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Keith Sipmann

Arizona Senate fails on Immigration…again.

Sen. Steve Yarbrough, R-Chandler; Sen. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix; Sen. Paula Aboud, D-Tucson; Senate Minority Leader David Schapira, D-Tempe; and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix have all voted “NO” to a set of important, but highly contested immigration bills (Birthright Citizenship: Senate Bill 308 and SB 1309, Reporting requirements: SB 1405, Immigration Omnibus: SB 1611, ) that went through the Arizona Senate. These measures, for the most part, would have made life much more difficult for illegal aliens residing in Arizona.Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, you’d know that Arizona has put immigration reform at the forefront of political talk shows, websites, and other media.

Many of the Senators that voted down these measures sighted that the bills were “morally reprehensible” and that they would hurt Arizona’s economy. One Senator even went as far as saying that passing the Birthright citizenship bill in particular could even result in a reinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. Conservative leaders and local Tea Party groups alike are taken back by the actions of their state government (again), considering all of the media attention and efforts made by these groups to support  Sen. Russell Pearce and SB 1070.

It’s important to note that this is not over; not by a long shot. As the media has reported, these measures could be proposed as an amendment to an unrelated bill in the near future, or one of the Senators who voted “no” on the measures could ask for a re-vote. Option two sounds unlikely right? Well, maybe not…

The media is downplaying this saying that it’s more likely the measures would return as proposed legislation next session, however, considering that the state Democrats are getting really tired of fighting Republicans on the immigration issue; its much more like that this will appear as a “motion to reopen” or “motion to reconsider”. You see, the Democrats have gotten smarter…okay not smarter, they have gotten sneakier. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who is pro-illegal immigration, had made comments indicating that she might want to motion to reconsider. She understands very well that only a Senator that voted “No” can motion to reconsider the bills. She’s also aware that if these bills fail twice then they cannot be brought back to a vote; more or less killing the measures as they stand. And since a motion to reconsider takes precedence, these bills will not again be reconsidered – killing the movement. So to those that support the anti-illegal immigration position, and to those that understand what these bills are and what they do…you have about two or three days to act. A motion to reconsider could happen as soon as Monday…so I say again, you have 3 legislative days to contact  all of the Senators that voted “no” and persuade them to say yes the next time this comes to a vote. If you don’t take action, then consider yourself part of the problem.

Below is a link to the contact information for each Senator that voted “No” on these bills. I would urge you to email, send faxes and call their offices to urge them to cast a “Yes” vote on these measures if presented again as soon as you possibly can.

Arizona Legislative Roster



Who is the REAL Arizona Tea Party Senate Candidate?

Over the course of the last few months, Arizona’s U.S. Senate race has really started to heat up on several fronts; the most heated are of course the interactions between the incumbent Senator, John McCain and the front running Republican challenger and Tea Party supported candidate, JD Hayworth. However, a not so publicized debate is going on between the local Arizona Tea Parties and the other Republican challenger and so called “tea party candidate” Jim Deakin.

Ever since February, when JD Hayworth received his first tea party endorsement from the Tea Party supporting political action committee, LibertyFirst PAC, Jim Deakin and his campaign have been working very hard to legitimize their tea party connection. The effort has yielded them very little, if any at all, support from the local Arizona tea parties. At the time of LibertyFirst PAC’s endorsement many of the local tea parties were not endorsing candidates; most weren’t legally able to due to IRS tax restrictions. Since March however, the tea parties have been working very closely with one another and working hand in hand with groups like the Patriot Caucus, Tea Party Patriots and the Arizona Tea Party Network to establish several alliances and coalitions for the sole purpose of endorsements, some specifically for showing support for Hayworth. In fact on August 2nd, a coalition of more than 16 Arizona state-wide, Tea Party and like-minded Conservative groups came together to announce they were all endorsing JD Hayworth to be the next United States Senator from Arizona.

