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Kwasman first to file in District 1

State Representative Adam Kwasman is the first Republican in the Congressional District 1 primary to file his signatures. According to the Arizona Secretary of State website, Kwasman turned in 1,249 signatures on May 5th. The minimum is 1,117 but Kwasman indicated in an email to supporters that it was just his first batch. A final submission of signatures right before the deadline is common with early filers.

Kwasman files signatures for Congress

It is not a big shock that Kwasman filed first, he has been running for the longest time, but it is a little bit of a surprise that a seasoned candidate like Andy Tobin was not the first to file. Tobin, as the Speaker of the House, has been gaining some big name support, John Boehner, Jon Kyl, and Mitt Romney, but it looks like his ground game could use a little more attention.

Of course, if Tobin and Gary Kiehne turn in enough signatures before the deadline to qualify, it won’t matter come Election Day. It is just one small indicator of how the race is going.

Video of Nevada BLM/Bundy Ranch standoff

The standoff yesterday between Federal BLM ranges and a local rancher, backed up by an assortment of civilians, was a historic event. There have been encounters between federal forces and citizens in the past, the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 comes to mind, but nothing on the scale of what took place yesterday in Nevada has happened in recent memory. See below for two good videos of what actually transpired. (Disclosure: Linking to an InfoWars.com video does not imply agreement with all of their positions.)



Mark Kelly for Dog Catcher

Sub headline: A Boy and His Dog

Politicos in Southern Arizona have been speculating for a few months that Mark Kelly might run for his wife’s former congressional seat in 2014.

(Warning: Profanity and disturbing images of Mark Kelly’s adventures.)

Mark and Gabby have been in front of the cameras promoting gun control through their newly formed Americans for Responsible Solutions. Shortly after rolling out the new initiative, Kelly was spotted actually buying an AR-15 for himself – or not. The transaction was actually cancelled by the gun store because it appeared Kelly was not purchasing the rifle for his personal use, a violation of federal law.

The AR-15 story was still going strong when this video pops up on the internet. The news report claims the dog belongs to his daughter. She does not have anywhere near the control over the animal that Kelly has.

The hypocrisy of liberals is that they want women to pee and puke while being raped while members of the left get to go around buying the very gun they seek to ban and they can own dogs that kill furry little animals that the rest of us are suppose to protect.

Antenori files exploratory for Congress

State Senator Frank Antenori (LD-30) has filed an exploratory committee for AZ-08, according to the Morning Digest from Daily Kos. A search of the IRS site confirmed that Senator Antenori did file form 8871 dated August 15th. Filing an exploratory committee avoids problems with Arizona’s resign to run law and does not require the candidate to specify a district number.

Great Support our Troops video

A U.S. Marine serving in Afghanistan thanked her mom, Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, for sending lots of great care packages and mentioned that some Marines were not receiving any packages from home. A bunch of patriots from the Tucson area stepped forward and adopted her unit serving in Afghanistan and sent lots of packages to the troops fighting overseas. Here is video of the Tucson homecoming for Gabriela’s daughter and another fellow Marine as they arrive in the Tucson Airport.

Thank you to all of our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines for your service to this nation and to the cause of freedom.


Video about the Christmas Packages for the Troops.

DCCC steps back from AZ

The DCCC is dialing down their commitment to Arizona and to the 3 Amigos who are in very vulnerable districts in the state. Read more about their retreat in this Hotline story by Reid Wilson. The explanation given by the DCCC is strangely suspicious, mostly because it is false. They are pulling out of AZ 5 because the strength of Harry Mitchell’s campaign? The situation on the ground is the opposite. The most recent poll showed Mitchell down 6 points. The article also said the Democrats feel good about Giffords because she is ahead in the polling. Since when is 46-46 ahead?

The Republicans struck back today. The NRCC put up an ad in CD 1 and Schweikert and Kelly also went on the air with their own ads. Take a look at all 3 right here.


Fear and loathing in CD 8

On Tuesday, another Sonoran Alliance contributor linked to video of Jesse Kelly commenting on Sarah Palin. Since then the story has really taken off and was covered by Hot Air and Politico.

The video is really not that surprising and the fact that Palin has not always endorsed the most conservative person in the primary is a simple fact.

One item from the end of the Politico story was quite interesting,

In the past 10 days, Paton has hired the Lincoln Strategy Group


That’s right, Paton has hired Nathan Sproul’s firm to try and rescue Jonathan’s campaign by trashing fellow Republican Jesse Kelly. Nathan has a mixed record of wining and losing, mostly losing. He gained a lot of attention for waging a vicious smear campaign against now State Senator Russell Pearce. Read one of several Sonoran Alliance stories on that race at this link.

Can Nathan Sproul save Jonathan Paton? There are only 4 days left and Kelly seems to be taking the high road. There was a time when Paton had the money and the momentum to bury Kelly but Jonathan chose to ignore Jesse. Nathan’s last minute, over the top attacks will probably not be enough to change the final outcome of the CD 8 primary.

Anti Prop 200 alumni, where are they now?

Everyone is acting tough on illegal immigration now. Lots of people running for office are singing the praises of SB 1070 and some candidate are saying they would have voted for the new law.

Back in 2004, there was a voter initiative to prevent those living in Arizona illegally from receiving taxpayer funded public benefits. Senators Kyl and McCain both opposed the citizen’s initiative; known as Protect Arizona Now or Prop 200 (2004). Less well know are some of the members of the legislature who were OK with illegal aliens receiving public benefits. Read this document for a list of some of those opposed to Prop 200. Some of them are seeking promotions, want to return to the legislature, or are backing candidates running for the legislature. Here is a partial list.

Bill Konopnicki opposed Prop 200. He is trying to unseat Senator Sylvia Allen in LD 5. Sen. Allen is a strong conservative with an excellent record in the legislature.

John Nelson opposed Prop 200. He is trying to retain his LD 12 senate seat in the face of a strong challenge from the more conservative Clark Silver.

Pete Hershberger opposed Prop 200. He is not on the ballot this year but he is backing Wade McLean in the LD 26 house race. McLean thinks he might have voted for SB 1070 but quickly adds Arizona should have talked more with the federal government before passing 1070.

Marian McClure opposed Prop 200. She is challenging current LD 30 Senator Frank Antenori. Sen. Antenori has a strong conservative record from his first term, split between the house and senate.

Will the voters care about politicians who supported benefits for illegals? They should at least know the facts.

Kelly launches ad in support of 1070

The Kelly for Congress campaign is touting their new ad in support of Arizona’s tough illegal immigration bill. Here is a copy they posted on their YouTube page.


It’s my name on the show

The national media is going into overdrive on SB 1070, the Safe Neighborhoods bill just signed by Gov. Brewer.

For some reason, Arizona Senator Frank Antenori ended up as the point person to defend the law on liberal cable shows. Below is video of Frank and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez discussing SB 1070 with Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC. Frank is also scheduled to be on with CNN with Wolf Blitzer tonight.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here is the link to the MSNBC segment with Antenori and Sanchez.

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