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PR – Vernon Parker to Host Concealed Carry Course Fundraiser



Contact:  Kassee Bulen

Phone Number:  602-710-7397

E-Mail:  kassee@parker2010.com



Congressional Candidate to Host Concealed Carry Course Fundraiser


On Saturday, February 20th, congressional candidate Vernon Parker will host a concealed weapon carry course taught by expert instructor Jim Neff of Generation Firearms.  Parker is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, and will be earning his own concealed carry permit at the event.  Neff is a highly regarded firearms training expert, and the course will be limited to 30 individuals.  The course will start at 7AM and runs 10 hours.  The cost is $85.  Contributions to Parker’s campaign for Arizona Congressional District 3 will be accepted.




Parker announced an exploratory committee for Governor on September 23rd and since then raised his seed money faster than Governor Brewer, generated endorsements and excitement across the state and was on track to qualify for Clean Elections funding next month. 


However, since the surprising announcement by Congressman John Shadegg that he will not seek re-election, Parker has been called by dozens of supporters and state leaders encouraging him to consider a run for the Congressional District Three Republican nomination. 


Paradise Valley lies in the heart of the district, where just two years ago Parker garnered a record number of votes in his initial run for office.


Parker, 50, is the current mayor of Paradise Valley, Arizona.  He previously served as General Counsel of the United States Office of Personnel Management, then in the White House as Special Assistant to President George H.W. Bush.  Later, Parker was nominated by President George W. Bush and unanimously confirmed with bipartisan support by the United States Senate, as an Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Agriculture.  A small businessman, Parker also served as a pastor for two years at a small non-denominational church in Paradise Valley.  He is a graduate of Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C., where he met his wife Lisa.


Parker’s life story is compelling.  Raised by his grandmother in a severely underprivileged neighborhood in Long Beach, California, Parker was able to escape the drugs and violence through love, education and the commitment of family.


For more information contact Kassee Bulen.




Paid for by Vernon Parker For Congress

Something is happening out there for Vernon Parker


Vernon Parker with his wife and son

Vernon Parker is picking up steam fast in the race for governor. He bested Governor Brewer in raising his $51,000 in seed money in only 41 days. And that’s no easy task at $140 per person. Now, informed scuttlebutt suggests that Parker has eclipsed his internal $5 qualifying contribution goals and is over 60 percent home, which will soon qualify him for the full Clean Elections funding of his race.

If true, it shows that Parker is striking a chord and that while career politicians like Brewer and Martin may appear to have an advantage now, receiving fawning coverage from a mainstream media  too slow to figure out what’s happening, keep an eye on this surging outsider. A candidate we might add, that was recently attacked by Planned Parenthood for his opposition to the organization.

If you haven’t checked out his website lately, please do so, it has been recently upgraded and is a top-tier level site.

Mayor Phil Gordon dubbed by Walrus Guys as “most famous Walrus in Arizona”

Click image to enlarge. From the top of the Walrus Guys website.

Click here to go to the Walrus Guys website

CD5 candidate Jim Ward funded by open borders Chamber of Commerce

One of the carpetbaggers who has jumped into the CD5 race against Harry Mitchell is Jim Ward from California’s San Francisco area. The open borders Arizona Chamber of Commerce, known for fighting Arizona’s employer sanctions law through lawsuits and advocacy, is supporting Ward and putting on a fundraiser for him. We know who he will be beholden to if elected.

It is peculiar why any Republican would want the support of the Chamber of Commerce. The Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce is currently mired in scandal over its illegal donations to Democrat former Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross. They supported Manross last year over the principled Republican candidate Jim Lane, who nevertheless ended up winning. The Arizona Chamber has a reputation for protecting illegal immigration so big business can continue hiring and exploiting illegal immigrants, undercutting the salaries of hardworking Americans. Ward’s campaign contributors so far represent a who’s who of big business, with money coming from large grocers, hotels, etc. – the very kind of industries that tend to hire illegal immigrants.

