce its population explosion of the last decade, then it worked; the rate of population growth has slowed considerably, however China is fast becoming the land of missing women.

Some researchers believe 85% of aborted fetuses in rural China are female. And, additional studies show that sex-selective abortion of baby girls and female infanticide, the killing of new-born baby girls, are prevalent in every sector of Chinese society, not just rural areas.

Unintended consequences bring violence to the world

The United Nations reports that 7,000 girls daily are the victims of sex selective abortions in India. India, another Asian country that practices son preference for similar reasons to the Chinese, has 16 million more boys than girls under the age of 15. China has 14 million more boys than girls of the same age group, one of the unintended consequences to this inhumane crime against women and society. By 2020 there will be 40 million more men than women in China alone. No offense guys, but all that testosterone in one place is a recipe for disaster.

A book by Professors Valerie M. Hudson and Andrea M. der Boer, called Bare Branches: Security Implications of Asia’s Surplus Male Population, warns that war brought on by China and India is imminent. They believe the governments of India and China will find it convenient to develop and send their overabundance of men to war. Other nations, especially in the European Union will find defending their homeland difficult since most European nations are well below the population replacement level. The US is right at the replacement level…but it is falling.

Other unintended consequences from female infanticide and the imbalance of male and female ratios include rape, sex trafficking and prostitution, increased crime, societal unrest and obstruction to the development of democracy and prosperity.

China and India are not the only offenders of prenatal sex-selective abortion. Other nations, including the US are grappling with the same problem, but for different reasons.

Sex-selective abortion is frequently performed for non-medical reasons that do not threaten the life of the mother. Some families opt for it simply to balance the gender of their children; others are utilizing today’s technology to “design” their own families. Geneticists, ethicists, pro-life and pro-family experts are alarmed over the potential harm this practice will have to children, families and society as a whole.

Marcy Darnovsky, associate executive director for the Council for Responsible Genetics and author of, Revisiting Sex Selection: the Growing Popularity of New Sex Selection Methods Revives an Old Debate states:

“This constellation of technological, economic, cultural, and ideological developments has revived the issue of sex selection, relatively dormant for more than a decade…These include the prospect that selection could reinforce misogyny, sexism, and gender stereotypes; undermine the well-being of children by treating them as commodities and subjecting them to excessive parental expectations or disappointment; skew sex ratios in local populations; further the commercialization of reproduction; and open the door to a high-tech consumer eugenics.”

Technology finds a way to quench the curiosity of some parents. Believe it or not, a British company called DNA Worldwide is currently selling a mail order kit that determines the sex of unborn children as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. The company sells worldwide over the Internet, except to India and China. Since the kit is sold as “informational” and not medical, no regulation is necessary. The Pink or Blue Early Test Kit claims up to 99% accuracy and costs about $500. But, many fear that the kit will be used to sex select offspring.

Countries like Australia have begun investigations into the ethics and accuracy of such a kit. Australian Health Minister Tony Abbott, who called for the investigation said, “I have to say, speaking as a citizen rather than as a health minister, I tend to…regard kids as a gift to be cherished rather than as a commodity.”

I agree. Although, most laws have not caught up with technology. In Canada the law forbids sex selection for in vitro fertilization or other similar procedures, except in rare instances. It is clear that Canadian citizens are opposed to sex-selective abortion, even though there is no law restricting sex-selective abortion after the fetus is a few weeks old.

So far, no word on what the US will do. Chances are they are concerned about the implications of abortion rights and how to craft the restrictions. State legislatures will no doubt join in the fray. It will be interesting to see where pro-choice groups and individuals come down on this issue. After all most believe in the right to terminate a pregnancy for any reason – at any time, but how can anyone justify aborting a baby just because it is the wrong sex?

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