Today those same 16 groups, including many of the local Arizona tea parties are now under attack from Jim Deakin, the so-called “tea party candidate”. Deakin is clearly not receiving the tea parties support and his campaign staff are now challenging the legal legitimacy of the groups via forum posts and Facebook notes like this one where he states, “Freedom loving Arizonans beware and be wary of Fake TEA Party Organizations designed to pray on your patriotism.” Aside from his obvious misuse of the word “pray”, he goes on to say that because the tea parties are endorsing Hayworth that this proves that they are simply GOP front groups, in particular the Patriot Caucus, and that now because they are endorsing Hayworth that they are also endorsing governmental policies on earmarks, cap and trade, amnesty, tax increases and every other thing that is against what the tea party stands for. Oddly enough, Mr. Deakin didn’t feel the same way about these groups a few months ago, which was right before right before they courted and endorsed Hayworth.

What Mr. Deakin and his campaign staff fail to realize is that, some of these groups were started by some of the original tea party organizers from around the nation and the state of Arizona; some of which are not even registered Republicans. The problem with Deakin’s complaints against “fake tea parties” not supporting him and publicly displaying his “sour grapes” attitude to the world is that the liberal media, and the John McCain media machine, will have a field day twisting and turning the truth about the tea parties to their advantage. Mr. Deakin hopes that his public outcries against the tea party movement will damage the various groups reputations; therefore damaging Hayworth’s reputation at the same time since he is their chosen tea party candidate.  All the while, Mr. Deakin continues to slap the movement in the face as he condescendingly calls himself “the tea party candidate”, but in reality, he is not known for his tea party support…he is know in Arizona as “the spoiler candidate”.

Make no mistake about it, JD Hayworth is the Arizona tea parties chosen candidate for U.S. Senate. A majority of the local tea parties have went out of their way on numerous occasions to show their unwavering support for Hayworth, and Hayworth has returned the favor by going out of his way to support the tea parties. The relationship between the two is a bond between a politician and the people; just like our founding fathers would have wanted.

Video Description: JD Hayworth giving a very enthusiastic speech at the United Border Coalition Tea Party Rally held on Sunday, August 15th at the Arizona/Mexico border.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/conservative-in-phoenix/who-is-the-real-arizona-tea-party-senate-candidate

Russell Pearce at the Arizona Border Rally

KFYI’s Mike Broomfield introduces Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, author of Arizona SB 1070 at the United Border Coalition tea party rally at the Arizona/Mexico border on Sunday, August 15th.

United Border Coalition Rally 8/15

For details, visit: http://UnitedBorderCoalition.com/

Arizona Border Tea Party Rally

We are excited to Announce:

United We Stand For Americans and The Patriot Caucus will be hosting our first Arizona Border Tea Party Rally as the “United Border Coalition

The United Border Coalition Tea Party will be held on the AZ border on August 15th 2010 9:00 AM-12:00 PM. The rally location to be disclosed on UWSFA.org and The Patriot Caucus over the next few days.

This Tea Party Rally is to show support for Arizona, and it’s rights to enforce the Immigration Laws that the Federal Government won’t!
SB1070 is a common sense law passed by the Arizona legislature that enables the state to enforce federal law on illegal immigration

We are asking everyone to help advertise this AZ rally though email, Facebook, Twitter and other online social medias.

You can also help by donating $10.00 at United Border Coalition.com

Lets help Arizona win the fight to protect it’s borders and enforce it’s laws.

Thank you for your support in advance.

Follow the link below for more details.

Please RSVP as Attending if you will watch the live broadcast on http://uwsfa.org/

Please send all inquiries to:

Transformers aren’t just for kids…

Have You Seen Me?

Recently it has come to the attention of many Arizona conservative activists and tea party members that there are a number of Teachers Union candidates posing as Republicans in our legislative races — make no mistake about it, these are Trojan Horse candidates…also known as “Democrats in Disguise”, or “DID’s” for short.  They are supported by the Arizona Educational Association, Teach for America, the ASU bureaucracy and most administrative organizations.

Parents who choose Christian schooling, online education, charters, secular private schools and home schooling should be particularly alarmed because these DID candidates are instinctively opposed to expanding school choice.