Ward does not represent the interests of Arizonans, especially Republicans who want to protect our borders and enforce our laws against illegal immigration. 69% of Arizonans support employer sanctions against businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

Below is the email sent out by the Chamber of Commerce to its members, inviting them to a special fundraiser they are putting on for Ward:

From: Glenn Hamer [mailto:ghamer@azchamber.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2009 2:38 PM
To: Glenn Hamer
Subject: Invitation: Reception with Jim Ward

Dear Members of the Board of Directors:

On Thursday, December 17, 2009, Congressional candidate Jim Ward will be hosting a meet and greet at his house for various Board Members from several Chambers. Jim is running for Congress in District 5 and would like to give you the opportunity to hear from him.  Many of you already know Jim as a result of his participation in the Chamber, but for those who don’t, this is a great opportunity.

The event will be held from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. in Scottsdale. Further details and information on how to RSVP are attached.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. Thank you!


Glenn Hamer

President & CEO

Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Dowling vindicated in Supervisors’ witchhunt against her

Sandra DowlingEven the liberal Arizona Republic editorial board agreed that the investigation of former County Schools Superintendent, urged by the County Supervisors and initiated by Attorney General Terry Goddard, was groundless. In a stunning defeat for the Supervisors, who hounded Dowling with lawsuits the last couple of years she was in office, fighting to drastically reduce funding to her agency the way they have done to other county agencies and keep it for themselves instead, the court awarded Dowling $25,000 in legal fees.

From yesterday’s editorial:

Compared with what came before – furious claims against Dowling of criminal theft and gross incompetence; declarations by prosecutors that Dowling’s actions in office constituted a “sad and serious breach of trust” – this conclusion is strangely anticlimactic. Surely, it seemed, someone’s head should roll.

At least it will not be the head of Dowling. The former Marine – the woman whose sole “crime” may have been that she was too devoted to the education of homeless kids in Maricopa County – can walk away from these years of conflict with her head held high.

But as the case unfolded, the central charge against Dowling – that she stole $1.8 million from the Pappas schools for homeless children – disintegrated. The crime is that more of us did not see sooner the political vengeance in the eyes of her attackers.

Rumors abound that Dowling is planning on running for County Supervisor against Max Wilson, who currently represents the West Valley.

Prepare to shop at Safeway/Fry’s this weekend to thwart union picketing

Photo courtesy of the Arizona Republic

Photo courtesy of the Arizona Republic

In a strikingly bizarre twist, grocery store employees at Safeway and Fry’s Grocery have been picketing the stores’ union this week in order to stop it from picketing. The  United Food & Commercial Union Local 99 is threatening to go on strike this Friday at 6pm over health insurance. Their reason? Safeway and Fry’s are planning on starting to charge employees a minimal cost for health insurance – $5 – $15/wk – which they now provide for free. The union is refusing to accept any cost at all. Even this minimal cost! Considering how expensive healthcare is, it seems ridiculous that the union can force the company to continue providing all health insurance for free.

Many Safeway and Fry’s employees realize this, and do not want to be out of work indefinitely during this down economy, right before Christmas.  Estimates are that over 20,000 employees will be affected. Non-union employees may be prevented from working during the strike, and will receive no compensation. Union employees will receive $100/week in strike pay, a piddly amount, not much to tide them over. Arizona is a right to work state, meaning employees are not required to join unions. A strike will likely affect the non-union employees who just want to work.  This is unfair.

Safeway and Fry’s have been preparing for the strike by hiring temporary workers to fill in. Out of care for their longtime employees, they are only hiring temporary employees, not permanent replacements. The two chains are sticking together, agreeing that if the union goes on strike against one chain, the other chain will lock its union employees out.

It is irresponsible of the union to be calling for a strike based on demands for free healthcare, especially at this time of year when the employees don’t want it. The unions aren’t representing the employees, they are representing the interests of the socialist bosses who run them. Most Americans realize that healthcare isn’t free, no matter how hard Obama and the Democrats in Congress try to ram it down our throats.

The last strike like this occurred in California against subsidiaries of Safeway and Fry’s in 2003, lasting 20 weeks and costing the stores billions of dollars.

It is looking like a satisfactory agreement will not be achieved by 6pm Friday night. If so, the union will  start picketing certain stores. They may only target Safeway, since Safeway has been struggling financially more than Fry’s. Or they may target just a few stores. Regardless, be prepared to shop at Safeway and Fry’s this weekend. Even if you don’t regularly shop at those stores, please consider stopping by to encourage them and keep their sales up. I am holding off my weekly shopping until this weekend and intend to buy extra purchases in addition there, instead of making an extra trip to Walmart to buy certain items cheaper. Don’t let a few socialists running the unions force their unrealistic demands upon employees against their will, causing them to suffer this Christmas season. Even the Arizona Republic has editorialized against the union strike! The union no longer represents the interests of its employees.

The National Right to Work Foundation is offering free legal aid to employees during the strike. There is some concern that union officials will try and prohibit union members from working during the strike, and NRWF wants to make sure union members know their rights. Union members have a right to continue working during the strike, however they may want to resign from the union in order to avoid oppressive union disciplinary actions and fines. They can also sign a decertification petition to hold a secret ballot election to remove the union hierarchy from the workplace.

Supervisors considering increasing photo speed camera fees today

The County Supervisors are considering increasing photo speed camera revenues. This is a mistake, considering Napolitano has already placed more speed cameras around the state than any other state in the country, turning us into a big brother state with these cameras that are nothing more than hidden taxes, yet Arizona has the second worst budget crisis in the country after California. Speed cameras do not work as revenue generators, because the private companies take too much of the profit. 40% of speed camera tickets are appealed, which puts a huge financial and resource strain on our justice courts, since many of them end up being thrown out. Considering the Supervisors’ poor record of overspending on items like the $340 million court tower Taj Mahal, they should not be voting to increase the fines on speed camera tickets by another $20. It is not surprising that instead of cutting taxes and spending, the Supervisors are about to increase another hidden tax that does not work.

From Supervisors agenda for today

Pursuant to A.R.S. §11-251.08, convene the scheduled public hearing, to solicit comments and consider the adoption of Photo Enforcement Fee of $20.00 per defendant to begin December 1, 2009. The proposed photo enforcement fee will be assessed against each individual charged

AZ budget: Why the rush?

This was written by Patrick Gleason of Americans for Tax Reform in the Philadelphia Enquirer in regards to the Pennyslvania budget, but applies just as well to our state.

Despite the long impasse, there was scant opportunity for public scrutiny.

By Patrick M. Gleason

Last week, just before the nation’s longest budget impasse ended, Pennsylvania legislators had begun feeling the heat from constituents angered by their inability to pass a budget. Talking to reporters about the budget after a meeting at the governor’s mansion, House Speaker Keith McCall (D., Carbon) told reporters that he and his colleagues hoped to “get it done and get it done now.”

My question at this point is: What was the rush? I’m not saying the budget stalemate should have been dragged out any longer; indeed, the budget was long overdue and needed to be completed as soon as reasonably possible. However, there should have been more of an opportunity for review of the final product once an agreement was reached. Transparency and open debate on the state’s spending priorities should not be sacrificed for the sake of “having something.”

Thanks to politicians in Washington, we have seen this year what the hasty approval of large, costly, and complex legislation leads to: buyers’ remorse on the part of both lawmakers and voters.

The U.S. House narrowly passed “cap and trade” climate-control legislation in June. To the outrage of many, a 300-page amendment was added hours before the final vote. In fact, the final version of the bill wasn’t even available until 96 hours after it was passed by the House.

In February, the $787 billion “stimulus” bill, which spanned well over 1,000 pages, passed both the House and Senate just a little more than 13 hours after it was released from the closed-door meetings in which it was crafted. Weeks later, the public learned that the stimulus included language authorizing millions in bonuses for executives at AIG, the insurance giant that received a multibillion-dollar, taxpayer-funded bailout only months before.

The public shock and outrage was – shockingly and outrageously – shared by the very lawmakers whose votes permitted the bonuses. Not one member who voted for the stimulus bill could claim to have read it.

While it would be great to live in a world where lawmakers read the bills they vote on, requiring that they do so is not the answer. It’s more important that bills – especially those with a fiscal impact – be available to the public well before a final vote is held. That’s why lawmakers in Washington, Harrisburg, and at all levels of government should be required to put all bills, conference reports, and fiscal notes online for at least three days – but preferably five days – before a final vote.