These chameleon candidates have been emboldened by the passage of a $3 Billion tax hike; also known as Proposition 100. Their plan is to cross the tax hike threshold by planting DIDs in a few heavily Republican districts.  Voters will be fooled into thinking they are voting for a fiscally Republican conservative, but they aren’t, and by the time they’d find out who these candidates really are – the damages will have already been done. The Arizona Republic and Citizens for Tax Justice (www.CTJ.org) claimed that Arizonans want to pay higher taxes, but the elected representatives in the legislature weren’t listening. So, this is their plan to implore candidates to vote for higher taxes for public education.

Their website (www.ExpectMoreArizona.org) says nothing about better education, just higher taxes. In fact here is a snipit from a “blogger” on their  “Expect More Blog” by a supposed small buisiness owner:

“As a small business owner I believe we, the taxpayers of Arizona, should invest heavily in our public education system.  In fact, I am willing to step up and pay more in personal and business taxes so that we can hire the best teachers, build modern infrastructure and attract the most innovative and brilliant leaders…”

If successful, this group will turn the Arizona Legislature into a tax hike playground.  Most of the DIDs are teachers and school board members who are registered as Republicans but carry the platform of the teachers union and the Democratic Party. Make no mistake, these are NOT TRUE REPUBLICANS!

The Vote 4 Education DIDs generally file their petition signatures close to the deadline, and are running as traditionally funded candidates. Most have had no prior visible involvement in Republican Party politics and many are unknown to local Republican activists. Contrary to Conservative Republican views, they are proud supporters of government run education.  Many of these fake Republicans have endorsements from the infrastructure spending lobby, and have received significant PAC donations after the campaign finance filing deadlines so as to delay full disclosure to potential voters.

Take, for example, Heather Carter, Clinical Associate Professor at Arizona State University in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and now Republican House candidate in Legislative District 7 that touts she is registered Republican since 1988 and is a “A REPUBLICAN EDUCATOR WHO IS PRO BUSINESS” on her website.  Carter has stated she was for Prop 100, against tax limiting Prop 13 Arizona, and for more taxpayer money for schools.  She talks about balancing the state budget and fiscal responsibility, but no where can we see that she is about lowering taxes. More taxpayer funds (meaning increased taxes) and pro-business are two phrases that just don’t go hand-in-hand on a Republican ticket. She claims to have more than $20,000 in PAC donations and has teachers and union members working on her campaign, going door to door on her behalf.

Carter is currently involved with Teach for America in the education department at ASU.  She is closely linked with the education lobby. Her website shows endorsements from the Arizona Education Association teachers union, the Professional Firefighters of Arizona PAC, and the big government advocates at the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Craig Barton, former Professor at Ottawa University and University of Phoenix and now Republican House candidate in LD 7, is also a Vote 4 Education supporter.  Barton operates charter schools which depend on tax revenue to operate.  If elected, Barton will be able to vote more money to his and other charter schools.  Barton says he supports Prop 100 yet signed Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform (www.ATR.org) pledge not to raise taxes.

Note: LD7 Heather Carter and LD6’s David Braswell have teamed up for a fundraiser sponsored by the teacher’s union, on 22 July.   This needs to be exposed.  Quickly.  Voters need to know what they stand for, and who they really are.

Legislative Districts 6, 8, 10, 11, 21 and 22 all have known DIDs running for legislative seats.  The following candidates should be heavily scrutinized before the primary elections as all of them are suspected DID’s. Each one can potentially hold up a conservative reform agenda; not just educational reform, but tax and budget cuts.

  • David Braswell, LD6 Senate
  • Karen Fann, LD1 House
  • Venessa Whitener, LD21 House
  • Paul Howell, LD22 House
  • Steve Urie, LD22 House
  • Wade McLean, LD26 House
  • Doug Sposito, LD30 House

The Arizona Education Association claims 81% of its members believe the State Legislature is the biggest obstacle to achieving success in our schools.  All they need is more of your hard earned money. They say the legislature is standing in the way of their “success”. If you vote for one of their candidates you are moving us one step closer to a 2/3 majority in the legislature required to raise your taxes. Vote 4 Education is nothing more than a Vote 4 Higher Taxes plain and simple, and these candidates are aware of this. They are fooling the Arizona public into thinking that they are fiscal Republicans only because they know they would have no chance at winning an election as a Democrat in these districts. Do not be fooled. Please spread the word.