There are at least some in Congress who recognize the wisdom of such a reform. A resolution introduced in June by Rep. Brian Baird (D., Wash.) would require all legislation to be posted online 72 hours prior to the final vote. Last week, eight Democratic senators sent a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) requesting that federal health-care reform legislation and the corresponding fiscal statement be posted online 72 hours before a floor vote.

The Pennsylvania budget and all state legislation with a fiscal impact should be subject to the same requirement.

As a result of reforms passed in 2007, there is technically a 24-hour “cooling off” period before legislation can be voted on in the Pennsylvania legislature. However, this rule has proven insufficient and easily surmountable.

New polling shows that voters want transparency brought to the legislative process. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 83 percent of voters say legislation should be posted online in its final form and be available for everyone to read before it is voted on.

The American Legislative Exchange Council, of which 36 Pennsylvania state legislators are active members, has even adopted model state legislation prohibiting hearings or votes on appropriations and revenue-related bills until 72 hours after introduction.

Legislation and budgeting will improve if concerned citizens, watchdog groups, the media, bloggers, think tanks, academics, and policy experts from across the political spectrum have the opportunity to analyze, digest, explain, and weigh in on it.

Lawmakers in Harrisburg let more than 100 days go by after the budget deadline passed. What’s a few more to ensure that lawmakers and their constituents know precisely what they’re getting?

Patrick Gleason is state affairs manager for Americans for Tax Reform, a nonprofit taxpayer advocacy organization based in Washington. He can be contacted at pgleason@atr.org.

Patriots, one and all


“In the following sheets, the author hath studiously avoided every thing which is personal among ourselves. Compliments as well as censure to individuals make no part thereof. The wise and the worthy need not the triumph of a pamphlet; and those whose sentiments are injudicious or unfriendly, will cease of themselves, unless too much pains is bestowed upon their conversion.”

October 5, 2009

Patriots, one and all
Let us show gratitude

They pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor so we can live in freedom in the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Their names are legends – Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, Adams, along with many others. They were the Founding Fathers, and left us a priceless legacy now under assault by people whose values are antithetical to all we hold dear.
The enemies of liberty are at work every day. We saw the results of their craft when they took down Congressman JD Hayworth in a bitter election. Democrats lied and smeared their way to the House of Representatives with slimy allegations that proved to be false, but too late to save the seat for a champion of the people. That campaign cost Congressman Hayworth dearly. Like the Founding Fathers, he drained his personal resources so he could defend us against scoundrels, but that debt still hangs over his head like Damocles’ sword.

We are all too young to have fought for the Founders in the American Revolution, but can honor their sacrifice and that of Congressman Hayworth by helping him dig out of the onerous burden bogging him down. This man served us well; we cannot begin to count the money he saved us. The least we can do is show our gratitude by opening our hearts and wallets. They say many hands make light work. Do your part now. The deadline is January 2010. Send however much you can to: “The Freedom in Truth Trust,”

The FIT Trust
P.O. Box 984
Willows, California 95988

Perhaps, someday, JD Hayworth will be able to repay our efforts by re-entering political life. Visit http://www.jdhayworth.com/fit-trust.html for full details.

Who the author of this Production is, is wholly unnecessary to the Public, as the Object for Attention is the Doctrine itself, not the Man. Yet it may not be unnecessary to say, That he is unconnected with any Party, and under no sort of Influence public or private, but the influence of reason and principle.

Philadelphia, February 14, 1776

More on J.D. Hayworth’s potential challenge to McCain


Some excerpts from the Yellow Sheet Report

On his radio show Monday afternoon, Hayworth told listeners that it’s “not exactly a secret” that he’s considering a bid against McCain. “You and I have talked about this before,” Hayworth told listeners. “I’m not trying to be coy or keep any secrets from you. …..He spent the next several minutes reading polls showing McCain’s support among Republicans weak… “In all sincerity, I have to tell you . . . a day doesn’t go by without me receiving from you, an email, a phone call, maybe we will encounter each other on the street, and you say some very nice things,” Hayworth said. Hayworth ended the segment, saying, “The problem for John McCain isn’t J.D. Hayworth, or Chris Simcox . . . The problem for John McCain is, well, John McCain.”

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