Republican Professionals is finally coming to the West Valley on July 15th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM!!!!! Proudly co-hosted by the Arizona Patriot Caucus, this is a must attend FREE networking event for any Republican, conservative or Tea Party patriot west of Central Avenue!!!

We’re kicking things off Republican Professionals’ style at the chic and upscale Skye Bar near Arrowhead Mall in Peoria (83rd Avenue and Bell Road).

Join us for what is going to be a who’s who of West Valley Republican politics. Joining J.D. Hayworth will be special guest speakers Sheriff Joe Arpaio and GOP congressional candidates Ruth McClung and Janet Contreras, who are taking on liberals Ed Pastor and Raul Grijalva.

Also in attendance will be state legislators, local leaders and dozens of prominent Republican professionals from the west valley.

So mark your calendars for July 15th for the biggest Republican bash west of Central Avenue!!!

Take advantage of the exclusive Republican Professionals happy hour drink specials and delicious menu offerings; mingle with a group of like-minded Republicans and political bigwigs; and interact with one of the most high-profile Republicans in the state!!

See you on July 15th at 6:00PM at Skye Bar!!! RSVP here

Hayworth vs. McCain Debate


Senate Candidate Goes On Offensive Against Tea Partier?

June 7th, 2010 an article was on posted Sonoran Alliance that included a link to a local poll labeled “Should Deakin drop out of the AZ Senate race?”. Naturally this poll received some attention from the Deakin campaign, and for good reason as the poll indicated that a majority of participants felt that Deakin should withdraw or drop out of the Senate Race. The poll was established shortly after two separate Sonoran Alliance opinion pieces called for Deakin to bow out of the Senate race. What Jim Deakin choose to do with that information however is no mystery. Instead of trying to work at his campaign to put himself into a better position, he choose to tell the organizer of the poll to “Butt out of Arizona Politics”. It’s important to note that Mr. Deakin knows exactly who the pollster was, and that the organizer of the poll is a local Arizona resident, voter, and member of the Tea Party movement in Arizona. The point being made here is that Jim Deakin is establishing an unpleasant reputation among many tea party groups and individuals that are not in support of him. This is a confusing position for him to have since he is a candidate that claims to promote tea party principles, free speech and the Constitution.

On both the Arizona Tea Party Network website and the Greater Phoenix Tea Party website are forum areas for Tea Party members to discuss candidate related content; Deakin and his campaign staff frequent the forums and post updates regularly under pseudonyms like “JPD”. June 8th, in response to the Sonoran Article listed above, Jim Deakin’s camp posted the following message in at least 9 separate areas of Greater Phoenix Tea Party website and 1 area on the Arizona Tea Party Network website:

“Speaking of interfering in elections of a Federal Candidate on an email with this paid for notice “Paid for by Maricopa County Republican Committee”. is a link to a poll made by the Congressman’s campaigner Keith Sippmann “should deakin drop out of the us senate race! Call Rob Haney Maricopa County Chair and tell him… I said HELL NO! (602) 996-1004”;

A rational person would have to question why someone would go through the trouble of posting the same update in ten different places. What is the purpose? The logical answer is that Mr. Deakin was basically implying that the MCRC was somehow approving of the polls position by including a link to the poll in a regular email communication that includes many other links to articles and related local political content. Of course this is an intentional misrepresentation of the truth by the Deakin camp, and a blatant attempt at labeling a citizen activist that opposes his candidacy for Senate as a “Congressman’s Campaigner”, again misrepresenting the truth that the activist somehow officially works for the JD Hayworth campaign. The MCRC was contacted by a concerned Tea Party member and was informed that ” the e-mail that was sent out by the MCRC was NOT an endorsement, simply an FYI, just like any other news link or other piece of information regarding any Republican Race in the State or County.”

Whenever a discussion appears online suggesting that Jim Deakin withdraw from the Senate race, his supporters always use the phrase “only a moron votes for the lesser of two evils as opposed to the RIGHT candidate.” These Deakin’ites don’t care that Deakin still isn’t breaking double-digits no matter what poll is quoted, or that he could possibly hand the seat to McCain. Instead his campaign posts a link to a CBS News article revealing that “Among Republicans, 71 percent would rather vote for a candidate with no experience.”, as if this somehow translates into more Arizona voters supporting him over Hayworth or McCain. At some point the die hard Deakin supporters and Jim Deakin himself, will have to realize that their individualist, political “outcast” attitude is just a matter of pride. To them, popular political movements that don’t favor “their guy” or “their way” of doing something must be wrong. They feel that a majority of people cannot be very smart if they aren’t supporting their candidates or initiatives, which is an attitude of intellectual elitism ironically found on the other end of the spectrum with the far leftists. It would seem that

Arizona Republic, John McCain = Epic Fail

Its really no wonder that the Arizona Republic has lost a good percentage of its readership after reading the latest John McCain love fest article titled “Tea Party Courter J.D. Hayworth was an active earmaker”. Although there were one or two half-positive remarks about Hayworth, this was really nothing more than a JD Hayworth slam piece, falsely depicting him as a fan of earmarks and painting McCain as some sort of fiscally conservative hero. The piece brought up old news regarding Hayworth appearing in a infomercial in 2007 advocating the use of federal grant money. JD Hayworth had already responded to McCains ‘infomercial’ attack ads during an interview with ‘Round Table Politics‘ and on his campaign website, which the AZ Republic conveniently failed to mention in the article. No where in the write-up did it state that John McCain’s own website had a section advocating the use of federal grant money. Once news broke out about the page, McCain’s campaign deleted some of the page information from the website (although you can see it on some browsers). McCain contemptuously wants you to believe that Hayworth’s activities with the company were wrong…but then deceitfully fails to publicly reveal that his own campaign had received over $10k in contributions from the owner of the company that Hayworth advertised for. Hypocrisy at its best.

Facts are funny things, mostly because people forget about them when they are not favorable for the candidate that they are supporting. Truth really is in the eye of the beholder during election season. The AZ Republic article wants you to believe that JD Hayworth played the political earmarking game while he was a Congressman and that he somehow enjoyed spending taxpayer money at the drop of a hat. Fact is that members of Congress do not have veto power over a spending bill. Its the whole bill or nothing in most cases. Anyone that knows a thing or two about spending bills knows that they are normally loaded with earmarks. Does that make it right, no, but thats how the current system works. Good Congressman know that if the overall bill is a good thing for America – that they will have to vote on it with the earmarks attached to pass. For the Arizona Republic to say that Hayworth isn’t a Tea Party worthy conservative candidate because he voted on bills that included earmarks is just ridiculous and misleading. Hayworth cannot be blamed for the entire way that Congress votes on spending bills. The article really attempts to paint John McCain as a “spending hawk” because he doesn’t attach earmarks to his bills; but then again fails to even mention that McCain voted for one of the largest bailouts in Americas history at the expense of the taxpayer. He has never once publicly apologized for the $700 billion dollars spent on TARP…which did include at least $150 Billion in earmarks; nor has he apologized for the billions of dollars that Arizona taxpayers have had to pay for the cost of illegal immigration during his years as Senator.

As the columnist, Robert Robb of the AZ Republic correctly stated, the Tea Party isn’t a single issue movement. However, Mr. Robb incorrectly implies that Hayworth is somehow seeking out Tea Party support to be perceived as a fiscal conservative. Tea Parties are seeking out Hayworth to support (not the other way around) because they know that they cannot afford another 6 years of John McCain. The Tea Parties realize that aside from the safety concerns presented at the border; illegal immigration alone costs Arizona hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in social programs, medical expenses, educational costs and incarceration expenses. The fact is that there are many reasons why the Tea Parties are seeking out JD Hayworth to support rather than John McCain, and the other Republican candidate Jim Deakin. McCains actions are typical of a long time incumbent, as he wants to control the talking points and promote his “success on earmarks”, while avoiding the many other issues like immigration, which he has failed miserably on during his tenure.

After 120 days, John McCain finally accepted a public challenge for a debate by JD Hayworth. There won’t be any hiding behind campaign attack ads on July 16th and 17th as all three candidates (McCain, Hayworth and Deakin) attend a televised debate in Phoenix and Tucson. For more information about the debate click here.

Poll: Has John McCain failed Arizona as Senator?

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